Great Sankey Silver Jubilee

Any of you following my blogs on the West Warrington Memories Project might remember that earlier on I showed you a picture of the Great Sankey Silver Jubilee party in Fox Street, not far from the Sankey Brook.

Today I have included two more Silver Jubilee photos from the area. The first shows Christine Meadow, Gemma Hayes, Salma Alhadad, and Karen Grant attending Great Sankey Primary School’s Jubilee Party. The girls all seem to be wearing some sort of special silver party hats. Can anybody remember the party? Or can anybody tell me what the hats were?

The second picture shows Yvonne Jackson, Great Sankey Parish Council Gala Queen with her two attendants, Jackie Parnham and Wendy Murphy.

You can also see in this picture events being held at Croft and Hatton. The pictures shown here were all part of a commemorative brochure produced by the Town Council to record the Silver Jubilee events that had taken place all over Warrington that year. Copies can be seen in Warrington Archives. Whilst the picture quality is not great, it does provide a real snapshot of the town’s jubilee celebrations.

Whilst not a West Warrington picture, I have to say that the bicycle decked out as Concorde is a very impressive costume. Concorde had only begun its public flights the year before, in January of 1976, so a good choice to celebrate the achievements of 1970s Britain.

If you have photographs or ephemera relating to any event held in the area the museum would love to make of a copy of them for our collections. Every picture you share helps us to record a bit more of Warrington’s history for future generations.

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This article was originally posted on Thursday, April 6th, 2017.