Are you a current or former resident of one of the Warrington New Town areas? If so there is a social history project that you may be interested in which asks the question “What have we learnt from the New Towns of the north?”

Days of the New Town is a social history project which asks current and former residents of Warrington New Town areas to talk about their memories and impressions of New Town living and their hopes for the ways these towns will evolve in the future.

The project is asking residents to spend up to an hour participating in an oral history interview about their lives and memories in New Town areas of Warrington. The interview will form part of an exciting set of educational resources for school groups and library users, both in Warrington and around the UK.

No additional requirements other than your willingness to reflect on your memories of living in the New Town, are needed.

How to get involved

To get involved please contact the project co-ordinator Su Fitzpatrick via one of the following