Archaeological Finds Identification Days 2019

We are hosting more of our popular “finds days” over the coming months, giving people the opportunity to bring along and share stories about some of their most interesting archaeological discoveries.

The event, organised in association with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) enables people right across the North West to bring in their archaeological artefacts in the hope of finding out a little more about their history.

Where possible, these finds will also be identified and recorded on the PAS database by local finds liaison officer Ben Jones, helping to support research on local and national archaeology being carried out both now and in the future.

Hannah White, collections assistant at the museum  said: “This is a fabulous opportunity for amateur archaeologists to bring in any archaeological finds that they have to be identified by the local finds liaison officer. The finds can be recorded onto the Portable Antiquities Scheme database which is used to further archaeological knowledge and as a resource for archaeological research”.

The finds days are set to take place on Saturday 1st June 2019, 7th September 2019 and then Saturday 7th December  2019 between 2 noon and 4 pm.

To get involved  contact the museum on 01925 442399 or email

Finds of metal, flint and pottery of more than 300 years old are welcome, and attendees are also asked to bring details of the find spot, such as a grid reference.