Museum staff present unique items in #MuseumsFromHome collections

As the doors to our wonderful Museum & Art Gallery remain closed, staff are hunting around their homes to make their very own #MuseumsFromHome.

From children’s toys to travel souvenirs from all over the world, our team has an extraordinary collection of items they’d love to share with you.

First up features one of the collections from our operations manager Mike Roberts. 

Museums From HomeA primary feature of this collection includes examples of African art.

Mike explains: “The African art was my uncle’s who collected them when he was in the Royal Navy in the 1950s. He also collected the Chinese bowl and pottery figure from the Far East.”

The carved wooden dragons on the bottom shelf offer a nod to Mike’s Welsh heritage whilst the skulls and buddhas are just some of the things Mike likes to collect on his travels!

Next up is our venue and services assistant Rebecca Foster. 

Stealing the limelight is the olde-worlde Christmas carousel. Out on display to remind Rebecca of happy times and childlike joy, this beautiful item is guaranteed to lift your spirits! 

Accompanying the merry-go-round is a beautiful pen made from murano glass that Rebecca bought whilst in Venice and two Love Birds from a shop of curiosities in York. 

On the left is Sackboy, a mascot for Liverpool John Moores University Fine Art Department, which Rebecca made as a student. #MuseumsFromHome

Right beside it is a mini MINI, a running family joke and now a good luck charm. 

Rebecca very wisely said: “I never get rid of mini MINIs.”

Now, we’re taking a look at the collection of another of our visitor and services assistants, Helen Sulkey. 

This eclectic collection features a range of objects that have personal connections to Helen, whether that’s a tribute to her favourite film or souvenirs from holidays around the world. 

Once again, skulls feature prominently in this display, most notable of all is the porcelain sugar skull she picked up in San Diego Old Town. 

#MuseumsFromHomeAlso on display is an old Bovril bottle, just one of the many things Helen likes to collect, and also a discreet nod to her American heritage in the top right-hand corner. 

Helen said: “I’m half American so I’ve included an Angels baseball and a Mighty Ducks hockey puck. 

“I was introduced to American sports from a young age and I still follow Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League today.”

Directly next to the baseball is a figurine from Helen’s favourite film Beetlejuice, while souvenirs from her trips around the world complete the collection. 

She said: “I like to buy little trinkets from holidays and museums to remind me of the places I’ve visited and the exhibitions I’ve seen. 

“The clogs are from Amsterdam and the canopic jar is from the Tutankhamen exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.”

Our next instalment of #MuseumsFromHome steps into the world of  live gigs as our visitor and services assistant Rick Burgess presents his collection.

He said: “My display is made up of things that are important to me. The Rancid poster is from a gig I went to and broke my rib in the pit.

“The Roughneck Riot poster is from their 10-year gig at Pyramid, they are a local band and also my friends. #MuseumsFromHome

“The Mighty Boosh badge is from when I met Noel and Julian after they played Parr Hall before they got huge.

“They’re all things that are personal to me and my hometown music scene.”

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