The Museum’s collections of social and industrial history includes over 6,000 objects related to the domestic and working lives of Warrington people from the medieval period to the present day.

Our dress collection includes a variety of mainly early 19th and 20th century female costume, baby clothes, hats, shoes and accessories. It also includes a small number of ceremonial outfits and uniform.

In our horological collections, we have several long case clocks and pocket watches made by local Warrington firms including Thomas and Samuel Clare, Edward Robinson and James Carter.

The Museum also holds a variety of objects relating to key industries in Warrington including glass making, tanning, wire making, clock making and pin making.





Unlock the secrets of Warrington’s earliest inhabitants through our archaeology collections and the evidence for Bronze Age Man and the Roman settlement at Wilderspool. Find the evidence of Medieval Warrington and its Friary and see the document ready for the signature of Friar Penketh… the only Warrington person mentioned in a play by Shakespeare! Decide whether you would have fought for King or Parliament in the 17th-century Civil War and view the curious Plague Stone from Latchford. Meet John Blackburne of Orford Hall; the first man in the North West of England to grow a pineapple… in Orford. Take a walk around 18th-century Warrington as seen in Donbavand’s painting of 1772.

Can you find Warrington’s Town Hall and the old Warrington Bridge? Discover Warrington’s industrial past and marvel at the beauty of glass made in Warrington. Find out about working conditions for child pin makers, tanners and Warrington’s wire workers and men of steel. Elsewhere, step into The Time Tunneland go back to Victorian Warrington. Find out about Law and Order and hang around with a highwayman. See a rare early fire engine and go back to your childhood in the Victorian nursery. Enjoy the children’s hands-on history area including touch box, dressing up area and wooden toys.