Collections Enquiries

Whether your collections enquiry is academic, professional or personal everyone is welcome to make an appointment to arrange to view our Museum and Archive collections which we will help to facilitate where possible.

Please note that as a Charitable Trust, Culture Warrington is sometimes required to charge for providing extended access to the collections.

Image Requests

We can provide images of some items from the collections but there may be a charge for the provision of some images.

Collections in Store

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery is only small, so we have some additional collections in store. If you would like to access these please get in contact with the Heritage and Archives team at the email address below.


It’s free to visit Warrington Museum and Art Gallery and to speak to one of our Museum staff, but if you wish to do some in-depth research requiring access to the collections, you must book your visit in advance.

To make an appointment, please contact us by email at or by post at:

Warrington Museum and Art Gallery,

Museum Street,



We look forward to hearing from you.