New Exhibition: Ukraine two years on from invasion

A poignant exhibition marking Warrington’s role in supporting the people of Ukraine two years after the Russian invasion opens this weekend.

Journey of Resilience and Hope at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery will share artwork, photos and real life case studies to celebrate Ukraine’s unyielding spirit in the face of adversity.

It will launch this Saturday and run for a fortnight in the Wren Gallery which has been painted to look like a gigantic Ukrainian flag to mark the occasion.

The showcase has been put together by the Ukrainian Family Hub based at the Daten in Culcheth, which supports Ukrainians across the borough and surrounding areas.

In collaboration with Culture Warrington, the exhibition will mark the second anniversary of the full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and recognise Warrington and the UK’s steadfast solidarity in response to the country’s plight and all the families affected.

The exhibition launch will also tie in with a procession this Saturday at 12pm from Market Gate to the Town Hall followed by speeches. All are welcome to attend.

Altogether, there will be 24 heartbreaking pictures showing a once beautiful Ukraine reduced to the rubble that now remains.

Leanne Borshik, Events and Information Coordinator for the Ukrainian Family Hub, said: “There are some very powerful pictures and all of them have come from our Ukrainian community, these are their pictures, once seen and never forgotten.

“There are also some personal stories from our community, which again are very powerful and show how strong and determined Ukrainians are.

“We realised it was a good opportunity to remind the world that the war continues. While it’s just a news story for us on TV, this is their lives, homes, families and they struggle every day.”

Kateryna Kudina, from Dnipro, shared her story for the exhibition.

She fled Ukraine with her mother and two young daughters, leaving behind her husband who remains in Ukraine fighting the war. She currently lives in Warrington with her sponsor.

Kateryna said: “The Ukrainian community is currently feeling a mixture of despair and hope. With the ongoing turmoil in our homeland and the constant distressing news, we feel as though any hope for a brighter future is dwindling.

“However, being approached by representatives from various communities, journalists and now Warrington Museum with offers of support and solidarity serves as a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that there are people and organisations willing to stand by us until our victory. This sense of unity and support gives us renewed hope and determination to continue our fight for justice and peace.

“Teaming up with the Museum and Art Gallery not only provides practical assistance but also helps to amplify our voices and make our fight more visible to the wider community. It reinforces our belief in humanity and serves as a reminder of the importance of solidarity in times of adversity.”

Roger Jeffery, Producer for Warrington Museum, added: “The personal testimonies shared by members of our Ukrainian community in this exhibition are incredibly moving. Through both words and images, they vividly depict the harsh realities of Russia’s illegal war and its devastating impact on the everyday existence of Ukrainians. Culture Warrington unequivocally stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their courageous struggle to safeguard their independence.”