Penketh British Legion

Today’s picture shows Penketh and Great Sankey British Legion.

In 1952 after considering building a branch in the area, but not finding a suitable location, the British legion instead settled upon purchasing “Heatherlea”, a private house on Greystone Road in Penketh and converting it for use. Heatherlea was only a short distance from the temporary hut the Legion were already meeting in at the time, so proved a popular option. They paid the grand sum of £6000 to purchase the site which was recorded as having a billiards room and lounge, and a dining room to be converted into a bar. The bedrooms were to be converted for use as committee rooms.

The branch was officially opened on 15thy September 1952.

Mr. Carroll, Branch Chairman, put out an appeal to locals for “any useful article that would give the place a comfortable atmosphere”.

I haven’t found a lot about Heatherlea before its time as the British Legion, but in a 1905 Trade Directory the occupants are listed as George and Miss Bolton.

This article was originally posted on Friday July 7th, 2017.