Scrap Heap Challenge

Looking at today’s photograph you may think I’ve gone mad. It is, as it appears to be, a scrap heap.

So, why am I posting pictures of rusty spare parts? Well, all we know about this picture is that it was taken at Burtonwood and appears to date from sometime around the 1960s.

With Burtonwood being home to more than its fair share of unusual vehicles over the years, thanks to the American Base, it struck me that there might just be something interesting amongst the scrap parts piled up in this picture. It’s tempting to think that somebody would have had a good reason for photographing a scrap heap, so is there a treasure hiding in this picture?

I know there must be transport enthusiasts out there reading our blog, so my challenge to you is this: can you convincingly identify any of the parts shown in this scrap heap?

Whether we are talking old farm machinery or American plane parts it would be great to know.

As “scrap heap spotting” is not a hobby I am aware of I’m thinking there must be something unusual in there. Still, the picture does have a certain artistic, angular quality to it, so perhaps I am wrong and it was just a still life picture taken by a budding artistic photographer.

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This article was originally posted on Thursday May 18th, 2017.