During the First World War many thousands of servicemen on both sides were captured and kept for the duration in Prison Camps, sometimes in very squalid conditions with inadequate food and clothing. This was particularly true of British Army personnel of non-commissioned rank who came to rely on parcels sent from the Home Front to supplement their meager rations.

In the case of prisoners from the South Lancashire Regiment, parcels were sent by the “Regimental Care Committee for Prisoners of War of the South Lancashire Regiment”. The committee was based at Warrington and operated out of the Parr Hall.

Records of this committee are held in the Archives at Warrington Museum, but until recently nothing had been done to understand exactly what these records told us, or to make the information they contain accessible to the public.

As part of our commemorations of the Great War we felt that something should be done to remedy that.  Whatever approach we took, we knew it would involve a vast amount of work and would require a lot of volunteer help. This is where the U3A came to our rescue. Members of the U3A’s Family History Group and Photography Group volunteered to help us transcribe the chaotic information recorded in the various volumes and to put that information into a searchable spreadsheet. This gave us two datasets listing hundreds of prisoners and the people back home who were sponsoring them.

Whilst not all details were present for all prisoners or sponsors, the volumes generally contained the names, ranks and military numbers of each prisoner, as well as the name and address of their sponsor, how much the sponsor had paid and on what date.

Some sponsors have several entries as they sponsored more than one soldier, whilst some have only one. Some sponsors make payments over a long period of time, whilst others are one off donations.

The search-box below lets you look for a prisoner or sponsor by keyword, so for example you could type in their name or a detail of their address. The search will then return any entry containing that word, so all people of the surname Smith (whether sponsor or prisoner), or all sponsors with a Warrington address for example.

This database was created from a record of prisoners receiving parcels. A second database, “Members of the Public Sponsoring South Lancashire Prisoners” has been created based on the record of sponsors maintained by the Committee.

Surname of PrisonerChristian Name of PrisonerRank of PrisonerMilitary NumberWhere Prisoner HeldHome AddressDetails of "Adopter"
sending Parcels
On Bread and Tobacco list at new address as of:New Address Added:Other Details Noted in Original Volume
AbbottDPte [Private]2423181/5 SLR. Gef: Block 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
AckersleyJPte [Private]2029891/5 Gef Block 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
AcherleyJRfm (Rifleman)2029891646 Friedrichsfeld bei W.W16/03/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel
AdamsJohn WBandsman [Pte crossed out] 2 S.L.R.935760632 Schiessplatz Wahn [faint][ Barr 2B 10064,24A Barracks, Friedrichfeld, b, Wesel crossed out](Aunt) Cissie Giddleston, Barlanark, Shettleston 45 Clarence Rd, W Brom, Lanark [Name and address partially illegible]Miss E Wolf per Lady Bective (Monthly) Miss J. Clarke, Bourne House, Winterburn, Bristol.
AdamsJ WPte [Private] 2.S.L.R.935724 A Barrack, Friedrichfeld, Nr WeselCissie Biddlestone, Barlanark,
Shettleston, Lanarkshire
AdamsJ.WPte [private]9357Filial Lager, Limburg LahnS.H.01/09/191731/08/1917
AffFSgt (Sergeant)2020Straulte Camp III ScrulagerW02/05/191829/04/1918Source of Information: Rel: 23/4/1918
AlcockRPte [Private]2420921/5 Gef Block 2 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
AlcockRich [Richard]Pte [Private]242092Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
AllenThomasPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.7556Saltau (Depten? Listrup) Han [Paderborn crossed out]Ch Army (Monthly) Birmingham
Allen7556PanderbornAdopt by Bfm
Allen [Allan]Ths [Thomas]Pte [Private]7556Soltau Z 3054 HanoverW19/02/1917
AllenThomasPte [private]755666126 Hameln No4 HanoverW06/12/191704/12/1917
AllinghamJ RRfm [Rifleman]57813Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
AllisonRPte [Private]2401171/5 Altdamm PommernW21/03/191819/03/1918(new name)
AltyRobt Jas [Robert James]Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.80099/4 Doeberitz [9 Comp 5458 Muncheburg Doeberitz, crossed out]Mother, 133 Moorfields Rd,
Farnworth, Widnes
K.S.A & Church Army
AltyRobt [Robert]Pt [Private] .8009Doeberitz
AltyRPte [Private]8009Barr I Coy 4 DoberitzW??/03/191723/02/1917
AndersJ. BRfm [Rifleman]2408161/5 DulmenS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
AndersJ.BRfm (Rifleman)240816LangensalzaSH22/04/191820/04/1918Source of Information: CC
AndersJ BRfm (Rifleman)240816Camp 21 B. Barr 6, DulmenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
AndersonSPte (private)203820Munster IIW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
AndrewsHyPt [Private] .Quedlinburg
[Andrews] [Name crossed out]Hy [Harry]Pte [Private] [1st Gloucester Regt crossed out][Quedlinburg, crossed out]84 Winsor St, Ashled,
AnsellWilliam HPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.6657Lager II Soltau (Diepholz) [crossed out] 210 ? Soltau Lager 1 Barr II. 2102 Elliott St, Derby Rd Nottingham [partially illegible] c/o Mrs Martin, Moregate Street, Radford, NottsCol Kellie, 87 Queens Gate Gds, S.W. [could be London address]
AnsellWm HPte [Private]6657Diepholtz, Diepholtz, Hanover [Lager 2 Saltau crossed out]RH Kellie Col 87 Queensgate
6657 Soltau (PH 8/11/15)
AnsellW. H.Pte6657Soltau Z 671 HanoverW22/05/191722/05/1917
AnsellW.HPte [Private]6657Soltau Z. 398. Han. [Hanover]W04/04/191828/03/1918Source of information: P2
AntursT NRfm [Rifleman]68673Block 4 Room 12 Lager II MunsterW21/03/191818/03/1918
AppsFL/Sgt [Lance Sergeant]32020Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
ArmstrongHPte [Private]193551/5 Munster IIW25/02/191822/02/1918(new name)
ArmstrongHOPte (Private)19355Coy 9 Munster 2W16/05/191809/05/1918
[Arnold ] [Name crossed out]CPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.8823[7 Comp Barrack A1 Gef Wittenbeg crossed out]See Atkins S A No 209[Illegible initials]
ArnoldC H [A crossed out]Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.8024[9/3 crossed out] Block 9/4 DoeberitzJ.K.C.S. & Church Army
ArnoldRPt [Private] .8024DoeberitzName sub to F Evatt, Yewbank,
Wadhurst, Sussex
ArnoldCPt [Private] 2.S.L.R.88237 Comp Barrack A1 WittenbergSee letter
ArthurJPte [Private]9735Nr London
ArthurJPte [Private]9735
AshcroftJPte [Private]2401191/5 Bk 2 Room 2 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
AshcroftJ.APte [Private]240181Munster II, Barr 32 FriedrichsfeldS.H.04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: S.H
AshcroftJRfm (Rifleman)240151Gef GustrowS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1928
AshcroftJPte (Private)240151No 85605. Barr 32. Friedrichsfeld.SH16/05/191809/05/1918
AshcroftPPte [Private]2411391/5 Bk 2 Room 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
AshworthHSgt LNL4148Gefangenenlager, WittenbergWhole entry crossed out
[Aspey] [Name crossed out]JPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.6048Officially repd [reported?] died at Marquillies W.O.20/4/16[partially illegible]
AspeyJBnt6048Marquillies (Hospital)Withhold
AspinallPRfm [Rifleman]194591/5 Dulmen 1/WW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
AspinallPRf [Rifleman]19459Dulmen, 49456 Coy 4 Bar 69 Eng Kom DulmenW04/04/191803/04/1918Source of information: Rel.
AstburyHRf (Rifleman)240138Hommando 80, Working No 46, Munster II.S.H.18/04/191818/04/1918(new name)
AthertonLPte [Private]476908th Dulmen 1/WS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
AthertonTPte [Private]406228th Gef: DulmenW24/01/191819/01/1918[new name]
AthertonLPte [Private]406228 Kriegs:DyrotzS.H15/02/1918Cancelled from tobacco list: 15/02/1918
AtkinsJosBnsm [Bandsman] 2 S.L.R.9520[Barr 3, Hakenmoor (Stroken) Hanover crossed out] Soltau Z 3038Liverpool W.W.S.D. (Port) Lady Bective
AtkinsJosBnt9520Hakenmoor (Stroken)12 Battenberg St, Liverpool
AtkinsStanley APte [Private] 2 S.L.R.8823[Barrack VII A1.Aubectokmmado 5di [spelling uncertain] Gef Wittenberg49 Cobbold Rd, Willesden,
Training College
AtkinsStanleyPte [Private] 3.S.L.R.8823Barrack VII A1, Gefangenlager, Wittenberg
AtkinsS.A.Pte [Private]8823Lazarett 5195 WttenbergG.P.O.27/12/191727/12/1917
AtkinsS.A.Pte [Private]8823Gef WittenbergG.P.O.21/02/191819/02/1918
AtkinsS APte (Private)8823HollandGPO22/04/191820/04/1918Source of Information: Rec. 4
AtkinsonAbrahamPte [Private] 3 S.L.R.84539814 Sonneheide, Thunden 1 [Camp 1 Detach 32 Munster crossed out] [4227 5 Gp Ventemoor b A? Hanover crossed out]53 Brook Street, St Helens
St Helens
AtkinsonA AbrahamPte [Private] 3.S.L.R.845 [4227 crossed out]5 Gp Vintemoor b Recke, Hanover53 Brook St, St Helens (Father)
AtkinsonA.Pte. [Private]845K101. Lager II. Münster. WestphalenS.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
AtkinsonCRfm (Rifleman)204491/5 Cassel, HessenSH25/04/191825/04/1918Source of Information: Shre: 22/4/1918; (new name)
AustT.RL/C10051Salvation Army
AustT AL Cpl [Lance Corporal]100512 B Barr [10160 crossed out] 48613 Friedrichfeld, b Wesel6 Marmadon Rd, Plumstead
Mrs Widdell & Church Army
AustT RL/cpl [Lance Corporal] 2.S.L.R.1005124 A Barrack, Friedrichfeld, Nr WeselCandahar Bks, Tidworth
6 Marmadon Rd, Plumpstead, London
AustenFrankPte [Private]Wittenberg SoltauWhole entry crossed out: [See No 390 acknowledgement]
BaconERfm[Rifleman]2403391/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
BaconARfm [Rifleman]240339FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
BaileyFPte [Private]393211/5 Bk 2 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BaileyJJPte [Private]8436[Lager 2, Block I, Room 9, Munster Hw c/out] Altdamm PommernLady Bectue
BaldwinJamesPte [Private] 2SLR8268Block 9/4 Gef. DoeberitzMr Theo Finney, 244 Parkside, St Helens (illegible)Ch Army (monthly) Lady B St Helens
BaldwinCorpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R.82689/4 Doberitz
BaleSPte (Private)20689Coy 1. Barr A. GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
BalmerDavidPte [Private] 2SLR8218Gef. Schneidemuhl Sec 1 Comp 4 Prov of Posen125 Willis St, WarringtonHeathside School, The Woolton Fund Miss E Wright
BalmerDavidDrmr?[Drummer] [Illegible] 2 S.L.R.8218Gef Schneidemuhl, Prov of Posen
[Regt 4, Comp 4, Gef Weinberg, [Illegible] Crossed out]
125 Willis Street W'gton
BamberJPte [Private] 2SLR10097[Barr 5 crossed out] [illegible] Bohmte Bezirke Osnabruck Hanover53 Eldon St St HelensMrs Annie Bell, Barnholme, Chapel Rd, Penketh
BamberJPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.10097Bohmte Bezirk, Osnabruck, Hanover53 Eldon St, St HelensMrs Annie Bell, Burnholme, Chapel Road, Penketh, W'gton
BamberJPte [Private]10097Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.14/03/191712/03/1917
BamberJPte [private]10097Hameln, HanoverS.H.21/07/191718/07/1917
BannisterR7329Switzerland W.O 28/05/17
[Bannister crossed out][Robt crossed out][Pte [Private] 3SLR crossed out][7329 crossed out]Switzerland [8 Comp Senne II, Sennelager b Padabon ?Paderborn? crossed out]1 River St, DarwenDarwen
BannisterPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.73294 Coy Senne I, Sennelager b Paderborn(1 River Street, Darwin)
BanksJRfm[Rifleman]241247Munster II I/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BanksJohnRfm [Rifleman]241247Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
BanksJPte [Private]282791/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BanksJasPte (Private)282791538 Friedrichsfeld bei W.W23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel
BarberC.H.Rfm [Rifleman]242929Gef II MunsterW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BarberChrs HRfm [Rifleman]242929ParchimW07/03/191805/03/1918
BarberC ERfm [Rifleman]2352231/5 Munster II WestfalenS.H.28/03/191827/03/1918Names cancelled from Tobacco list: 27/03/1920
BarberCERfm (Rifleman)2352231/5 Munster II i/WestfalenSH28/03/191827/03/1918cancelled from tobacco list
BarkerFPte (Private)2427861/5 SLR Minden I/WW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
BarkerFPte (Private)2427861/5 Minden I/WestfalenW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
BarkerFredPte [Private]242786Lager ll Munster WestfalenW07/03/191805/03/1918
BarkwithJasDrmr [Drummer] 2nd Lancs87395 Switzerland (pencil) [2 Comp. Senne II Sennelager, b Paderborn crossed out]63 Beckenham Lane, Shortlands, Bromley, KentBRCS Church Army
BarkwithJDrmr? [Drummer] [Illegible] 2 S.L.R.87392 C [Illegible] Senne II Sennelager b Paderborn
BarlowAPte [Private]2423641/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BarlowAPte [Private]242364Altdamm PommernW21/03/191818/03/1918
BarlowGPte [Private]37203Barr 223 Gp3 Gef Dulmen I/WW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BarlowGeoPte [Private]37203ParchimW07/03/191805/03/1918
BarlowGeoPte (Private)37203Gef GustrowW01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1919
BarnesEPte [Private]502221/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BarnesJohnPte [Private] 3SLR5886Barrack A [8 Zelt crossed out] Comp 4 19194 (pencil) Gef. Wittenberg2 Friars Lane, WarringtonFairfield School Mrs Stansfield
BarnesJohnCorpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R.5886Bk 8 Z Comp 8 EH Gef. Wittenberg2 Friars Lane W'gton ?
BarnesJohn.Corpl [Corporal]5886Gd WittenbergW.04/10/191702/10/1917
BarnesJames59524021 [Vintemoor B. Recke, Hestermoor port Gamben {?} Kastorf, Han] crossed out, Soltau Z 3010Mrs Barnes 54 Clyde St. St. HelensLady Vict. Herbert, 24/1/1916
BarnesJPte [Private]5952HollandSH11/03/191804/03/1918
BarnesJasCpl [Corporal]5886Hameln on WeserW19/09/191711/09/1917
BarnesJasCorpl [Corporal]59824021. Hameln a/d Weser HanoverS.H.29/06/191726/06/1917
BarriganT [crossed out] JohnPte [Private] 1st SLR802619 Cour, Barr 91 [57 crossed out] Schussplatz 5508 E [illegible crossed out] coy [crossed out] Wahn bei Cologne32 Roderick Rd, Walton, L'poolLiverpool WWSD (fort) Lucy Vaughan, Whittington House, Worcester Miss Lewlo?
BarriganT [J]Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.80265508 E Wahn by Cologne C CompMiss L Vaughan, Whillington ? [Illegible] Wsh
BarriganJPte [Private]8026German. 5508. Felial 887W19/09/191713/09/1917
BarriganJPte [Private]80265508 Filiallager 887, Limburg LahnW14/11/191712/11/1917
BarrowHRfm (Rifleman)317521/5 Dulmen I/WestfalenW31/01/191824/01/1918(new name)
BarrowHRfm (Rifleman)317521/5 Dulm: No 49481. Batt 69. Coy 4/1579. FriedrichsfeldW09/05/191808/05/1918
BarryFPte (Private)7868Lager II MunsterW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 4/5/18
BarryHenryPte [Private] 2SLR98773 Company [Block 9/4 crossed out] Gef. Doeberitz5 Rye Bldgs, Swan Lane, Rotherhithe, SEMiss B Allwright Ch. Army. Lady Garvagh (fort)
BarryHenryPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.98779/4 Dobberitz
BartlettWDPte [Private] 2SLR99834205, 8 gp. IV Bt. Ventemoor b Recke Hamln on Weser13 Ilmenster Gdns, Clapham Junc. SWMrs LS Bradley, Hill Croft, Broadstone, Dorset + Liverpool7.4
BartlettW.DPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.99834205 8 Gp 4Dt? Vintemoor
BartonWCorpl [Corporal]7573HollandS.H.29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
[Baswell crossed out][A crossed out][Pte [Private] crossed out][Gef 369 (Boswell) Soltau Hanover crossed out]Miss B Allwright, 6 Offerton Rd, Clapham, SWSee Acknow Fr Gef 369 (Boswell)
BaswellAPte [Private]Gefangenenlagen Soltau Hanover
BattersbyL.Rf (Rifleman)240145E K 5 Batt 69 Coy 4. Det: No 49488 Dulmen.W08/04/191808/04/1918From (Munster II)
BattersbyLPte (Private)240147Batt 69 No 49488 No 4 Coy 1533 FriedrichsfeldW02/05/191829/04/1918
BayntonHSjt8961Liverpool C.S League
BayntonHarrySgt [Sergeant] 2SLR89616 [21 29 crossed out] Comp Senne II [III crossed out], Sennelager b PaderbornMrs Blackburne, Hale Hall L'pool
BayntonHSergt [Sergeant]896121 Comp, Senne III, Sennelager b Paderborn
BayntonHSgt [Sergeant]8961HollandLJan 29 191829/01/1918
BeattieJasPte [private]241317Geflag 3, Dulmen, WesphalenW06/07/191704/07/1917
BeattieJ.Rfm.[Rifleman]241317Stammlager.P.R. Holland East PreussischS.H.25/09/191724/09/1917
BeattieJasRfmn [Rifleman]241317HollandS.H.21/03/191819/03/1918Whole entry crossed out
BeckJ1736Switzerland W.O Repl 05.01.17
BeckJohnPte [Private] 2SLR17364218 Comp 5 Hamln [neg Lt Jurge, Kries Claterhoby Hea?fielf W Tuefelo illegible crossed out]Mrs Beck 15 Shaw St, St Helens? Lady Bective? (monthly) St Helens
BeckJPte [Private] S.L.R.17364218 [Kreigsgefangenenlager, Hameln am Waser. Crossed out]
BeckettERfm [Rifleman]2036321/5 No 36170 No 1 Lager AltdammW18/02/1918[new name]
BeetleJPte [Private]2407001/5 No 25375 Gef Komp Hospital, Quedlinburg24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BeeltePPte [Private]24070013249. Merseburg Sachsen.S.H.28/02/191826/02/1918
BennettE.M.Pte. [Private]680527193. Delligsen. Hameln. Hanover.W.27/03/191706/03/1917
BennettWm.Corpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R.68054th Comp, Cassebruck b Hagen,[Reg?? Bremen? Illegible] [Soltau Crossed out]5 Magazine Road,[Birkenhead Crossed out] Bromboro Port, Queens Ferry, Birkenhead
BennetJ7929E.G Trump. Fore St,Sidmouth
BennettJohnPte [Private]79294337, 1[5 crossed out] Comp Lager I Munster [Hameln {?} crossed out]20 Willnaham St L'pool per luiss [?] DM GilbertW. Wallett, The Towers, Wattersweek
BennettPte [Private][7929]Hameln
BennettJPte [Private]79292nd, No1 Coy, 1 Batt, Lager, Munster, Westfalen19/09/191701/09/1917(New name)
BennettWmPte [Private] 1st SLR6805Belligseb Hamln [Lager II Barr 58B, Soltau crossed out] [4 Comp, Cassebruck b Hagen, illegible. Bremen crossed out]5 Magazine Rd, Bromber Pt, Queen's Dv, BknheadLady Bective (week)27,193
BennettW.M.Pte [Private]680527913. Kriegs. Gef lager. HamelnW19/09/191713/09/1917
BennettW.M.Pte [Private]6805Hamelin, HanoverW16/06/191715/06/1917
BennettJ6558Removed from W.O list 13/02/17
BennettJCpl [corporal]7929No1 Coy No1 Lager 1 MunsterE G Trump23/08/191721/08/1917
BennettJ.Corp [Corporal]7929Barr 32. Fuiedruchsfeld 6. Wiscl.W.25/10/191722/10/1917
BennettJCorpl [Corporal]7929SwitzerlandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
BennettJ.H.Pte [Private]2429081/5 Bk 5 Room 18, Camp no 68005 Minden24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BennettJ HPte [Private]242908Gef. Schneidemuhl Posen.W28/02/191826/02/1918
BennettJohn HPte [Private]242908Block 1. Room 13 Munden, Westph.W04/03/191802/03/1918whole entry crossed out
BennettKLPte [Private] 1st SLR78461566 Bohmte Bezirk Osnabruck HanoverMrs Bennett, 1 Marine Ctge, Off Woolcumber Lane, DoverBRCS Ch. Army Lady Best (fort) illegible 19/10/16
BennettPte [Private] 1 S.L.R.78461566 Bohmte Bezirk, Osnabruck, HanoverMrs L H Bennett, 1 Marrine Cottage, off Woolcumber Lane, Dover
BennettK.C.Pte [Private]7846Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.23/04/191720/04/1917
BennettK CPte [Private]7846Hameln HanoverS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
BennettH.CPte [Private]6570Hameln am Weser, HanoverSee No. 169 (169 is Bennett H C 7846 below)
BennettJ6558Hameln on Weser, Han
BentFPte [Private]2037681/5 Bk2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BentleyD737Salvation Army
BentleyDPte [Private] 2SLR7374067 Lager I Det 32 Munster LFW [Bk IV Gp 6, Ventemoor b Recke crossed out]3 Williamson Square, WarringtonFairfield Schools
BentleyDPte [Private]7374067 Lager I Munster [Illegible]/W
[IV Bt 6 Gp Vintemoor b. Kecke Hanover Crossed out]
BerryEL/cpl [Lance Corporal]241326Munster II [2]S.H10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
BerryEdwL Crpl [Lance Corporal]241326AltdammS.H04/03/191802/03/1918
BettsE.S.Rfm [Rifleman]2429711/5 Gef: DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
BettsE.S.Rf (Rifleman)242971ParchimW04/04/191804/04/1918
BettsE SRfm (Rifleman)242971Gef GustrowW01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1920
BickerstaffW.JL/cpl94086 comp. Lenne 2 Sennelager(information from St. Helens) Lady Declue ([unintelligible]) (ch. Army)
BickerstaffW.J.L/C940830011 Coy.6. Seinne II, S.G.P.S.H.10/04/191727/03/1917
BirchJ.T.H.Pte [Private]172821/5 Bk 2 Gef Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BirchJasRfm[Rifleman]2407181/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
BirchJohnCrpl [Corporal]240718AltdammS.H04/03/191802/03/1918
BirchW1808Liverpool C.S.L [League]
BirchWalterPte [Private] 3SLR1808Gefander Kom I Gef Comp 2. Friedrichefeld [4233 Lager I Munster illegible crossed out]3 Amelia St, off Soho St, LiverpooolMrs Sutton Timmis, 4 Croxteth Road, Liverpool
BirchWalter3 S.L.R.18084233 L B 6 Gfr Vintemoor b Recke
3 Amelia St off Soho St, L'pool
Mr Sutton Timmis, 4 Croxteth Road, Liverpool
BirchWPte [Private]18084233 ho 1066 Comp 7 Chemnitz SaxonyL.10/01/191804/01/1917
BirminghamPatPte8289[Detachment no.1 Comp 1 Henest Dulmen EKI {?} bay 2 crossed out] FriedrichsfeldLady Burghclere, Ladds ch. Army [?]
Birmingham2 S.L.R.8289
BirminghamPPte [Private]82891072 Coy 7 ChemnitzW.29/12/191728/12/1917
BissonRRfm [Rifleman]235338Dulmen I/WW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BissonRRfm (Rifleman)235338No 1544 Batt 64. Coy 4 FriedrichsfeldW16/05/191809/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel: 8/5/18
BlainHPte [Private]24244Bk 21 Room 2 MunsterW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BlainHaroldPte [Private]242444Gp 20. Barr 9 Parchim. MecklW14/03/191812/03/1918
BoardmanTPte [Private]240511Munster II, Parchim. Meckl.S.H.04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
BohanJasPte [Private] 2SLR68171605 Bohmte Bezirk, Osnabruck, Hanover105 Bishopsgate St, WavertreeMrs Widdington + Liverpool WWSB (fort)9B4
BohanJPte [Private]68171605 Bohmte, Bezirk, Osnabruck
BohanJPte [Private]6817Soltau Z3009 HanoverS.H.14/03/191712/03/1917
BohanJPte [Private]68171605. Hameln HanoverS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
BoonJ WRfm [Rifleman]34230Gef II MunsterW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BondJL/C5709Liverpool C.S League
BondT JohnL/Cpl [Lance Corporal] 2SLR57094023 Ventemoor Soltau [Zenuggetonoenenlager I Gameln, Kactorl, Han Ventemoor b Recke Hanover crossed out]75 Parton Street LiverpoolLady Burghclere + Lpool WWSB (fort)
BondJCorpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R.[5709]4023 Vintemoor b Recke75 Parton Street LiverpoolLady B
BondJL Corpl [Lance Corporal]5709Coy 4 Hamelin, HanoverL16/06/191713/06/1917
BondJCorpl [Corporal]5709Barr 10 Soltan Z 3010 HanoverL16/06/191714/06/1917
BondJCorpal [corporal]5709Coy 4 , Hameln,HanoverL06/07/191706/07/1917
BondJCpl [Corporal]5709HollandGP611/03/191804/03/1918
Bond [Crossed out]A. H.Sgt [Crossed out]1706 [crossed out]Blk 7/7 Gef Doebritz [crossed out]R. H Kellie cob[?] 34 Queens Gate [?] London
BoothJRfm[Rifleman]399491/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
BoothWPte6481[4228 Vintemoor b. Recke crossed out] Coy 5, Det. 32 Lager I Munster6 Thorncliffe St. Kermode St. LiverpoolMiss Grace D Hasler, East Mount, Brunswick Rd L'pool25/1/[19]16
BoothWm.Pte [Private]64814228 Vintemoor b Recke6 Thorncliffe St, Kermode Street, Liverpool
BoothWm.Pte. [Private]648119 Detachment. Lager I. Munster WestphalenW.27/03/191705/03/1917
BostelATCpl [Corporal] 2SLR9213Soltau z 201 [9 Sud Edewechter Moor, Oldenburg 5 Comp Senne II Sennelager b Paderborn crossed out]Mrs ATD c/o Mrs Lentott, Harting Combe, Rogate Sussex 3 The Mount, Blackmoor, HantsMrs Widdinton Ch Army
BostelA.T.Corpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R.92135 Comp, Senne I, Sennelager b. Paderborn
BostelA.T.Corpl [Corporal]9213HollandS.H.28/02/191828/02/1918
BowlerArthur ACpl [Corporal] 2SLR8966Soltau z 3014 Hanover [Bk 2, Grossesmoor b S Moorzentrale, Hanover crossed out]c/o Mrs J West 82 Ormeley Rd, Balham SW Mr E Bowler, Holly Green, Bledlow, BucksLady Bective (week) Mrs Dawson, 3 Grand Parade, Portsmouth
BowlerA [Crossed out] Arthur ACorpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R.8966Grosses Moor bei Schwege Moorzentrale [Soltau Crossed out] Hanoverc/o Mr J West, 82 Ormeley Rd, Balham, London SW
BowlerACaptain8966Kriegsgef. Soltau Z. 3036. HanoverW18/05/191716/05/1917
BowlerACorpl [Corporal]896665432. Hameln. HanoverW.08/08/191730/07/1917
BowlerA.ACorpl [Corporal]8966HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
BowlerWRfmn [Rifleman]241779Gef II [2] MunsterS.H10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
BowlerWPte [Private]2417791/5 Gef Bk 2 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
Bownes [Bowns]WCPte [Private] 2SLR10070EKI Comp 2 Friedrichefeld [4 Det Pat Camp III Gef 3, Hunoter? I of W crossed out]Miss SM Radcliff, Rockbourne Rectory, Salisbury Liverpool WWSB fortnightly
BownsW.CL/Cpl [Lance Corporal] 2 S.L.R.10070Gefangenlager Munster ?W
4 detach ?at. Camp III.Gef 3
BownsW.E.Pte [Private]10070Compy Gef 1081 Chemnitz DeutschlandW.10/01/191804/01/1917
BoxwellArthur HPte [Private] 2SLR7407Sch?ingeh Lichtenhorst, Han [Bk 20 Lager I illegible crossed out]136 Botanic Rd, Glasnevin, dublinLady B Ch Army
BoxwellArthur H.Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.7407Bk20, Lager I, Soltau [Munster Crossed out] Soltau36 Botanic Road, Glasnevin Dublin
BoxwellA.H.Pte [Private]7407Soltau Z VII HanoverD.29/12/191728/12/1917
BoxwellA. H.Pte [Private]7407Schweringen. Kries Hoza. HanoverD28/02/191827/02/1918
BradburySPte[Private]23868Gp 3 Barr 32A Dulmen I/wS.H.
BradshawPL/C [Lance Corporal]7526
BradshawPL/Cpl [Lance Corporal] 2SLR7526Bk 34 [I crossed out] Lager I Soltau Hanover [Goslok nei Uchte crossed out]Canal Cottage, Hatton, WarwickLady Bective + GPO weekly
BradshawPL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]7526Barr 1, Goslar b Uchte, SoltauStonal ? [Illegible] Cottage, Hatton, Warwick
BradshawPL'Corpl [Lance Corporal]7526HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
BradyThosPte [Private] 2SLR1416 [1466 crossed out]1556 Soltau [4 Lager I Barr 4 Soltau Bk 5 Dohmte Bezirk Osnabruck Bk 3 Gross un der moor illegible crossed out]Mrs Brady 16 Gilbert St, St HelensLady Bect (monthly) St Helens
BradyThomasPte [Private]1416Bk 5 4075 Bohmte Bezirk, Osnabruck, Hanover
BradyTPte [Private]14161556 Soltau Z 3036 HanoverS.H.20/02/191720/02/1917
BradyTPte [Private]14161556.Hornberger Kalkwerke. Elbingerode. Harz.S.H.19/09/191717/09/1917
BradyThos.Pte [Private]14161556. Soltau Z. 3186. HanoverS.H.29/06/191726/06/1917
BradyTPte [private]14161556 Soltau Z, 3052, HanoverS.H.09/07/191709/07/1917
BradyThos [Thomas]Pte [private]1416Hameln HanoverS.H.19/12/191719/12/1917
BrattJRfm [Rifleman]50226Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BrattJas [James]Rfm [Rifleman]50226ParchimW28/03/191827/03/1918
BrennenJosephPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.76052 Bt. C Comp No 533 21 Sect. Limburg (Lahn)
BrennanJosPte [Private]7605GiessenS.H.20/02/191714/02/1917
BrennanJasPte (Private)7605HollandSH22/04/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO
BrennerJosPte [Private] 2SLR76052 Bt 6 Comp 21 Sect No 533 Limburg (Lahn)21 Maudlin St, Kilkenny, IrelandMrs Arnold 81 St Andrews Rd South, St AnnesB49
BreretonSPte [Private] 2SLR85633697 Gef Hamln [Teufelsmoor nue? St Jurgen, Kreis Osterholz, illegible line, 5 Bk 32 Illegible Uchter Moor W B illegible crossed out]18 Leonard St, Stockton Heath (13 Brick St Warrington? in pencil)illegibel pencil
BreretonSPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.85632697 Zweig 5 Bk ? [Illegible] Gp, Uchter [Uchte] Fuchsberg
[Brereton crossed out][C crossed out]Pte [Private] 2SLR[7316 crossed out]Dead [Hamln W Han crossed out]Dead(appears to be dead. See Red Cross Letter of November 24, 1915)
BreretonC2 S.L.R.7316Hameln
BrethertonEPte [Private]2412881/5 Gef Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BridgeWPte [Private] 2SLR9941EKI Comp 2 Friedrichefeld [4 Bt Illegible Camp III Gef 3 Munster I f W crossed out]J Hedgecock 4 Bruce St St Helens (uncle)Mrs AD Spenceley, Vennwood, Marden, Herts, St Helens
BridgePte [Private] S.L.R.99414 Bt 3 Det Kat.Munster Camp lll Gef 318 Leonard St S. H. [St Helens]
BridgeWPte [Private]99411075 Coy 7 ChemnitzS.H10/01/191808/01/1918
BrienJ.C.Pte [Private]5737Squad.131. Stuttgart 2 Wurttemberg.S.H.25/10/191712/10/1917
BriersFPte [Private] 2SLR1492Bk 5 Dohmte Bezirk Osnabruck Hanover77 Warley St, St HelensLady Bective (monthly) St Helens
BriersFPte [Private] 2? 3 S.L.R.1492Bk 5 Bohmte Bezirk, Osnabruck, Hanover77 Morley St, St Helens
BriersFPte [Private]1492Soltau Z. 3009 HanoverS.H.16/04/191716/04/1917
BriersF.Pte [Private]1492SoltauZ. 3011.Pow. HannoverS.H.25/09/191724/09/1917
BriersJRfm [Rifleman]241782Allch 166 T.M.B. Gp 3 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BriersWAPte [Private] 3SLR1045403 Cassel [ Ventemoor b Recke Hanover illegible Master I Camp 3 illegible crossed out]Mrs WA Briers 78 illegible Rd, St Helens? St Helens illegible parcel St Hel;ens
BriersW.A.3 S.L.R.1045Vintermoor b R [Vintermoor bei Recke]
BriersW.A.L'Corpl [Lance Corporal]1045HollandS.H.25/03/191825/03/1918
BrightCPte [Private]2427811/5 Gef Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BrightGeoPte [Private] 2SLR7571Arbeitkommando No 197 [69 crossed out] No 2806 Comp 6 Bk D? Gef Wittenberg [Barrack IV F1 crossed out][illegible crossed out]Lpool WWSB (fortnight) Miss Davies 5 Bentinck St, Cavendish Sq, W
BrightCorpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R.7571[Bk IV F1 Crossed out] Arbeitskommando 69 Wittenberg
BrightmoreWmPte10078[12, 6 c/out] 5 Comp. [Senne II Sennelager {?} c/out] 3 block Munden2 Gala St, off Thomas St, SheffieldMiss Lartorius, The Old [unintelligible]
BrightmoreWPte [Private]10078Block 3 Coy 12 Minden WestfalenW.20/02/191707/02/1917
BrightmoreWPte [Private]10078Block 1. Room 30. Minden WestfalenW24/04/191723/04/1917
BrightmoreWPte [Private]10078Lager III Munster. WestfalenW18/05/191716/05/1917
BrightmoreWmPte (Private)10078Bk 4. room 7. Lager II MunsterW22/04/191820/04/1918Source of Information: Pr
BrightmoreWmPte (Private)10078Batt 5. Munster IIIW23/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: Pr
BrightonWRfm [Rifleman]242953Dulmen I/WW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BriscoeA FRfm [Rifleman]242790Gef II MunsterW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BroadhurstDPte [Private]2424951/5 Gef Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BrocklehurstWRfm [Rifleman]242791Bk 2 Room 3 Munster II 1/WW25/02/191822/02/1918(new name)
BrocklehurstWmRfm [Rifleman]242791ParchimW28/03/191827/03/1918
BrocklehurstWRfm (Rifleman)242791Gef GustrowW01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1921
BroderickT7283Liverpool C.S League
BroderickThosPte [Private] 2SLR728377 [2 crossed out] Comp Barr Maubeuge Dyrotz b Whatermark [Block 9/4 Doeberitz crossed out]Miss A Hurst 32 Wilson St St HelensMiss B allwright, Clapham, SW. St Helens
BroderickTPte [Private]7283Block 9/4 DoeberitzMrs Bulman 4 [Shandon Road? Illegible] Brockley S.E.
BrooksJ.J1630Liverpool C.S League
BrooksJohn JPte [Private] 3SLR16304238 Lager I Cov 5 Munster III Comp 2 [Ventemoor b Recke Hanover crossed out]46 Hunter St, LiverpoolMrs G Stirling, 44 Rue du Collisée, Paris
BrooksJohn3 S.L.R.16304238 Vintemoor b Recke46 Hunter Street LiverpoolMrs G Stirling 44 Rue du Collisée, Paris
BrookesJPte [Private]1630Coy. 3. Thomm. 428. Munster III. WestfalenL25/09/191721/09/1917
BrooksJPte [Private]1630SLK Komm no 428 Lager II MunsterL21/02/191819/02/1918
BrooksJPte (Private)31324CasselW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 4/5/18
BrooksA.E.10012Liverpool C.S League
BrooksAPte [Private] 2SLR10012Konigsmoor bei Tostedt Kreis Harburg, Hanover Kreig [Hieting? Lag IV Boklatresse? Wedel crossed out]20 Alice St Liverpool [Paddington crossed out]? Liverpool illegible pencil
BrooksAL/Cpl [Lance Corporal] S.L.R.10012Krieg. Festung Lag IV. Dohlstrasse Wesel20 Alice Street [Paddington Crossed out] Liverpool
BrooksAPte [Private]10012Soltau Z 3015 HanoverL14/03/191712/03/1917
BrooksAPte [private]10012Soltau Z, 3032, HanoverL01/09/191731/08/1917
BroughGeoPte [Private] 2SLR8478Barr 34 Lager I Soltau [Grosses Moor b Schwege, Moorzentrale, Hanover crossed out]111 Grenville St Edgeley, Stockport
BroughGL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]8478Grosses Moor b Schwege, Moorzentrale [Munster Crossed out] Hanover
BroughGPte [Private]8478Barr 34 Lager 1 Soltau HanoverW.02/02/191702/02/1917
BroughGPte [Private]847852520. Coy 4. Hameln a/d WeserW18/05/191716/05/1917
BroughGeo BPte [Private]8478Soltaire z3605 HanoverW17/01/191817/01/1918[new name]
BrownW ESergeant200315Batt 1st Coy, 11th Barrack E, GiessenW09/05/191808/05/1918
BrownWJBremn 2SLR8714Block 9/4 Gef DoeberitzLpool WWSB (fort) BRCS (fort)
BrownW.J.Bandsman 2 S.L.R.8714Gef Block 9/4 DoeberitzMrs Bulman 4 [Shandon Road? Illegible] Brockley S.E.
BrunskillWPte [Private]96656 Cpm Barr 12 Gef. Dulmen I/W23 Dentinck St, off Sutton Rd, St HelensLady Burghclere. Miss G Dryg 61 Name St. St Helens
BrunskillWDrmr?[Drummer] [Illegible] 2 S.L.R.9665Gef Dülmen in Westphalia 6 Comp Barr 12
BryanWRfmn (Rifleman)224251/5 altd ammm PommernW04/02/191801/02/1918
BryersJRfm [Rifleman]242436Dulmen I/WW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BuckHenryL. Cpl90453819 Leese, Stolrenau [?], HanLady Burghclere, Lady Bectue
BuckHBandsman9045Kriegsgefangenlager Hameln HannoverW17/04/191718/04/1917
BuckHBandsman9045967. Offizier-gef. Kreis LuliagenW23/08/191720/08/1917
BuckHBandsman90453819. Coy4, Hameln a/d WeserW23/08/191721/08/1917
BuckHBdsm [bandsman]9045976 Offezier gef, Strohem,Keis LulingenW01/09/191731/08/1917
BuckPRfm [Rifleman]502281/5 Room 8 Bk 2 Camp Gef 2 MunsterW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
BuckPercyRfm [Rifleman]50228ParchimW07/03/191805/03/1918
BuckPBdsmn [Bandsman]9045 [406 crossed out]Offiziers Gef. Bad Colberg. S - M. post Ummerstadt.W28/02/191826/02/1918
BuckleyJas [James]Rfm [Rifleman]242482Gef II MunsterW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
BuckleyJasRfm (Rifleman)2424821/5 SLR Bk 2 Gef II Room 7W04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
BughtonWRf [Rifleman]242962Dulmen, ParchimW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
BuggaldAbPte [Private1012912 Comp Senne 2, SennelageraB 28 Granville St, Peterborough [Lady Bectue]
Bullick H 6607 S.H.
Bullick Henry Pte [Private] 6607 [1197 crossed out] 1268 Bohmte Begirk , Osnabruck, Hanover Ms B, 24 ownall St, Hulme, Manchester Hampstead, Lady Burghclere
Bullick H Pte [Private] 6607 4197 Bohmte Bezirk, Osnabruck, Hanover Lady B.
Bullick H. Pte. [Private] 6607 Soltau Z 3009. Hanover [1268, Bohmle Mez, Osnabruck - crossed out] S.H. 27/03/1917 02/03/1917
Bullick H. Pte 6607 Komm. Adensen Hameln Hanover S.H. 30/05/1917 29/05/1917
Bullick H Pte [private] 6607 4197 Hameln, Hanover S.H. 21/07/1917 18/07/1917
Bullough S Pte [Private] 2629 E.K.I. Coy 2. Friedrichsfeld b Wesel S.H. 18/05/1917 16/05/1917
Bullough S Pte [Private] 2625 1064 Coy 7 Chemnitz S.H 10/01/1918 08/01/1918
Burgess I Rfm [Rifleman] 241415 Lager 2 Bk II Room 2 Munster S.H. 16/01/1918 16/01/1918 [new name]
Burgess I Rfm [Rifleman] 241415 Friedrichsfeld S.H. 21/03/1918 21/03/1918
Burgess J Pte [Private] 242676 1/5 Munster II W 21/03/1918 19/03/1918 (new name)
Burgess R Pte [Private] 39257 1/5 Soltan Z 3605 S.H. 24/01/1918 23/01/1918 [new name]
Burgess R Pt (Private) 39275 Soltau, Hanover. S.H. 18/04/1918 09/04/1918
Burke P.T 10077 S.H.
Burke Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R. 10077 [2 Coup Senne I Sennelager b. Paderborn crossed out] Barr 32 B Friedrichfeld b. Wegel 3 Akenside St, Bootle Hampstead (fort) L'pool WWLD [?] (fort)
Burke Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R. 10077 2 Comp. Senne 1. Sennelager b. Paderborn 3 Akenside Street Bootle Adoption withdrawn 20/11/15 Mrs ? [Illegible] Gordon
Burke G.T Pte [Private] 10077 Barr 32 B Frieduchsfeld vu Wesel S.H. 20/02/1917 20/02/1917
Burke Thos [Thomas] 6801 Salvation Army
Burke Thos Pte [Private] 6801 [11 4 16 Comp Lager I c/out] Eng Kom I (?) comp 2. Friedrichsfeld Lady Durghclere
Burke Thos Pte [Private] 6801 1077 Coy 7 Chemnitz S.A. 24/01/1918 18/01/1918 [new name]
Burton [Crossed out] S Pte [Private] Hanover W [Crossed out]
Burton T.W ??? 7297 S.H.
Burton J. W. Pte [Private] 7297 [Block 8/9 Gef Doeberitz crossed out] 2 Comp Barr Dyroly [?] bei Westermark [15 Union St crossed out] 5 Peter Grove, Canterbury, Kent Miss Learson, 95 East [?] Parade, Harrogate [Birmingham crossed out]
Burton T Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R. 7297 8/9 Gefangenenlager, Doberitz 8/2
Burton W 1535 S.H.
Burton Wm Pte [Private] 1535 Soltau Z 3009. 1369 6gp Bk 5, Dohmte Degirk [?] Brabuck? 40 Eccleston St. St. Helens Mrs Egerton Warburton [?] St Helens
Burton W.M. Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R. 1535 1369 6 Gp Bk 5 Bohmte Bezirk, Osnabruck, Hanover 40 Eccleston St, St Helens
Burton W ??? 7573 S.H.
Burton W Pte [Private] S.L.R. 7573 DK [2 Grosses moor b. Schwege moorgenthale Hanover crossed out] Zwei w I Barr 2 Soltau Hunteburg WW[?] Burton, 16 Dirgrove[?] Boundary Rd, Woking Miss Eva Simpson, avonmore, Heathside. Woking [crossed out] Adoption Withdrawn
Burton W Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R. 7573 "Bk 2 Grosses Moor b Schwege Moorzentrale Hanover
[[Illegible] Hunteburg, Kries Wittlage, Soltau Crossed out] "16 Firgrove Terrace, Boundary Rd, WokingMiss Eva Simpson, Avonmore?, Heathside, Woking
BurtonWCorpl [Corporal]7573Hameln a/d Weser HanoverS.H.24/04/191723/04/1917
BurtonWCn7573Coy.4 Lager No.52512 HamelnS.H.07/05/191704/05/1917
BurtonWPte [Private]1536Soltau Z3009 HanoverS.H.20/03/191714/03/1917
BurtonWPte [Private]15353891. Hameln HanoverS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
Butler [crossed out]Elias [Crossed out]Cpl [crossed out][Illegible]4 Coy 6 Sect No10 Limburg Lahn [Crossed out]? Butler [illegible][crossed out]
ButterworthFPte [Private]298291/5 Munster II i/WW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
ButterworthWPte (Private)39363CasselW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: Shrew 4/5/18
ButtesChls.Cpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R,4 Coy 6 Sect N?0104 Limburg
BuxeyErnestPte [Private]6404Bk 2B, 18568 Friedrichfeld b. West [crossed out] Husaren Kaserne Grefeld [Husarenkasern - Hussar Barracks, Krefeld]Daisy Villa Brook Salisbury SouthamptonHampstead, Lady B
BuxeyErnestL/Cpl [Lance Corporal] 2 S.L.R.6404?4045 3 Gp Marseberg [Merseberg] Friedrichfeld
Barrack 2B 18568 Saxony [Merseberg Crossed out]
Daisy [Broo Crossed out] Villa Brook, Sarisbury, Southampton
BuxeyEPte [private]6404Officers Lager, Schwarstedt, HanoverW01/09/191731/08/1917
BuxeyEPte [Private]6404Officers Lager HolzmindenW29/11/191716/11/1917
[Byrne crossed out]Frank [Crossed out]Pte [Private66582 Bt 6 Comp. 12 Sect No 296, Limburg (Lahn) [crossed out]8 Fitzpatrick Ctge [?], Harold's Cross, DublinMrs Kerr, 21 Chestnut Grove, New Walden [?] Surrey
ByrneFrankPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.6658II Bt. 6 Comp, 12 Sect, No 296,Limburg (Lahn)
ByrnePRfmn [Rifleman]240581Bk [barrack] 5 Room 13 MundenS.H10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
ByrnesHRfm [Rifleman]210315Detach: No. B 24 GP 3 Barr B6 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
CadmanWmPte [Private]7299[Bk 12, 6 Comp No46 Gef. Dumeln Hw arbeits com {Arbeitskommando} gecrelch {?} bei Versmold wm Halle mende hw c/out] Block [1 c/o] 3 comp [9 c/o] 3, 30597 wandern hw,[31 Neville St crossed out] 25 Sydney St. Halt Bridge WiganMiss Bush HaymansGreen, West Derby, LiverpoolParcels to be sent fortnightly for miss Bush 27/9/16
CadmanWm [William]Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.7299Dulmen in Westphalia No.46 6 Comp Barr 12 [English Lager Sennelager b. Paderborn crossed out]
CahillBPte [Private]15692 Bt 6 Coy. 1 Sect No. 12 Limburg (Lahn)10 Annie St. St. Helens ([illegible] Sella Cortel all Boyle, Rosimmon Co]Mrs Hanbord, Bulmer [?] Ludbury, Suffolk
CahillBernardPte [Private] S.L.R.1569No.120 2 Batt 1 Sect 6 Coy Limburg [Kriegsgefangenenlager Hameln on Weser crossed out]10 Annie St. St. Helens
CahillBPte [Private]1569Giessen HanoverS.H.20/02/191716/02/1917
CainThos.Rfm [Rifleman]241832Gp 3 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
CainThosRfm [Rifleman]241832Parchim Meckl [Mecklenburg]S.H.18/03/191815/03/1918
[Cairnes crossed out]JPte [Private, c/o][1294 c/o][Reserve Lagarette, {?}ärbenstrasse 136, Düsseldorf c/o]24 A Sussex St. LiverpoolRepatriated
CairnesJPte [Private] 3 S.L.R.1294Kriegs Reserve Lazarette Farberstrasse 136 Dusseldorf [24a Barrack Friedrichfeld b.Wesel crossed out]24A Sussex St. Liverpool
[Campbell crossed out]JPte [Private]1743[Comp VIII A Bk B1(14) Gef Willenberg, 19897 gaidelegen {?} c/o] Switzerland42 Cary [?]St,Stanhope St, Liverpool, hotel Regina, mürren SwissL'pool W.W.S.B (fort) 6 S L [unintelligible]
CampbellJPte [Private] 3 S.L.R.1743 [6616 crossed out]Comp VIII A Barrack C1 (14) Witterburg [in pencil ? VIII E 1]40 Caryl St Stanhope St Liverpool
CampbellJ PDrmr [Drummer]9934Coln. Limburg (Lahn)(?) ask from Pte J CampbellRoyal Scots [unintelligible]Whole entry crossed out
CampbellJ PDrmr [Drummer ]9934Limburg
[Cannon crossed out][John crossed out][Sgt crossed out] [Sergeant]
Leinster Reg.
GiessenCol R H Kellie11th February 1916
CarefullW.HRfm[Rifleman]502361/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
CarefulWRf (Rifleman)50236Repatriated to England April 14thW18/04/191818/04/1918
CareyWm.Pte [Private]13255Depôt des Prisonniers de Guerre,
Phelippopolis Bulgaria
56, Rockingham St Liverpool
CarlessJosiahPte [Private]65979 Comp Serene III Stanmuhle Sennelager. B. p[?]W Stansfield [?] Drummer
CarlessJosiahPte [Private] 3 S.L.R.65977 Comp Senne III Sennelager Namur (H)
CarlesJosiahPte [private]6597Barr 32 Friedrichsfeld V Wesel.W13/12/191707/12/1917
CarlesJPte [Private]6597483 Lager 111 Munster WestfalenW25/03/191823/03/1918
CarlisleWPte [Private]2424191/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
CarlisleWPte [Private]242419ParchimW07/03/191805/03/1918
CarrGPte [Private]2405991/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
CarrJ1669removed from W.O list 30.01.17 (died???)
CarrJPte [Private]1669 [1569 c/o]2 St 6 Comp 12 Sect Limburg (Lahn)B.R.L.S
CarrJPte [Private]16692/6/12/- Limburg
CarrJ J10063
CarrJames JPte [Private]10063[{?}assen Spandeburg c/o} Danzig ([?])70 Dumore St Belfast[Miss E. Higgen, Malone St Belfast c/o] Lady B
CarrJames JPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.10063Doberitz (crossed out) Zossen Brandenburg70 Dunmore St BelfastAdopted by [?] E Higgins, Malone, Belfast. (Unclear whether this is adopter or home address of prisoner)
CarrollERfm [Rifleman]50234Dulmen I/WW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
CarrollJohnPte [Private]68512 St 6 Comp 9 Sect No.133 Limburg (Lahn)Mill St, Birr, Kings Co IrelandMiss L Dobbyn, Rathmullen. Co Doregal 6/10/16
CarrollJohnCorpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R.68512 Bt 6 Comp 6 Sect. No.133 Limburg Lahn31 Neville St Platt Bridge WiganKings County Ireland (Unclear whether this is adopter or home address of prisoner)
CarrollJ.Corp. [Corporal]6851Batt. 2, Coy 6. Sect 6, Giessen (Lahn)S.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
CarrollJCorpl [Corporal]68513539 Barr A, Coy 9, Gressen, HessenS.H.16/06/191711/06/1917
CarrollJCrpl [Corporal]685140651. Coy 7 Barr 39 Meschede WestphaliaS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
CarrollJ.Corpl [Corporal]6851Soltau. HannoverS.H.04/10/191701/10/1917
CarrollJPte [Private]685140651 Hameln HanoverS.H.29/11/191721/11/1917
CarrollJCorpl [Corporal]6851HollandS.H.25/03/191825/03/1918
CartledgeHRfm [ Rifleman]2036561/5 Gef Detach No 21B Gp 3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
CartledgeHRfmn [Rifleman]203656Gp.20. Camp 21B. Parchim Meck.W28/02/191826/02/1918
CaseGPte [Private]2403041/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
[Casey c/o][Michael c/o]Not SLR2 Bt 6 Comp 23 Sect. no. 569 Limburg Lahn
CaseyPte [Private]2 Bt 6 Comp 23 Sect. 569 Limburg LahnGertrude Donald
CattellWMPte [Private]7608[Barr 1 Gorlol bei Uchte, Hameln on W c/o] Soltau Z 3034 HanBirmingham
CattellWPte [Private]7608HamelnAdop by Bgm
CattellWPte [Private]7608Soltau Z. 3114. Langemoor. HanoverW22/05/191718/05/1917
CattellWPte [private]7608Hameln a/d Weser (cc)W13/12/191707/12/1917
CattellWPte [Private]7608Hamden Z 3114 HanoverW17/01/191815/01/1918
CattellWPte [Private]76083687 Hameln 31 HanoverW21/03/191821/03/1918
CatterallJ APte [Private]40044Gef, DulmenW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
CavanaghJRfm[Rifleman]2037591/5 Gp 3 DulmenW30/01/191828/01/1918
CavanaghTRfm [ Rifleman]2037591/5 Gp 3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
ChaltonChristopherPte [Private]8446[Batt D crossed out] Gef. Doebritz88 Bk Deane Rd, off Deane Rd, BoltonHampstead, Lady B
ChaltonCPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.8446Batt D Doberitz88 Bk Deane Rd, off Deane Rd, Bolton
ChapmanF ??18499Salvation Army 01.03.17
ChiltonCRfm [Rifleman]50237Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
ChiltonARfm [Rifleman]5023736.216 Altdamm . PommernW14/03/191812/03/1918
ChrimesHRfm (Rifleman)2037701/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
ChrimesHyRfm [Rifleman]203770ParchimW07/03/191805/03/1918
ChrimesHRfm (Rifleman)203770Gef GustrowW01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1922
ClarkeFPte [Private]24545 8thGrafenwöhr(wife) 35 Station Rd.
Sawbridgeworth, Herts
Records 25th [illegible] 1916
ClarkeARfm [ Rifleman]403251/5 Gp3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
Clarke [crossed out]F.Pte. [Private]24545Gef. Nurnberg. BayernW.27/03/191702/03/1917Whole entry crossed out
ClarkeFPte [Private]24545Comp 3 Sect 18 Nurnberg BayernW14/03/191708/03/1917
ClarkeFPt (Private)24545Bayreath, Bayern.W08/04/191808/04/1918
ClarkeFL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]240593Gef Detachment No B24 Gp3 Barr B8 DulmenW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
ClarkeFL/c (lance corporal)240593Camp No 2-775 bei weselW09/05/191808/05/1918
ClarkeGPte (Private)2427931/5 Gp 3 Dulmen I/WW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
Clarke [crossed out][John crossed out] JohnPte [Private]7378[2 Bk 6 comp 6 sect no. 153 Limburg (Lahn) crossed out] Switzerland55 Patrick St DrogledaB.R.G.S
ClarkeJohnPte [Private]73782 Bt 6 Comp 6 Sect. 153 Limburg Lahn
ClaytonEPte (Private)14842Gef. Munster IIW.06/03/191807/03/1918
ClaytonEPte (Private)14842Block 2 Room 5 Munster IIW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: Rel: 7/5/18
ClaytonWPte (Private)2197611th Coy 10 Barrack A, GiessenW23/05/191813/05/1918
Cleary [crossed out]JPte [Private]Hameln on W.
ClearyJPte [Private]Hameln
ColemanThos [Thomas]Pte [Private]73582 St 6 Comp II Sect No. 278 Limburg LahnW. Bridget Drohan, John St. Carrick on S. TipperaryW. Orwin [?] Salford
ColemanThos [Thomas]Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.73582 Bt 6 Comp 11 Sect. 278 Limburg LahnMrs Bridget Doohan, John Str., Carrick on Suir, Co Tipperary (Unclear whether this is adopter or home address of prisoner)
ColemanT7358Batt 2.Coy 6.Sect II. 278 Giessen (Lahn)S.H.21/03/191721/03/1917
ColemanTPte [Private]7358Res.Lazarett AachenS.H.17/04/191718/04/1917
ColemanTPte [Private]7358LangensalzaS.H.06/07/191703/07/1917
ColemanThomasPte [private]73582nd Gef, Hospital Cassel, prov HessenS.H.21/07/191717/07/1917
ColesJohnPte [Private]1123[4452 3 Gp. Kriegs Hesepe Westphalia crossed out] Hameln Z85W. Cardwell 2 Grat [?] St Relics [?] [unintelligible][unintelligible crossed out] St Helm Parish Church [unintelligible]
ColesJohnPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.3 grp 4452 Kriegsgefangenen Hesepe, Westphalia
ColesJPte [Private]11234452. Soltau Z. 85. HanoverS.H.19/09/191718/09/1917Whole entry crossed out
Coles [Whole entry crossed out]JPte [Private]11234452. Soltau z. 5919/09/191717/09/1917
ColesJPte [Private]11234452 Hameln Z 5205S.H.25/03/191825/03/1918
CollierJPte [Private]8501[2 St 6 Comp 10 Sect No. 831 Limburg (Lahn) crossed out] 3519 Coy 6 BarrA. GiessenLarderstaw[?] Duleek, 60 meath[?]Lady B
CollierJPte [Private]85012/6/10/831 Limburg
CollierJPte [Private]85016600. Coy 10. Giessen Hessen [Hesse]B.28/07/191725/07/1917Switzerland 12/08/16
CollingAlbertPte [Private]7120MunsterMiss Marian West, The Red [?] School Wretbury[?] on [?], Bristol
CollingAlbertPte [Private]Gef. Munster
CollinsDanPte [Private]10025[Gef Nager I [?] Soltau Han. Crossed out] Palace Hotel Murren SwitzerlandB.R.T.S.
CollinsDPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.10025Gef. Soltau Hanover
CollinsJRfm [ Rifleman]405031/5 Dulmen 1/WW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
CollinsJRfm (Rifleman)40503Camp no 49594. Batt 69. Coy 4/1584 Friedrichsfeld.W16/05/191809/05/1918
CollinsJRfm (Rifleman)37158Bk. 2 Room 2 Gef MunsterW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
CollinsJohnRfmn (Rifleman)37158ParchimW.07/03/1918
CollinsW6941Limburg (Lahn)Miss Helen Ferguson [?] 100 St Juliens [unintelligible]
CollinsWPte [Private]6941Limburg
CollinsonSPte [Private]263001Gef, Gp 3 DulmenW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
ConnollyJasCpl. [Corporal]7612[723 5/2 Comp Barr D/E Giessen Han crossed out][997 5 Hestermoor Past Ganeln , Kastorf, , Han crossed out] Soltau Z 3010Denis Conolly, The Common, Hurles, TipperaryLady Burghclere Tomle B.R.C.S Paris (monthly)
ConnollyJas [James]Cpl [Corporal]7612723 5 Comp Barr D GiessenMrs Doris Conolly, Boulea, The Common Thurles, Co. Tipperary (Unclear whether this is adopter or home address of prisoner)
ConnollyJCorp [Corporal]7612Soltau Z 3010 HanoverW.20/03/201708/02/1917
ConnollyJCorpl [Corporal]761263449. Coz. 4. Hameln. HanoverW29/06/191729/06/1917
ConnollyJasCorpl [Corporal]76124 Coz. Hameln. HanoverW29/06/191722/06/1917
ConnollyJasCpl [Corporal]7612S.L.R. HollandW04/03/191804/03/1918
ConnollyWm [William]CivilianBarrack Kuche Gefangenenlager, Wissenberg
ConnorMPte [Private]7307Batt 2.Coy 5 No 229. Giessen (Lahn)S.H.17/04/191718/04/1917
ConnorThos [Thomas]Rfmn [Rifleman]241329Gef II [2] MunsterS.H10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
ConnorsJPte [Private]8488Hemln on WMiss Porter, avernay Balfour [unintelligible]
ConnorsJPte [Private]Hameln
ConnorsMichaelPte [Private]73072 Bt 5 Comp [9 c/o]1 Sect No (^50) 229 Limburg (Lahn)Mrs Brawley, Blake abbey Ctge, Clare Castle, Co Clare IrelandMrs R Humphrey, 123 hulla avi[?] High Gate(appears to be extra in Adopters column) County Blake P. of W. aid committee 4 Linda St Ennis. Mrs Lane Joynt, Cannelly [?] Clare Castle, Co Clare
ConnorsMichaelPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.73072/5/9/229 LimburgMrs Frawley, Clare Abbey Cttge, Clare Castle, Co. Clare, Ireland (Unclear whether this is adopter or home address of prisoner)
ConnorsMPte [Private]7307Barr. C. Coy 6. No 4016 GiessenS.H.10/04/191705/04/1917
ConroyAPte [Private]360131/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
ConwellLawrencePte [Private] 2 S.L.R.77112 Bt 6 Comp 27 Sect. 682 Limburg LahnBallinakill, Queens County, Ireland (mother)
ConwellL77118684 Coy 6 " [Giessen] " [(Lahn)]S.H.21/03/191721/03/1917
ConwellLawrencePte [Private]7843Limburg, Lahn[See No.82 above in pencil]Whole entry crossed out
ConwellLawrencePte [Private]77112 Bt 6 Comp 27 Sect No. 682 Limburg (Lahn)Ballinakill, Queens County, Ireland (mother)B.R.C.S
CooksonAL/cpl (Lance-Corporal)2423711/5 Gp 3 Dulmen I/WW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
CooksonAL/C (Lance-Corporal)242371No 49605 Batt 69. Coy 4/1593 FriedW16/05/191809/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel: 10/5/18
CooneyEdwardPte [Private]97792 Bt 4 Comp 16 Sect No 716 Limburg (Lahn)36 Sandfield [?] St Helens
Lady Burghclere
CooneyEdw [Edward]Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.9779II Bt(?) 4 Comp 16 Sect 716 Limburg (Hameln crossed out)Mother at 36 Sandfield Crescent, St Helens
CooneyEPte [Private]9779Barr C Lager 6 GressenB21/07/191713/07/1917
CooneyEPte [private]9779106159 Barr B, Coy 10, GiessenB16/06/191715/06/1917
CooperG.VPte [Private]39444Camp II [2] Gef II [2] MunsterW10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
CooperJ72391.2.17 Suspended until [unintelligible]
CooperJohnPte [Private]7239[Werde AfK. Boruslt cassel 11/13 Keiburgisring crossed out] 320 CasselDuffy per [illegible] Col M 31, Syke Street
[Cooper crossed out][Fred crossed out][Pte crossed out] [Private]GiessenMrs Lancelot Storr, 48 Campden Hill Square W
per [illegible] Mrs I [illegible] B
CooperJPte [Private]7239Wehleheiden bei CasselW25/10/191722/10/1917
CooperJohn.Pte [Private]7239Barr 16.A. Lagar1.Coltbus.W.23/04/191720/04/1917
CooperJohnPte [Private]7239Barr 2 Soltau Z 3015 HanoverW04/03/191804/03/1918
CooteH J9945Switzerland W.O Repl 05.01.17
CooteH JPte [Private]9945[6/2/9 Comp Senne II Sennelager b. p. crossed out] SwitzerlandMrs Boote (Mother) 37 Roman Road ColchesterMiss Daisy [unintelligible]
CootePte [Private]99452 Comp Senne I Sennelager b. Paderborn
CopeJohnPte [Private]578213. Comp 6 [3909 uchter moor, O.B.G{?} Hanover, 2635 Bohmte eirk Donabruck {?} c/o] Soltau Z 3009Mrs Porter [?- unintelligible]
CopeJPte [Private]57823909 Uchter Moor, Hameln
CopeJPte [Private]5782Soltau Z 3009 HanoverW.20/03/191708/02/1917
CopeJPte [Private]57823909. " [Hameln] " [Hanover]W.08/08/191701/08/1917
CoppackJas [James]Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.9974Officers Gefangenen Lager, GuterslohMrs Capper 359 Winwick Road (Unclear whether this is adopter or home address of prisoner)
CoppackJPte [Private]9974Officers Gefangenenlager, Gutersloh H.WMrs Cappen 359 Winwick RoadLady [unintelligible]
CoppackJPte [Private]9974Gefangenenlager. Crefeld. RhinelandW
CoppackJPte [Private]9974Officers Gefangeneulager Camp II. Schwarmstedt. HanoverW29/06/191729/06/1917
CoppackJPte [private]9974Gef Lager, Schawarmstedt in HanoverW06/07/191704/07/1917
CoppackJ.Pte [Private]9974Soltan Z 3526 HanoverW.25/10/191724/10/1917
CorfieldTho. J.Pte [Private]6281Waldlager Coy I, seine III, Sennelager G. Paderborn bei WustermarkBirmingham
CorfieldT J6281PaderbornAdop by Bgm
CorfieldT JPte [Private]628131149. Comp 1. Senne ll. Sennelager b. PaderbornW22/05/191719/05/1917
CornerJas [James]Rfm [Rifleman]230679Bk2 Room 2 MunsterW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
CornesJPte [Private]2427941/5 Bk. 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
CornesJohnPte (Private)242794Munchen IIW16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: Rel 13/05/1918
[Corran crossed out][H crossed out][Pte [Private] crossed out][9257 crossed out]Lady B
CorranHPte [Private]9257[Hut 9/4 Gef Doeberitz c/o] 5 Comp Barr namar Dynotz [?]33 Albert Road Widnes[?] Lady Burghclere
CorranHPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.9257Hut 9/4 Doberitz33 Albert Rd Widnes
CorriganE.Pte (Private)40955Gef. Dulmen i/wW.07/03/191806/03/1918Whole entry crossed out
CorriganEPte [Private]40955Gef Dulmen WestfalenW04/03/191802/03/1918(new name)
CorriganEPt (Private)40955Soltau, Hanover.W18/04/191809/04/1918
CorriganEPte (Private)409557th Gef. Soltau ZW25/04/191825/04/1918
ColvilleCapt.Capt. [Captain]Gradenfrei
CotterillSRfmn [Rifleman]39261Detach Gp [detachment group] Barr13 32 112 Coy Dulmen I/WS.H10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
CourcyAPte (Private)36013Komm 5. Munster IIIW23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Pr
CoverdaleW9699Salvation Army
CoverdaleWPte [Private]9699[1190 {?} Vintemoor b. Recke. W, [unintelligible] Z.209 allhorn Oldenburg c/o] Soltau Z209per [?] Dm WebsterMiss Webster, 10 Carltenau, Barnes S.W[?]
CoverdaleWPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.96994190 Vintemoor b. Recke Westphalia
CravenFSgt (Sergeant)2412881/5 Room 4 Bk 2 Gef II Munster I/WW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
CravenSergt [Sergeant]241095Soltau Z 3605 HanoverS.H.25/02/191822/02/1918
CravenJSgt [Sergeant]2410951/5 Soltau Z. 3605 Han:S.H.28/02/191822/02/1918
CravenFrankSgt [Sergeant]2410951/5 S.L Soltau Z. 3605 Hanover.S.H.28/02/191828/02/1918(new name)
CreweRPte [Private]8405(Dohmte) Begirk, Osnabruck, Hanover63 Langdale St LiverpoolB.R.S.T. (fort) Lpool W.W.S.B. (fort) St HelensWithdrawn 25/3/6
CreweEPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.84054 Bt 5 Gp Hameln on WeserWhole entry crossed out
CreweRPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.8405Bk 5 1248 Dohmte, Bezirk, Osnabruck, Hanover63 Langdale St Liverpool
CreweR.E.8405Soltau Z. 3009 HanoverS.H.27/03/191723/03/1917
CreweR FPte [Private]8405Soltau Z 3069 HanoverS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
CreweR.E.Pte [Private]8405Soltau  Z3032 HanoverS.H.20/03/191716/02/1917
CrillyAlfredPte [Private]74722 Bk 4 Comp10 Sect No 227 Limburg (Lahn)25 James St Dundalk Co. Louth IrelandB.R.C.S, Miss Bell18 avenue [?] Paris
CrillyAlfredPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.74722 Bt 4 Gp 10 Sect. 227 Limburg Lahn25 James St Dundalk Co. Louth Ireland
CrillyAPte [Private]747240227 Coy 2 Giessen (Lahn)S.H.20/03/191720/02/1917
CrillyAPte (Private)7472130425. Coy 21. Meschede.S H23/05/191813/05/1918
CritchleyAPte [Private]2427971/5Gp. 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
CritchleySRfm [Rifleman]392921/5 Lager II Munster i/WS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
CroweWL'corpl (Lance Corporal)242799Minden IW23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Pr
CuffeJPte [Private]2408111/5 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
CullenAPte (private)34152Munster IIW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
CunliffeWRfm [Rifleman]2414601/5 Bk 2 Room 2 MunsterS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
CunliffeWRfm [Rifleman]241460Gp 20 Parchim MichlS.H.25/03/191825/03/1918
CunninghamJasPte [Private]68564022 [Vintemoor b.Recke Westphalia c/o] Rthemer [?] moor, Port Rotham a aller6 [unintelligible]Miss Clarke [unintelliglble]
CunninghamJamesPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.68564022 Vintemoor b. Recke Westphalia
CunninghamJPte [Private]6856Soltau HanoverS.H.20/03/191714/03/1917
CunninghamJPte [private]68564022 Soltau Z 3116 HanoverS.H.06/12/191703/12/1917
CunninghamJPte [Private]6856Barr 18. Lager 1 SoltauSH11/03/191811/03/1918
CunninghamJPte (Private)6856HollandSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: WO 16/05/1918
Curley [c/o]John [c/o]Pte [Private]10004Bk 133 Lager Soltau [unintelligible]
CurleyJohnPte [Private] 1st CheshireGef. Soltau Hanover
CurrowRPte (Private)37268CasselW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 1/5/18
CurtisJ SPte [Private]8400Doeberitz118 [unintelligible] Pendleton, Glasgow[unintelligible]Attached naval division
CurtisJ SPte [Private]8440DoebenitzGertrude Donald 29th November 1915
CurtisJPte (private)8460SwitzerlandW07/05/191804/05/1918Source of Information: WO: 01/05/1918
CurtisWPte (private)50346Munster IIW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
CurwoodAPte [Private]8854S.H.
CurwoodAPte [Private] 2.S.L.R8854[Bk V 1358 Bohmte Bezirk Osnabruck, Han crossed out] Soltau Z. 300931, Warton Rd. Stratford LondonLady V. Herbert
CurwoodAPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.8854Bk 5 1248 Dohmte, Bezirk, Osnabruck, Hanover31 Marton Road Stratford London
CurwoodAPte [Private]8854Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
CurwoodAPte [Private]88541358. Hameln HanoverS.H.02/02/191702/02/1917
DaleCPte (private)235275Munster IIW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
DaleFRfm (Rifleman)2428001/5 Camp Gef: Bk 5 Room 13 MindenW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
DaleFRfmn [Rifleman]248800Saltau z 3605 HanoverW14/02/191808/02/1918
DaleFPte[Private]242800Camp Gef Soltau Z 3605 HanoverW14/02/191811/02/1918
DaleFrankRfmn (Rifleman)242800Thomm 160 Block II SennelagerW.07/03/191807/03/1918
DaleJ.WRf (Rifleman)242800Soltau, Hanover.W18/04/191809/04/1918
DaleJ WRfm (Rifleman)242800Bk 2 Camp o 32289, Komm (160) SennelW09/05/191807/05/1918Source of Information: rel
DaleFPte [Private]39476West Front, Minden WestfalenW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
DanPPte [Private]8553Munster
DanielsJL/c [Lance Corporal]2403521/5 Gef. Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DanielsJL/C (Lance corporal)240352Staumuhl SennelagerS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
DanielsJL/C (Lance Corporal)240352Bk 4 Room 12 MunsterSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH 03/05/1923
DanielsJCorpl (Corporal)240352Sennelager. Staumuhle b. Paderborn.S H23/05/191813/05/1918
DanielsWRfm [Rifleman]2115001/5 Camp II Gef II Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DanielsWRf [Rifleman]211500Munster II [Parch), ParchimW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
DarbyJPte [Private]502421/5 Gef DulmenW21/02/191819/02/1918(new name)
DarbyJRfmn [Rifleman]502422557. Coy A 20. Dulmen. Westfalen.W28/02/191827/02/1918
DarbyJRf (Rifleman)50242Soltau, Hanover.W18/04/191809/04/1918
DaviesERfm [Rifleman]40256Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
DaviesGwilL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]394361/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
DaviesG SL'corpl [Lance Corporal]39436Gp 20. Barr 9E2 Parchim MecklW14/03/191814/03/1918
DaviesG.T.L'Corpl (LanceCorporal)39436ParchimW.07/03/1918
DaviesSPte [Private]302401/5 Gef. Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DaviesT.E.Pte [Private]2425941/5 Gp 3 Dulmen i/WW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DayP.GPte [Private]8565[Bk 3, Comp 6 Hakenmoor Soltau c/o] Dohmte Begirk Osnabruck HanoverMrs P.G Day, 32 Wilton Road, ReddingHampstead
DayP GPte [Private]8565Hameln Hessen [Hesse]W.28/07/191725/07/1917
DayP GPte (Private)8565Hameln a/a W/ 17.W01/05/191801/05/1918Tr to W
DeardenJPte [Private]2403171/5 Munster II WestfalenS.H.28/03/191827/03/1918Names cancelled from Tobacco list: 27/03/1918
DearsonJasPte (Private)2403171/5 Munster II I/WW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
DeardenJPte (Private)2403171/5 Munster II i/WestfalenSH28/03/191827/03/1918cancelled from tobacco list
[Deely c/o][S c/o]Cpl [Corporal]60782 Bk 6 Comp. Sect. No. 209 Limburg (Lahn)Mrs Will Holder Gatts Farm, Kingsclere, Newbury
DennyJamesPte [Private]10045Block 9/4 Gef 10043 DoeberitzMrs Warrington, 10 Clephstone St. HighfeldsB.R.C.S.
DerbyshireAPte [Private]2423971/5 Gef. Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DerbyshireAPte [Private]406571/5 Soltau Z. 3605W28/02/191828/02/1918(new name)
DerbyshireJCpl (Corporal)2412081/5. Gef DulmenW07/05/191801/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
DerbyshireJcpl (Corporal)241208Stumbaulen Camp SennelagerSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH 03/05/1918
DevlinFredL/cpl [Lance Corporal]8185[7 Comp Senne III c/o] II Sennelager b. Paderborn8 Pineapple Tce Birchfield Rd, WidnesL'pool Women's War Service Bureau (fort)
Davenport [e c/o]JohnPte [Private]7548[10A Barrack Goltingen Hanover c/o] 1 Corhan [?] Cassel niedergwehren5 Clarendon Tce Skeerton, Lancaster (lodgings)Miss Cameron c/o Mrs W. A. Gideon, 9 Freemont Glasgow
DevenportJPte [private]7548LagensalzaS.H.06/12/191703/12/1917
DevonportJPte[Private]7548Coy 1 CasselS.H.27/12/191727/12/1917
DevonportJPte [Private]7548Sangensalza SaxonyS.H17/01/191814/01/1918
DevenportJRfm [Rifleman]242517Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
Dever ???J15838Salvation Army 01.03.17
DixonJRfm (Rifleman)222901/5 Cassel, HessenSH25/04/191825/04/1918Source of Information: Shre: 22/4/1918; (new name)
DixonTRfm [Rifleman]2412281/5 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DixonTRfm [Rifleman]241228FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
DixonW. MPte [Private]17504237, Kom. 47, Blk [2 lager 2 c/o] 1 Room 8 Lager II Rennbahn MunsterMrs Sarah a. Dixon, 24 Hythian [?] St, St. HelensMrs Hartley, Regents Road, St Helens, L'pool Womens' War Service Bureau (weekly)
DixonWmPte [Private]17504237 Officers Gef, HolzmindenS.H.29/11/191721/11/1917
DixonWPte (Private)1750Gef HamelnS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1930
DixonW. A.7581
DixonW. MPte [Private]7581[2 Bk c/o] 3347 6 Comp [23 Sect No. 584 Limburg (Lahn) c/o]Barr E Breven20 Hapsford Road LiverpoolMiss Bearan
DixonW APte [Private]75813347, Barr A. Coy 4. GiessenW22/05/191718/05/1917
DixonW.R [A].Pte [Private]75813347Barr E Coy 6 Giessen {Hesse}W.20/03/191705/02/1917
DixonW.R.Pte [Private]7581Barr C Coy 9, 43157 Gressen, " [Hessen]W16/06/191711/06/1917
DixonW RPte (Private)7581130492. Barr 22. Coy 21. Meschede Giessen " [P2]W23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Pr
DoddJohnPte [Private]1471[1288 Vintemoor bei Recke Westphalia, 1000 zwei Stroley moor {?} c/o] 4288 Vahnenrode bei Spelle, Han5 albion St. Widnes (A) M Lasoon 6 Hamilton Place WSee letter Miss Harris 2/12/15? Mrs Fornall Blackheath
DoddJohnPte [Private]14714288, 6 Comp [Vahrenrode bei Shelle, Hanover /o] Hameln5 albion St, WidnesMrs Fornall
DoddJPte [private]1471Keigszefunyenim Lager Buhnerbackgelid(germany)W01/09/191731/08/1917
DoddJPte [private]1471Kreigsgeff HamelnW29/11/191728/11/1917
DoddR939Halifax Courier
DoddRobertPte [Private]9894000 [Stroken Moor/ Wagerfeld Kriegs Sulinger c/o] Han, Hameln [Teufelsmoor{?} neu de Jurgen Kreis Osterboy Han c/o]Mrs Sasoon
DoddRPte [Private]989Soltau Z VII, HanoverH [W crossed out]14/03/191714/03/1917
DoddRPte [private]8984000, Hameln, HanoverW19/12/191718/12/1917
DoddRPte [Private]989Soltau " [Hanover]W28/02/191826/02/1918
DoddRPte [Private]989Soltau Z 3777 HanoverW28/03/191826/03/1918
DoddRPte (Private)989Soltau Z. 3419.W23/05/191813/05/1918
DoggettG766737246, Minden HW[unintelligible]
DohertyARfm [Rifleman]241870Bk 2 Room 2 Munster IIS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
DohertyAndrewRfm [Rifleman]241870Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
DohertyOwenL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]7547[Coy 7 Barr 12 Dulmen Camp c/o] 6 Bk I Del 4 Westphalia88 Penarth Road CardiffMiss Place, Bolton Girls' School
DohertyPatrickPte [Private]6892[English Camp c/o] [8 c/o] 4 Comp Senne II Sennelager90 Mrs Owen m. Grillis; 1090 Dumbarton Rd Whiteinch GlasgowHampstead, Lady Burghclere
[Dongshire c/o][Thos c/o]Pte [Private]Zossen [Soltau c/o]Mrs D B Renalow 12 argyle Rd KensingtonDonoughue Thos 10161 w.o. 20/4/16 written in red ink, referencing another entry
[Donoghue c/o]Pte [Private]7734Limburg (Lahn)
DonoughueThos.Drmr [Drummer]10161[2 Bk 2 Comp 4 Sect No. 588, Gefangenlager Zossen near Berlin c/o] Danzig, 2roy[?]63 Silkstone St. St HelensMrs A. B. Smith, audley house, Margaret St. London W, Lady P[?] M mGerton St Helens (withdrawn 25/3/16]
DonovanFrankPte [Private]8865[26/9 Comp Senne II English Lager Sennelager c/o] E. K. I Coy 2 Friedrechsfeldper HampsteadHampstead
DonovanFPte [Private]8865Staumuhle, Sennalager 6, PaderbornW01/11/191712/11/1917Switzerland W.O Repl 05.01.17
DoolanFrankPte (Private)240477ParchimS.H.07/03/1918
DooleyJPte [Private]2423091/5 Gp 3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DoughtyE.S.Pte [Private]9926[Gehoft 6/20 Neues Lager A, Bk 59/94/91 Wahn B. Cologne, 55/69/E/556969 E Comp 10 c/o] suisse[?]10 aske St, Horton, LondonSee letter from Miss Vaughan 5569
DouglasBRfm [Rifleman]2420561/5 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DouglasJ.LL/Cpl9751Switzerland W.O Repl 28/07/15
DouglasJL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]9751Black 9/4 Doeberitz360 Bearwood Rd, Smethwick atm[?]Mrs Wilson S mayn [?] Oldham Birmingham
[Dovaston c/o][Wm c/o]Pte [Private]6893[Kriegs Franziskanerkloster Paderborn c/o] Hotel du Torrent, Chateau d'Oex, Suisse14 Beaumont St. LiverpoolL'pool W.W.S.B (fort)
DoveyWmBdsmn [Bandsman]9096[Barr IV FI Gef., arbeitskommando No.69 c/o] 2796 Wittenberg Comp III Barr AI2A Blundell St, Cal Rd Holloway n.B.R.C.S.
DoveyWBdsmn [Bandsman]9096Ableiling 1 Koln a RheinS.H.20/03/191720/02/1917
DoveyWBdsmn [Bandsman]{9096}Barr E.2. Coz 2. Wittenberg.S.H.19/09/191704/09/1917
DoveyWBdsman [Bandsman]9096Coy 1 MurselburgS.H.01/11/191731/10/1917
DowardIRfm [Rifleman]241109Gef.II MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
DowardWm.Rfm [Rifleman]241867Bk 2 Camp II Room 9, MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
DownesJohnPte [Private]7201Black 9/4 Gef. DoeberitzMiss Marian Webb, The Red Maids School, Westbury-on-Trym
DownesJPte [Private]72018699. Coz 9. Muncheberg-im-Marke bei BerlinW29/06/191727/06/1917see W.O list drowned
DowningJ H7849
DowningJPte [Private]7849[2/4 Comp Senne II Sennelager b.p c/o] Bexter Lestrab[?] Soltau, Han10 Harding St. SmethwickMrs Kerr, 21 Chestnut Grove, New Walden [?] Surrey
DoyleSPte [Private]6294[10A c/o] 42 Barrack Goltingen Hanover16 Paul St Vauzhall Rd, L'poolL'pool W.W.S.B. (fort)
DoyleJasPte (Private)405761/5 Munster II I/WW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
DrageWL/c (lance corporal)311582nd Barrack 7 Lazarette CasselW09/05/191808/05/1918
Drureagh [?]CCpl [Coporal]8035(See Murtaugh no.409)
DuckworthHPte [Private]1429[19 Comp No. 23 Ohidnuf[?] p.h c/o] 1218 Barr 24 Niederzwehren bei Cassel [Kassel] Comp 71-1715 Grantham St, Moss Side, ManchesterB.R.C.S.
DuffRobt.Pte [Private]6994Black 9/4 Gef Doeberitz79 Eastland St BelfastB.R.C.S.
DuffRobtPte [Private]6994E.K.1. Coy 2. FriedrichsfeldW.21/07/191720/07/1917
DuffRobt.Pte [Private]69941070 Coy 7 ChemnitzW.29/12/191728/12/1917
DuffMPte [Private]2403011/5 [Bk 4 Room 12] Munster IIW21/03/191819/03/1918(new name)
Whole entry crossed out
DuffMPte [Private]24340MindenW21/03/191821/03/1918
DuffMPte (Private)2423001Camp No 464 FriedW02/05/191829/04/1918Source of Information: Pr to relatives.
DuffyJPte [Private]7955EK1 Comp 4, Friedrichsfeld10 Crank ? Road St Helens, Mrs Cortello 10 Red Bat St Helens (sister)Lady Bective (monthly) St Helens
DuffyTPte [Private]7955E.K.I Coy 4 Freidrichsfeld v WeselS.H.14/03/191723/02/1917
DuffyTPte [Private]79551083 Coy 7 ChemnitzS.H10/01/191808/01/1918
DugganAPte [Private]502411/5 Gp. 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
DugganAPte [Private]60241Dulmen, ParchimCardiff04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
DuncalfARfm [Rifleman]2403791/5 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DuncalfARfm [Rifleman]240379Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
DuncalfARfm [Rifleman]240379FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
DuncalfRobtPte [Private]10634092 [10 Gp 4 Bt Ventemoor be Recke Ham c/o] Camp I Munster37 Eldon St LiverpoolMrs Sweetman Powell, Newbiggin, Storrington
DunneJohnPte [Private]7258[2st 6 Comp 122 Sed No.228 Limburg (Lahn), 1 Batt 1 Comp No.111 Mannheim c/o] 17 Batt 12 Sed 6 Comp 288 LennigPatrick St Kilkenny IrelandLady Lodd
DurgerJPte [Private]Hameln on Weser[Miss M Legard {?} {unintelligible} c/o]
DurrJohnCrpl [Corporal]15838Group [3 c/o] 2Hut A2 Comp [32 c/o] 1 Dulmen HWMrs Durr 46 Rudy Cl Runcorn
DurrJ.Corpl [Corporal]15838Barr. 15. Soltau Z. 3010. Hanover.S.A.21/03/191707/03/1917
DurrJCorpal [corporal]15838Soltau Z,3644, HanoverS.A.09/07/191709/07/1917
DurrJCorp [Corporal]15838Gefangeneulager Hameln. HanoverS.A.29/06/191726/06/1917
DurrJCorpl [Corporal]15838SoltauZ. 3032.HannoverS.H.25/09/191725/09/1917
DuttonThos.Pte [Private]12603907 [uchter moor, {?}.B.G Han c/o] BARR 3-2 Sud Ederwechtermoor, Oldenburg Barr 3-2[unintelligible] St HelensLady Bective (monthly) St Helens
DuttonThs[Thomas]Pte [Private]1260Lager II Barr 22 Soltau HanoverS.H.20/02/191720/02/1917
DuxburyTCpl [Corporal]2429101/5 Gp 3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
DuxburyTimCorpl (Corporal)242910ParchimW.07/03/1918
EbsworthJ RRfm [Rifleman]50244Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
EcclesPRfmn [Rifleman]2423181/5 Munster II (new)S.H.14/02/191814/02/1918
EcclestonRbtRfm[Rifleman]2421041/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
EcclestonRbt. [Robert]Rfmn [Rifleman]242104Block 2. Room 3. Lager II MunsterW28/02/191828/02/1918(new name)
EddiesFPte [Private]393121/5 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
EddiesFPte [Private]39312Block II Room 20 Munster IIS.H.18/03/191815/03/1918
EddlestonJ27877Gp3 Barr 29B Dulmen I/WW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
EddlestonJRfm [Rifleman]27877Gp 3 Barr 3B Parchim Meckl
EddovesPPte (Private)20562GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: CC
EdenJL/C (Lance Corporal)2003581/4 Soltau Z 3605 Han.W23/05/191813/05/1918(New names), Source of Inf: Rel: 22/05/1918
EdgeJ. A.Pte [Private]202763Kriegs Gef Stammlager, LimburgW21/02/191819/02/1918(new name)
EdgeJ.APte [Private]202763Limburg, GP3 Dulmen WW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: Rel.
EdingtonWRfm[Rifleman]392751/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
EdingtonWRfm [Rifleman]39275Bk 2 Room 20 MunsterS.H14/02/1918Date estimated.
EdwardsARfmn [Rifleman]240251Gef II [2] MunsterS.H10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
EdwardsJ.E.Sgt [Sergeant]2406371/5 Gp 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
EdwardsJ.G.Sgt (Sergeant)240637ParchimW.07/03/1918
EdwardsJ. S.Sgt [Sergeant]240637Block.2 Lager 2. Munster im WW28/02/191823/02/1918
EdwardsJSgt Maj [Sergeant Major]240440Dulmen WestfalenS.H.21/02/191819/02/1918
EdwardsJSgt [Sergeant]240440Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
EdwardsJS M (Sergeant Major)240440Post Staunuher Coy 8, Bk 3 SennelagerSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH 03/05/1919
EdwardsMPte [Private]62164165 [Bohmte Begirk Donatruck Hanover c/o] Soltau Z 3009 Han [Hanover]B.R.C.S.(fort) L'pool W.W.S.B. (fort)
EdwardsMPte [private]6216Kriegs Gef. HamelnW01/09/191731/08/1917
EdwardsMPte [private]6216Geflager, Hameln, HanoverW01/09/191727/08/1917
ElceFPte [Private]2036241/5 Munster IIW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
ElceFPte [Private]203624Munster II, Munster IW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
ElliottJ.ACpl [Corporal]9749[Block 9/4 Gef. Doeberitz c/o] [unintelligible] Camp 1092 Pearscroft Rd Dulham (mother)Miss Eva Simpson Avonmore, Heathside, Woking
ElliotJ ACorpl [Corporal]9749Soltau Diepholzer MoorW.08/08/191707/08/1917
ElliotJ ACorpl [Corporal]9749Barr 15 Soltau Z 3010 HanoverW23/08/191720/08/1917
Ellis [c/o]Henry [c/o]Pte [Private, c/o][625 c/o] 9043Cheshire Regt W. D 20/4/16 Vintemoor b. Recke13 Jocky St. Warrington
EllisonR HSgt.240117Bk 2 Room 2 Munster IIS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
EllisonR HSgt [Sergeant]24011736324 Altdamm PommernS.H.21/03/191819/03/1918
EnglandJames31546[Res. Lais Frier {?} IV Wahn b. Koln c/o] Gussen ? Resly juli [unintelligible] / 2 Company Barr 6 Giessen 1/2/17
England [crossed out]J.Pte. [Private]31456Barr. C. Coy 2. GiessenW.27/03/191728/02/1917Whole entry crossed out.
EnglandJPte [Private]314963375 Barr D Coy 9 GiessenW14/02/191712/03/1917
EnglandHPte (Private)3145641215, 5 Coy, Menshe D.W22/04/191822/04/1918Source of Information: Pr
EnosEPte (private)40538Munster IIW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
EtheridgeThos.Rfm [Rifleman]393081/5 Munster 2S.H.10/01/191804/01/1917
EtheridgeTRfm [Rifleman]393081/5 Bk 2 Room 20 Munster II :WS.H14/02/1918Date estimated.
EtheridgeThosRfm (Rifleman)393081221 Friedrichsfeld bei W.S H23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel
EvasonJRfm [Rifleman]2417651/5 Bk 2 Room 2 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
EvasonJRfm [Rifleman]241765FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
FaganE638Liverpool C S League
FaganEdwardPte [Private]638[4118 IV Bk 5 Gf Vintemoor b Recke, Dulmen gfw {record 10/5/16}, 39808 Comp 4 Block 3 Minden gfw c/o] 65735 Comp 36 Ball 32 Friedrichsfeld Weser15/6 ct. Comms St, LiverpoolMrs Williams, The Grange, Hedreford [Hereford?]
FaganEPte [Private]638Lager 1 MunsterL25/03/191825/03/1918
FaganEPt (Private)638Offiz. Lager (Neunkirchen/ Saar) SaarbruckenLpool08/04/191805/04/1918
FanneryCL/C (Lance Corporal)32836MindenW16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: CC 07/05/1918
Farnen [Farnan]EdwPte [Private]7387[5 Comp Senne II Sennelager c/] Munden I gfw block 5 Comp 3 37066, Lady Gamble 19/6/16117 Hill Street, St HelensSt Helens, Miss Walcock?
FarrellDenisPte [Private]68952 Bk 6 Comp 21 Sect 532 Limburg (Lahn)72 Limekiln Lane, LiverpoolB. Lightbourne, Etonfield, Wavertree L'pool W.W.S.B (fort)
FarrellD68953183. Coy 6. Barr E " [Giessen] " [(Lahn)]S.H.21/03/191721/03/1917
FarrellDenisPte [Private]6895FrankfurtS.H.21/03/191818/03/1918
FarrellDPte [Private]6895Officers Lager, Griesheim, FrankfurtS.H.
FarrellThos.Pte [Private]6757[2 Bt 6 Comp 9 Sect 835 Limburg (Lahn) c/o] 835 Comp 6 Giessen Batt 238 Warrington Rd [20 Sewell St. c/o] PrescotMrs De Passy (fort) L'pool W.W.S.B. (fort) St Helens
FarrellThos.Pte [Private]6757Batt. 2. Barr K. Comp 5. 420. GiessenS.H.29/06/191726/06/1917
FarrellyMRfmn [Rifleman]242298Munster II [2]S.H10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
FazakerleyERfm (Rifleman)200341/5 Cassel, HessenSH25/04/191825/04/1918Source of Information: Shre: 22/4/1918; (new name)
FazakerleyErnestPte (Private)20371Coy 1. Barr A. GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
FeatherstoneHPte [Private]2405011/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
FernehoughFkPte [Private]2936Blk 2 [2, 1 c/o] Chambre Kom 47 Gef 2 Munster gfw29 Wilderspool Causeway, WarringtonThe National School, per Mr Gio [?] Brown / Miss K Slater, Pyford Earth, N Woking 18/10/16 fort.
FernehoughFPte [Private]2936Working Party 9E Friedrichsfeld v WeselW16/04/191713/04/1917
FernehoughFPte [Private]2936No.65208. Friedrichsfeld bei Wesel, RhinelandW20/02/191719/02/1917
FieldsWPte (Private)14992nd S.L. 54777. Coy 49B. Barr 86 B. DulmenS H23/05/191813/05/1918(New Names)
FinneyPRfm [Rifleman]40043Gp 3 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
FinneyKPte [Private]400431/5 Gp 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
FinneyPPte [Private]400431/5 Gef 3 DulmenS.H15/02/1918Cancelled from tobacco list: 15/02/1918
FinneyPRfm (Rifleman)40043Bk 4 Room 12. Munster IIS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
FitzpatrickBRfmn [Rifleman]201060Munster II [2]S.H10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
FitzpatrickBRfm (Rifleman)2010661/5th Kriegs Munster II I/WSH14/02/191809/02/1918
FitzpatrickB.Pte (Private)201060ParchimS.H.07/03/1918
FitzpatrickTPte [Private]2420501/5 Blk 2 Munster II I/WW24/01/191819/01/1918
FitzpatrickTRfm [Rifleman]242050Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
Flack [c/o]Vintemoor bei Recke 4302 Barr I Camp I Munster gfw, 2 comp [barr {unintelligible} c/o]Lady Garvagh [?](See letter from Lady Garvagh)
FlanaganEPte (Private)2429651/5 Block 2 Room Gef II MunsterW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
FlanaganEdPte (Private)242965ParchimW.07/03/1918
FlanneryJL/c [Lance Corporal]2416671/5 Gp 2 Bk 2 Room 2 MunsterS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
FlanneryJL'Corpl [Lance Corporal]241667FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
FlemingJamesPte [Private]814[Bt Camp 3 Munster gfw, Munden I gfw 39842 Block {I c/o} 3 Group 3 Coy3 c/o] Friedrichsfeld Bay 6B[19 c/o] 10 Bk Grossley St. WarringtonSt Peters [?] French Winscales Home Workington 24/8/16, withdrawn 10/10/16
FletcherG [J]7770
FletcherJPte [Private]7770[24 A, 2B Barr c/o] EKI. Coy 4 Friedrichsfeld G.
145 Needwood St. WarringtonMiss Margaret Morton, see 186 [Francis, J]
FletcherJPte [Private]7770Sprottau. Schlesien. GermanyW25/09/191724/09/1917
FletcherJPte [Private]7770Neisse, SilesionW09/06/191708/06/1917
FletcherJPte [Private]7770 [Friedrichsfeld] W. 21/07/1917 20/07/1917
Fletcher J Pte [Private] 7770 Lager I Lamsdorf Schlesien W 23/08/1917 20/08/1917
Floyd T Pte 23878 Gp 3 Dulmen S.H. 16/01/1918 16/01/1918 [new name]
Flower C Pte [Private] 241481 1/5 Bk 2 Munster II W 24/01/1918 23/01/1918 [new name]
Flynn J 7443 S.H.
Flynn Joseph Pte [Private] 7443 2 Bt. 6 Comp 11 Sect No 271 [Limburg (Lahn) c/o] Giessen Ropewalk Mulgrave St Limerick Miss Blundell
Foden T 7909 Salvation Army
Foden T Pte [Private] 7909 [4300, 7 Gf. Vintemoor b. Recke c/o] I Comp I Batt Munster gfw [83 c/o] 85 Prierpoint St, Warrington Mrs Cann Bereford St [Beresford with 's' c/o]
Fogg Thos Rflm [Rifleman] Kriegs Lager [unintelligible] [unintelligible] 1st Rifle Brigade
Fooks C 7828
Fooks C Pte [Private] 7828 Bk. III Hakenmoor Stroehn, Beg Bremen 102 Napier Rd, Albert Rd Southsea, Portsmouth (Brother) / 177 Neville Rd Green St Afton [?] Park London B.R.C.S.
Fooks C Pte [Private] 7828 Soltau Z 3033 Hanover W 14/11/1917 12/11/1917
Fooks Chas Pte [Private] 7828 2426 Hameln Hanover W 20/02/1917 20/02/1917
Ford A 9542 S.H.
Ford A Pte [Private] 9542 [2 Comp Senne I Sennelager c/o] Frankfurt [?] Miss Harrison & Lady Bective (weekly), [?] Colwyn Bay
Ford A Pte [Private] 9542 Frankfort a Oder S.H. 20/02/1917 06/02/1917
Ford A Pte [Private] 9542 Coy 2. No 69 Frankfurt S.H. 04/03/1918 01/03/1918
Ford Thos. Rfm [Rifleman] 240615 Det No 24B. 505 Coy Gp 3 Barr.9 Dulmen i/W S.H. 16/01/1918 16/01/1918 [new name]
Forrester P.J L/C 7705 B
Forrester P.J L/cpl [Lance Corporal] 7705 [2 Bt c/o] 6 Comp [3 Sect No.07 Limburg (Lahn) c/o] 3185 Comp 6 Barr E Giessen [2 Hammond Lane Dublin c/o] 169 Church St. Hmapstead, Lady B
Forward F.W 7921 S.H.
Forward F. W Pte [Private] 7921 Soltau (Gosloh bei uchte) Han, Walessen bei mach [unintelligible] Einbeck Canal Cottage, Higham [?] Rochester Kent Miss Woods YMCA [unintelligible]
Forward F W Pte [Private] 7291 Soltau Z 3030 Hanover S.H. 20/03/1917 19/03/1917
Forward F.W. Pte [Private] 7921 Soltau Z 3034, Hanover S.H. 01/09/1917 31/08/1917
Forward W.J Pte [private] 7291 Lager Hameln Hanover S.H. 14/03/1917 23/02/1917
Foster [c/o] George [c/o] Pte [Private] 10126 Repatriated 135 College St. St Helens
Foster F Rfm (Rifleman) 40317 Bk 4 Room 12 Munster II W 09/05/1918 07/05/1918 Source of Information: Pr
Foster J 6613
Foster Joseph Pte [Private 6613 [6 Comp Barr 10 Dulmen, 39753 Block I/3 Coy. 9/3 Group 2N/3N Lager I minde c/o] 55737 Barr 6B Friedrichsfeld Bei Weissel [?] 28 Bassington St Belfast Miss Elaine DeBatty, The Lines, [unintelligible] Newbury
Foster J Pte [Private] 6613 Block 2 Lager 2 Munster Westfalen W 18/05/1917 16/05/1917
Foster Jas Pte [Private] 6613 67244. Workingparty 9E. Friedrichsfeld b. Wesel W 12/05/1917 16/04/1917
Foster T Rfm [Rifleman] 40317 Munster II W. 16/01/1918 16/01/1918
Foster T.R 6362
Foster Thos R Pte [Private] 6362 4290 Hameln [Vintemoor b. Recke, 48 Bk 6 [?] 1 Comp, Friedricksfall, Sehnde Han. c/o]
Fowler J Pte [Private] 4763 Dyrotz post Wustermark W 28/03/1918 27/03/1918
Fowler W 1314 S.H.
Fowler Wm Pte [Private] 1314 [Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Han c/o] 1455 Soltau Z 3009 9 Hatton St. Liverpool [Miss Blundell c/o] Lady Carvagh (fort) 17/8/16, L'pool W.W.S.B. (fort)
Fowler William Pte [Private] 1314 Soltau 3009 Hanover S.H. 16/06/1917 11/06/1917
Fowler W Pte [Private] 1314 Hamelin a'd Weser Hanover S.H.
Fowles L 4573 S.H.
Fowles Lawrence Pte [Private] 4573 [Block 9/4 Gef. Doberitz c/o] 4 Comp EKI Friedrichsfeld 53 Waterdale Crescent. Sutton, St Helens
Fowles L Pte [Private] 4573 Coy 7 Gef Chemnitz S.H 17/01/1918 14/01/1918
France J Cpl 1494 S.H.
France J Cpl [Corporal] 1494 Bohmte Begirk [Begirk c/o] Osnabruck, 3905 graft [?] "9 Dorothy St, Thatto Heath
St Helens"Mrs Jeeves [Lady Bective (mo) c/o] St Helens
FranceJCorpl [corporal]1494 [Hameln], " [Hanover]S.H.09/07/191709/07/1917
FranceJCorpl [Corporal]1494HollandS.H.18/03/191815/03/1918
FrancisJPte [Private]9850Block 9/4 Gef. Doberitz15 Corbelts Lane, Rotherhithe StMiss Margaret Morton [?] wood Crawthorn [?] Southborne
FrancisJPte [Private]9850Gef CrossenW04/03/191804/03/1918
FraserJPte [Private]7864[Lager I Bk 20 Soltau, Diepholz, Beg Osnabruck c/o] Han. SoltauB.R.C.S`
FraserJPte [Private]7864Soltau HanoverW.14/02/191705/02/1917
FraserJPte (Private)7864Soltau Z. 3514W07/05/191801/05/1918Tr to W
FrayMPte (Private)403171/5 Munster II I/WW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
FreemanEPte [Private]6720[Block 9/4 Gef. Doberitz c/o] bei Westermark90 Downmead Road Fulham SwL'pool W.W.S.B
FreemanE.Pte [Private]6720250113. Heilsberg, East PrussiaW14/03/191712/03/1917
FreyMSrg [Sergeant]179091/5 MunsterW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
FreyMSig [Signalman]17909Bk 2 room 5 gef II Munster 1/WW14/02/191811/02/1918
GaleEPte [Private]Hameln
GaleE10654Sherwood Foresters W.D 20/4/16 Hameln
GallagherJRfm (Rifleman)2036231/5 Gef Munster IIW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
GallagherJohnPte [Private]12544281 [10/9 Gp c/o] 1 Bk Hesepe b.B.D [by Bramsehe District] Osnabruck52 Langdale Rd, Shand St Liverpool, 67 Mill 81bL'pool W.W.S.B. (fort)
GallagherJohnPte [Private] 3 S.L.R.12544281, 1 Bk, 10 Gp Hesepe by Bramsehe Dist, Osnabruch
[N Bt 8 Gp Hameln on Weiser crossed
52 Longsdale Rd, Shand St,
GallagherJ.Pte [Private]12544281 ArbtsLomm Frababrilong ClopperW.25/10/191709/10/1917Whole line crossed out
Gallagher [Whole line crossed out]JPte [private]1254Kom.139/4 Hameln HanoverW29/11/191727/11/1917
GallagherMichaelPte [Private]75962 Bt. 6 Comp 27 Sect No. 684 (Limburg Lahn) c/o] GiessenHigh St, Birr, Kings Co [King's Court], Ireland[B.R.C.S.c/o] Miss Margt Morton see Francis 186
GallagherMichaelPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.75962 Bt 6 Comp 27 Sect (No 827 and
No 684 crossed out) Limburg (Lahn)
High St, Bior, King's Court,
GallagherT6669Mr O'Farrell ????
GallagherTPte [Private]6669[2 c/o] Bt 6 Comp [21 v534 c/o] Barr E Giessen " [Miss Margt Morton see Francis 186]
GallagherTPte [Private]66692 Bt 6 Comp 2/6/21 No 534 Limburg (Lahn)
GannonW.CPte [Private]6649[2 Bt No. 35 Lamstedt Soltau, Bk 3 Kries neuhaus, Osten Han c/o] Soltau Z 3002 B floss St PutneyHampstead
GannonW.C.Pte [Private]66492 Bt. 35 Lanstedt Soltau2 B Floss Bl, Putney
GannonW. C.Pte664962293 Coy 4 Hameln HanoverW30/05/191729/05/1917
GarnerGeo.Rfm [Rifleman]242077Bk 5 Room 12 MindenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
GarnerGeo.Rfm [Rifleman]242077Block 4 Rochn 4. Lager II (2) Munster. WstfSH11/03/191811/03/1918
GarnerJasL'Corpl (Lance Corporal)20577GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: CC
GarnerPRfmn [Rifleman]40070Block 2. Room 3. Lager II MunsterS.H.28/02/191828/02/1918(new name)
GarraghtyW7892S.H.Switzerland 12.08.16
GartlandC.JPte [Private][8694 c/o] 8094[New Hostadt {?} Gef Doberitz, Lager I Schneidmuhl Poln {Poland} c/o] Minden21 Shaftebury Rd, Toxteth Park Lpool. Munnen, SwissL'pool W.W.S.B. (fort)
GartlandCPte [Private] 86948094Doberitz [Berlin (H) crossed out]
GartlandJ1599Liverpool C S League
GartlandJas1699[4222 Vintemoor b R {Recke} , Coy 3 Lager I Munster sfw c/o] Minden sfw70 Oswald St, LiverpoolL'pool
GartlandJamesPte [Private] 3 S.L.R.16994222 Vintemoor b Reche Westphalen70 Oswald St, Liverpool
GartlandJPte [Private]1699Barr.32. Friedrichsfeld b.WeselL10/04/191710/04/1917
GartsideHRfm [Rifleman]2032691/5 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
GarveyH R FPte (Private)5035954551, Coy 49B. Barr 35A, DulmenW23/05/191813/05/1918(New Names)
GayHerbert OsborneL/cpl [Lance Corporal]8236[Block II Lager II Rennbahn Munster sfw, 22 Comp Senne III 8526 c/o] EKI Comp I FriedrichfeldMrs L Gay c/o Mr Jas. Hascott, No.2 Second Row,
Newtown, Ebbw Vale
Miss Dickenson, Heckley House, Alnwich
GayH.O.Pte [Private]8236Hameln
GayHL/C (Lance corporal)8236Coy 7. No 1082. GefW07/05/191801/05/1918Tr to W
GayH OPte (Private)8236Germany to HollandW16/05/191810/05/1918Source of Inf: SH: 8/5/18
GayHerbert OsborneL/Cpl [Lance Corporal] 2 S.L.R.4369Block II Lager II Rennbahn, MunsterMrs L Gay c/o Mr Jas. Hascott, No.2 Second Row,
Newtown, Ebbw Vale
GayH.Cpl [Corporal]8236Compy ho 1082, Chemnitz LagerB10/01/191804/01/1917
GentleJPte [Private]6234[Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Hanover c/o] Soltau Z 30096 Nailour St, Caledonia Rd Islington NMiss m. [?] major 64 Sheen Rd, Richmond
GentleJPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.62342 Bn Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Hanover6 Nailour St, Caledonian Rd,
GentleJ6234Soltau Z. 3009, HanoverS.H.09/07/191709/07/1917
GentleJPte [private]6234Hameln, HanoverS.H.19/09/191711/09/1917
GeraghtyWmPte [Private]78922 Bt 6 Comp 27 Sect No. 683 [Limburg (Lahn) c/o] Giessen[c/o Mrs J Shawcross 22 Roome Street c/o]B.R.C.S
GeraghtyWilliamPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.78922 Bt 6 Comp 27 Sect No 683 Limburg (Lahn)
GerrardEL/c [Lance Corporal]2425381/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
GerrardEL/C (Lance corporal)242538Staumuhl SennelagerS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
GettingsJPte [Private]191212/ Cassel.W(new name)
GittensJohnPte [Private]19121Langensalza in ThW29/11/191723/11/1917
GibbsJas HPte [Private]6641Lager II [Corvee {?} 14 c/o] Working Party I, Rennbahn MunsterMrs J Shawcross 22 Roome Street? Hampstead
GibbsJPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.6641Lager II Corvee 14
Rennebahn, Munster S/W
c/o Mrs J Shawcross, 22 Roome
GibbsJ.H.Pte [Private]6641Working party 84, Lager II, Munster i WestfalenW25/09/191724/09/1917
GibbsJ.H.Pte [Private]6641The Stamm Lager Prussisch Holand, East PrussiaW24/04/191723/04/1917
GibbsJ.H.Pte [Private]6641Block 2 Room 20. Lager 2. Munster i W.W30/05/191729/05/1917
GibbsJ. H.Pte6641Lager 1 Munster Westfalen [Westphalia]W16/06/191711/06/1917
GibbsJ.H.Pte [Private]6641Lager II Munster WestfalenW06/07/191704/07/1917
GibbsJPte [private]6641Barr 18 Coy 10, W Block 3, Dulmen, WestphaliaW20/03/191719/03/1917
GibbsJasPte[Private]6641Dulmen v.o (could be W,O,)W14/02/191813/02/1918
GibbsJ.HPte [Private]6641Dulmen, Stammlager P2 Holland. E PrussiaW04/04/191803/04/1918Source of information: P2
GillARfmn [Rifleman]502491/5 Soltau Z 3605 (new)W14/02/191814/02/1918
GillARf (Rifleman)50249Lager I. Soltau.W08/04/191808/04/1918
GillPPte [Private]2406261/5 Munster IIW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
GilmoreMRfm [Rifleman]203749Gef 1 no 36195 altdammW21/02/191819/02/1918(new name)
GilmoreMattRfm [Rifleman]203749Schneidemuhl PosenW04/03/191804/03/1918
GirvinJPte [Private]68333897 [Steinhorst Uchtermoor D.Bl {?} c/o] Bohmte
Easton House, Galway, IrelandMrs M. E. Chamberlain, Orwell Lodge, Malvern
GirvinJPte [Private]6833Soltau Z 3036 HanoverW29/06/191720/06/1917
GirwinJasPte [Private]68337.3627. Zweigef. Brockhofe Kries Uelzen. HanoverW06/07/191703/07/1917
GirwinJasPte [Private]68332nd. Zweigsgef. DahlenbergW21/07/191718/07/1917
GirwinJasPte [Private]6833Soltau Z B737 HanoverW30/01/191828/01/1918
GirvinJasPte [private]6833Kriegsgef, Soltau, Hanover.W20/02/191719/02/1917
GlendenningWCpl Corporal]2414121/5 Gp 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
GlossopDPte [Private]7594Lager II [Det.43 Rennbahn Munster c/o] Rouch[?] 95221 Strand Road, Bootle, Liverpool/11 Pennington Rd Litterland[?] LiverpoolMiss Margt Morton (fort). L'pool W.W.S.B. (fort)
GlossopDPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.7594Lager 2 Det 43 Rennbahn Camp
221 Strand Road, Bootle,
Glossop [crossed out]D.Pte. [Private]7594K.95. Lager II. Munster WestphalenW.27/03/191705/03/1917Whole entry crossed out
GlossopJPte [Private]2428551/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
GlynnEdwd [Edward]Pte [Private]1861[1071 c/o] 1557 Bk [5 c/o] 6 Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Han43 Liverpool Street (mother St HelensB.R.C.S, E Bains 4 St Mary's Passage Cambridge
GlynnEdwd [Edward]Pte [Private]18614072 Bk 5 Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck
St Helens
GlynnEPte [Private]18611557. Soltau Z. 3266 HanoverS.H.18/05/191716/05/1917
GlynnEdPte [Private]18611557 Soltan, Z VII, HanoverS.H.16/06/191711/06/1917
GlynnEPte [Private]18612nd 4071 Coy 4 Hameln 21S.H.21/02/191819/02/1918
GlynnMartinPte [Private]3575Blk 3, Gp 2 N Coy 9 Minden sfw71 Oldfield Street St HelensMrs Mcclure [?] 24th August, Richmond Dairy Produce Co Ltd
GlynnMPte [Private]3575Lager 1. Munster WestfalenS.H.19/09/191703/09/1917
GoldsmithHRfm (Rifleman)2420091/5 Munster IIW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
GoldsmithHRfm (Rifleman)242009Munster Stammlager, Fried'W09/05/191808/05/1918
GoldsmithWPte [Private]7597Comp [8 c/o] 3 Bk [B II c/o] A1 19931 Gef.
48 Eastlake Road, Camberwell, S.EL'pool W.W.S.B (fort) E.M Macpherson (fort)
GoldsmithWPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.7597Comp 8 Barrack BII Wittenberg
GoldsmithWPte [Private]759714661 Coy 3 QuedlinburgW22/05/191719/05/1917
GoldsmithWPte [Private]7597Barr. CII. Company II. WittenbergW19/09/191707/09/1917
GoochWmPte [Private]6966[4999 Gef Hueberg (Baden) c/o] 5449 I Coy, Tauberbischofsheim, Baden8 Howells Avenue, Brighton Grove, SaleB.R.C.S.
GoochWm [William]Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.69664999 Gef Heuberg (Baden)
[6 Comp 19 Gp Cassell (crossed out)] Henberg Baden
8 Howells Avenue, Brighton
Grove, Sale
GoochWm [William]Pte [Private]6966HeubergS.H.20/02/191719/02/1917
GoodallAL/cpl [Lance Corporal2427581/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
GoodfellowJ.S.Pte [Private]6732[zweig Biepholz Begirk Osnabruck Han, Barr 2 c/o] Barr 22 Lager I Soltau7 Devon St, Saltley, BirminghamL'pool W.W.S.B (fort)
GoodfellowJ.S.Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.6732Zwieg, Deepholz Begirk, Osnabruck
Hanover [Soltau crossed out]
Adop by Bfms
GoodfellowJ.S.6732Barr.59. Hameln a/d WeserW10/04/191710/04/1917
GornallThosRfm[Rifleman]240037Gef II MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
GortonSRfm [Rifleman]203718Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
GoughAPte [Private]7644? Dead
GouldARfm [Rifleman]2429031/5 Gef Bk 2 Room 5 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
GouldenJRfm [Rifleman]242831Bk 2 Room 2 MunsterW.16/01/191816/01/1918
GouldingRobt [Robert]Pte [Private]2029[Zweig Uchter Moor Fuchsburg Hanover, 10 Comp Hameln on w, Friedrichsfall, Sehnde Han c/o] 3896 Krieg HamelnMrs R Goulding[?] St, St HelensLady Rechic[?] (weekly) St Helens
GouldingRobt [Robert]Pte [Private]3896Zwieg Uchter moor Fuchsberg HanoverSt Helens
GouldingPPte[Private]240856Dulmen I/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
GouldingPPte (Private)240856No 49753 Batt 69 Coy 4/1670 FriedrichsfeldSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH 03/05/1920
GraceEPte [Private]406671/5 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
GraceEdw.[Edward]Pte [Private]40667Parchim. MechlenburgS.H.28/02/191828/02/1918
GraceEdwPte [Private]40667Gp.20 Barr 9. Parchim Meckl
GraceWL/c [Lance Corporal]2416661/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
GraceWL/cpl [Lance Corporal]241666S.H.21/03/191819/03/1918Cancelled from the tobacco list: 19/03/1918
GraceWL/Cpl (Lance Corporal)2416661/5 Munster II WestfalenS.H.28/03/191827/03/1918Names cancelled from Tobacco list: 27/03/1922
GraceWL/cpl (Lance Corporal)2416661/5 Munster II i/WestfalenSH28/03/191827/03/1918cancelled from tobacco list
GraceWL/c (lance corporal)241666Kommando 80 Gef.SH09/05/191809/05/1918
GrahamA.E5916Liverpool C S league
GrahamA.EPte [Private]59161385 Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Hanover48 Elizabeth Rd, Orrell, BoootleMs Buckland [unintelligible]
GrahamA.E.Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.5916Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Hanover48 Elizabeth Rd, Orrell, Boootle
GrahamA.E.Pte [Private]5916Soltau Z 3009, HanoverL14/03/191712/03/1917
GrahamA EPte [Private]59161885. Hameln. HanoverL.08/08/191731/07/1917
GrahamA EPte [Private]59165916. HamelnL23/08/191709/08/1917
GraileyMPte [Private]6602[3925 2 Bk 3Gp Uchter moor [?].B.G Hanover c/o] Zweig Barr 3/2 Edewecht, Oldenburg[4 Bank Court, Off Raglan St, Halliwell Rd c/o] 10 Adon st[unintelligible, c/o]
GraileyThPte [Private]66023925 2 Bk 3 G [5 Gp crossed out]
Uchter moor, Fuchsberg, Hameln
4 Bank Court, Off Raglan St,
Halliwell Road, Bolton
GraileyM.Pte. [Private]6602Soltau Z. 209W.27/03/191702/03/1917
GraileyMPte [Private]6602Gef.HolzmindenW.08/08/191730/07/1917
GraileyMPte [Private]6602Soltau Z, 3737 HanoverW29/11/191716/11/1917
GrannellThosPte [Private]7322[Lager 2 Bk 670 Soltau Hanover, Edewechtermoor Oldenburg c/o] Soltau 16.[?].1414 Ayssenia St, WavertreeL'pool W.W.C.S (fort) , Marie Joseph 39 Montague Square, London w
GrannellThos [Thomas]Pte [Private]7322Lager 2 Bk 670 Soltau14 Ayssenia St, Wavertree
GrannelThosPte [Private]7322Barn 1Lager 1 Soltau HanoverW.20/02/191708/02/1917
GrattonJ1497Liverpool C.S League
GrattonJPte [Private]1497[5 Bk 1451 [?] c/o] Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck22 Low Wood St, Low Hill,
L'pool W.W.S.B. (fort), Mrs H Lee, Radcliffe m[?] Kirby (bread)
GrattonJohnPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.14971451 Bohmte Begirk
Osnabruck Hanover
22 [28 crossed out] Low Wood
Street, Low Hill, Liverpool
GrattonJPte [Private]14974315. Hameln. HanoverS.H.22/05/191719/05/1917
Gray [c/o]H.O.Pte [Private]8236See Gay, H.O.
GraysonERfm [Rifleman]341941/5 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
GraysonEdRfm [Rifleman]31611/5 Munster 2S.H.10/01/191804/01/1917(new name)
GreavesWalterPte [Private]1577Comp [6 c/o] 3, Barr [B2 1447 Gef Billerberg c/o] 15A Gef 6771 Quedlinburg97 Sweet St Leeds (Brother) " [Lpool W.W.S.B (fort)] [pencilled underneath: Mrs Beion{?}]Withdrawn 25/3/16, commence again fortnightly 28/7/16
GreavesWPte [Private]1577Komp 6 Barrack B2 14 Wittenberg
[Komp 8A Barrack C7 Crossed out]
Brother at 97 Sweet St, Leeds
GreavesW.Pte. [Private]1577Wittenberg (W.O.)S.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
GreavesWPte [Private]157714745 Luedlinburg [Quedlinburg]S.H.29/11/191721/11/1917
GreavesWPte [Private]157713875 Messeburg Sacksen [Saxony]S.H.18/03/191815/03/1918
GreenAPte [Private]2630021/5 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
GreenJamesPte [Private]18096No. 149 Comp 2 Wahn (Rhld) bei bohn18 New Boston Cottages, Haydock, St Helens1170-72-74 Hornby St Vancouver, BC, Miss Shepherd
GreenJasPte [Private]180961771. Comp 149, Camp 2, Limburg LahnS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
GreenJPte[Private]2423531/5 Stammlager LimburgS.H.14/02/191814/02/1918
GreenJPte [Private]242353Block 2 Rm 2 Lager II Munster II 1/WS.H.25/02/191822/02/1918
GreenSCpl241662Gp 3 Dulmen i/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
GreenSCorpl [Corporal]241662ParchimS.H.28/03/191827/03/1918
GreenTPte [Private]2407241/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
GreenTPte [Private]240724FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
GreenW.G.Rfm [Rifleman]241126Lager II Altdamm PommernS.H04/03/191804/03/1918
GreenallRPte (private)240055Munster IIW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
GreenallRPte (Private)240055Munster IIW16/05/191813/05/1918
GreenallTPte (Private)21890GiessenW16/05/191813/05/1918
GreenhalghJPte [Private]1035[1 Bt Comp II, I Munster H.W c/o] 4088 6Bk I[?] Coy I, FriedrichsfeldMother [37 {unintelligible} c/o] 38 Silkstone St, St HelensLady GarvaghWithdrawn 25/3/16, commence again fortnightly 28/7/16
GreenhalghJPte [Private]10354088 1st Bt Camp 3 Munster Hameln
[Vintemoor crossed out]
39 Gladstone St, St Helens
GreenhalghJPte [Private]1035Coy 7 Gef ChemnitzS.H17/01/191814/01/1918
GregoryE.RPte [Private]7359[2 c/o] I Comp. Senne I Sennelager G. Paderborn16 Higher [unintelligible], 12 Park Way, Kingsdon, Yeovil, Summerset [Somerset]Mrs Porter, avany[?]
GregoryE.R.Pte [Private] 2 S.L.R.73592 Coy Somme 1. c/o L/Cpl Roberts, Sennelager bs Paderborn
GregoryE RPte [Private]7359Lager I Minden WestfalenS.H.23/08/191714/08/1917Switzerland
GregoryJ JRfm (Rifleman)2037241/5 Room 5 Munster I/WW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
GriffinJRfm [Rifleman]2425931/5 Gp 3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
GriffithsD WL/c (Lance Corporal)50424No 1524 CasselW25/04/191825/04/1918Source of Information: Rel: 24/04/1918; (new name)
GriffithsHRfm [Rifleman]242900A Coy. Glf DulmenW.16/01/191816/01/1918
GroundsWmPte (Private)21368GiessenW16/05/191813/05/1918
GrovesWPte (Private)20603GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: CC
GrundyThosRfm[Rifleman]2418171/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
GrundyThos [Thomas]Pte [Private]241817Munster 3

Munster 2 Block 2
S.H.04/04/191828/03/1918Source of information: Cop.
GuyWPte [Private]17019th Lancers W.O. 20/4/16 Soltau
GuyWPte [Private]Soltau
HaganJPte [Private]7579[22 Comp Senne III Sennelager c/o] 9 Stanmuhle SwitzerlandMrs Wilson (Aunt) 53 Bruce St St HelensLpool W.W.S.B (fort), Lady Bec St Helens
[Hagan c/o][Chris c/o][7579 c/o]Hameln[Lady Burghclere c/o], Lady Bective
[Hagan c/o][John c/o]
HaleA.J9891[Was added to Block III Coy 7 Minden Westfalen on 19/03/1917, but was crossed out]
HaleA. JPte [Private]9891[4009 Comp 8 sp II Hameln on W , Block I Coy 9 Minden I Dulmen {?} 10/5/16 c/o] 39779cassel sfwB.R.C.S.
HaleA J989139779 Block III Coy 7. Munchen. Westfalen [Crossed out]W.20/03/191721/03/1917
HaleA.J.9891Commando 38, Friedrichsfeld b Wesel, RheinlandW21/03/191721/03/1917
HalfpennyEPte [Private]2036511/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
HalfpennyEdwPte (Private)2036511714 Friedrichsfeld D.W.W23/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: Rel 16/5/1918
HallCliffordPte [Private]6947[495 Bk 5 Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck, 1555 Sudedewechtermoor Oldenburg Z c/o] 3012Church Army (monthly), Mrs Podrincle [?] [unintelligible] Stanley Rd, King's Heath Birmingham
HallERfm [Rifleman]40115Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
HallTPte [Private]180541/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
HallworthWPte27088Salvation Army 01.03.17(New name)
HallworthWPte [Private]270884 Company 18 Sect, nurnburg(mother) W. J. H. 5 Vine St
Hazel Grove, Manchester
HalsallJRfm[Rifleman]40624Gef II MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
Halton[J c/o] GeoPte [Private]7590[Lager I Barr 20 Soltau c/o] arbeitsk [Arbeitskommando] Schwerengen, Lichtenherst, Gilten Han16 Oldfield Rd. Spark Brook BghmCh [Church] Army (monthly) Birmingham
HamanJGunner9203English Coy 3, Kriegs Staumlager, LimbergW08/08/191707/08/1917
HamblinWPte [Private]99964340 Det 32 Lager I Munster [Hamelin c/o]Lady Bective [Lpool W.w.S.B. (fort) c/o]
HamblinW.H.Pte [Private]9996Munster 3 4340 Feld.32.Lager 1.W07/05/191704/05/1917
HamiltonDavid68283920 [Muggenburg bei Ehlenehouse, uchtermoor FBH Hanover c/o] Condisen bei Walpoole [?]Potterswalls co Antsim [?]E. R Monteath, Girls Grammar School, Berkhamsted, Hertf[ordshire] 14/2/16
HamiltonDPte [Private]6828Cordigen bei WalsrodeW.20/02/191709/02/1917
HamiltonD.Pte [private]6828Soltau Z. 3003 HanoverW.14/11/191713/11/1917
HamiltonDPte [Private]6828Soltau Z, 3003 HanoverW29/06/191718/06/1917
HamiltonDPte [Private]6828Soltau Z 5618 HanoverW.29/12/191728/12/1917
HamiltonDPte [Private]6328Soltau Z 3003 HanoverW17/01/191815/01/1918
HamiltonDPt (Private)6828Soltau Z. 5518.W08/04/191805/04/1918
HampsonWPte [Private]2352871/5 Gef DulmenW21/02/191819/02/1918(new name)
HampsonWmRfm[Rifleman]240967Munster IIS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
HampsonWmRfm [Rifleman]2409671/5 Group 3 DulmenS.H.24/01/191822/01/1918
HanwrightW.EPte [Private]9453752, [Bk II Uchtermoor U.B.G c/o] Hanover, Comp 8 [Gottinger c/o] Sect 104 CasselB.R.C.S.
HanwrightW EPte (Private)945Germany to HollandW16/05/191810/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel: 3/5/18
HarbridgeJC'pl (Corporal)15580Munster IIW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 4/5/18
HarcombeARfm [Rifleman]2421031/5 Munster 2S.H.10/01/191804/01/1917(new name)
HarcombeARfmn [Rifleman]242103Block 2. Room 20. Lager II MunsterS.H.28/02/191828/02/1918(new name)
HarcombeAlbertRfm [Rifleman]242103Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
Hardyman[H c/o] MichaelPte [Private]57523899 Hameln Z85 Radbod [Hesepe bei Bramsche Osnabruck, Hameln c/o]Mrs Burns 52 Victoria St, St Helens (Sister)Lady Bective (monthly), Mrs E M Armitage St Helens
HardymanMPte [private]575[2]Hameln a/ Weser Com 4S.H.01/09/191731/08/1917
HardingR.S.Pte [Private]27500No 34622. Sennelager 6.PaderbornW19/09/191719/09/1917(New name)
HardingR SPte [Private]275002nd Gp 3, 28a Coy, DulmenW08/08/191707/08/1917
HarcombeARfmn (Rifleman)242103ParchimS.H.07/03/191806/03/1918
HarewoodPCpl [Corporal]2428891/5 Gp 3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
HarwoodPercyCorpl (Corporal)242889ParchimW.
HarlingRPte [Private]29749Gp 3 Barr 32A Dulmen30/01/191828/01/1918
HarlingRRfm [Rifleman]2974949793 Komn V Batt. 69 Coy 4 Dulmen WestphaliaW14/03/191813/03/1918
HarlingRRfm (Rifleman)2974949793 Friedrichsfeld bei W.W23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel
HarmanTRfm (Rifleman)2410821735 FriedrichsfeldSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
HarmornTRfm [Rifleman]2410821/5 Bk 2 Room 5 Munster i/WS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
HarmonJL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]440975 Kommando Munster I11 Birchall St, W'ton
HarperEPte [Private]392181/5 Blk 2 Munster II I/WW24/01/191819/01/1918
HarperERfm [Rifleman]39268Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
HarrisGeoPte [Private]6685[21 Comp Senne III Sennelager c/o] 12731 Block I Group 2 Radbod [Gef c/o] Minden [12731 c/o]4 Eleanor St. New BrightonLady Bective Lpool W.W.S.B (fort)
[Harrison c/o] [Harris]GPte [Private]6685, 3318Gef. Sahn [unintelligible] Altdamm (H)Lady Burghclere
HarrisJasPte [Private]12949[Kaisenhof Reserve Laganette c/o] 5 Coy, Senne II Sennelager bei PaderbornMrs n. Lowe, Dakwood, Stalybridge (Bread only)
HarrisPPte (Private)37265Munster IIW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 4/5/18
[Harrison c/o] [Harris]PPte [Private]SoltauMay be Harrison W. Sgt 7656 w.o 20/4/16
HarrisW6418no trace ??
Harris [c/o]W [c/o]Pte [Private]6418Senne
HarrisonAlfredCorpl [Corporal]240438Barr 31. DulmenS.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
HarrisonACpl (Corporal)2404381/5 Lager II MunsterS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
HarrisonWSgt [Sergeant]7656Soltau Z 3010 [Zweig, Barr I Grossesmoor b Schwege, Moorgentrale[?], Hestenmoor P Gameln Kestorf Han c/o]Mrs W. Harrison 55 Wilson Rd, off Orford Rd, Reading, BerksL'pool W.W.S.B. (fort)
HarrisonWSgt [Sergeant]7656HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
HarrisonEllisPte [Private]84404142 [4 Bt, 8 Gp Vintemoor b. Recke c/o] Lager I MunsterBuryCh. Army (monthly) Birmingham
HarrisonTRfm [Rifleman]241614Gp 3 Dulman i/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
Hart [c/o][B. H. J c/o][Pte {Private} c/o][8953 c/o]Dead.
HartingRRfm (Rifleman)297491/5 Lager II DulmenW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
HathertonJPte [Private]7230Coy 1 Cassel {Czersk}W.20/02/191708/02/1917
HattonG.Pte. [Private]7590Soltau Z. IXW.27/03/191702/03/1917
HattonGeoPte [Private]7590Soltau Z 7 HanoverW16/04/191716/04/1917
HattonGPte [Private]7590Schweringen Kreis Hoya HanoverW23/08/191720/08/1917
HattonGeo.Pte [Private]7590SoltauZ. V11. HannoverW.25/10/191706/10/1917
HattonGeoPte [private]759080793 Hameln, HanoverW19/12/191718/12/1917
HattonGeoPte [Private]7590956 Soltau HanoverW28/03/191827/03/1918
HattonGPte [Private]7590Soltau, HamelnW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
HattonGPte (Private)7590Munster II, Arbeit komm, Bunkerburg, bei
beidenbossel kries Celle
HawkesfordJPte [Private]76093681 [Zweig Uchtermoor F.B.G., Zweig allhorn Oldenburg, Soltau Z 209 c/o]Bk of [Back of]50 Railway St, BirminghamSt Helens withdrawn 25/3/16
HawkesfordJPte [Private]7609Lager HolzmindenW.08/08/191701/08/1917
HawkesfordJPte [Private]7609Lager SoltauW01/11/191726/10/1917
[Hayes c/o][F, J c/o]Cpl Corporal][8547 c/o] 8543CasselParcels Returned (See letter)Mrs. E Robertson 5 Rowland Houses, South Kensington
HayesJohnPte [Private]72602 Bt VI Comp No. 598 [Limburg (Lahn) c/o] GiessenLady Burghclere
HayesJohnPte [Private]72602 Barr 6 Coy 598 GissenB.20/02/191706/02/1917
HayesJ.A6987no trace??
[Hayes c/o][J A c/o]6987Limburgh Lahn
HayesJ.PSalvation Army 01.03.17
HayesJohn Parish162835298 Compy 149, Camp [3 c/o] 2 Wahn (Rhld) be CohnMrs H 124 North St Stubshaw Cross, ashton in makerfieldL.M. Winsor St Ives Hotel Maidenhead Miss McKnight (B)
HayesJ PPte [Private]16283149. Camp 2 Limburg LahnS.A.23/08/191708/08/1917Switzerland
HayesRobt.Pte [Private]5983[Bk IV FI Gef Wittenberg, 8 Comp Barr 2 Gardelegen, Laz. Barr 14 Sprottau Silesie c/o]47 Stonewall St. Everton, Mrs R. H 390 St Antoine St. Montreal CanadaL'pool W.W.S.B (fort)
HayesWRfm [Rifleman]242293Barr 31A Gp 3 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
HayesWRfm (Rifleman)242293No 49810 Batt 69 Coy 4/1700 FriedrichsfeldSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH 03/05/1921
HeapsARfm [Rifleman]240119Gp 3 Dulmen i/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
Heaton[J c/o] TPte [Private]10072[4003 Munster I (records 1/4/16) c/o] 39854 Bk 3 Minden I sfw [(Record 3/6/16), Hameln c/o]Lady Garvagh, Lady Bective
HeatonThs[Thomas]Pte [Private]10072Working Party 28 Lager II Munster westfalenW14/03/191723/02/1917Switzerland W.O 28.05.15
Heighington [c/o][Wm c/o]Pte [Private]9902[Comp VIII Barr B I Gef Wittenberg c/o] SwitzerlandFather J. Heighington, 10 Balance Road, HomertonLpool W.W.S.B (fort)
HemsWPte [Private]771539855 [1373 Vintemoor b. Recke, Camp I Gef 3 Munster f/w c/o] Minden I sfwN.ELpool W.W.S.B (discontinued) Birmingham
HemsW.Pte. [Private]7715K. 101. Lager II. Munster WestphalenW.27/03/191705/03/1917
HennetyWmPte [Private]8014[2 Camp Sennelager b. Paderborn c/o] Sennne II Block 3 Minden8 Marine Terrace, Roa Island, BarrowMrs R.A. Fry, Westfield on Thames
HennettyWPte [Private]8014Block 3 Coy 12 Minden WestfalenW20/02/191707/02/1917
HennettyWmPte [Private]80143 Block, Coy 6 Minden WestfalenW23/08/191716/08/1917
HennettyWm.Pte [Private]801470499 Bar 32 Fuiduelusfeld 6 WesdW.04/10/191704/10/1917Switzerland W.O Rept 05.01.17
HeronR.W.14363[Lager I Hausfital {Haus Vital?} minster sfw c/o] Switzerland209 Benfort St off Mill St,
[Wesley Giuld Douglas (fortnightly) c/o] Wesley Giuld Douglas (fort: Bread) L'pool
HeslopJRfmn [Rifleman]2419291/5 Bk 2 Room 3 Munster IIS.H.14/02/191814/02/1918
HetheringtonFSgt [Sergeant]6915Comp VIII Barr B1 Gef Wittenberg54 Byron St. PrestonB.R.C.S.
HetheringtonFSergt [Sergeant]6915Barr BII, Coy 4, WittenbergW20/03/191719/03/1917
HetheringtonF.ESgt [Sergeant]6915HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
HetheringtonS.S[Pte c/o] Sgt [Sergeant]7549[Truppen Lager {Truppenlager = Compound}, Steinhorst, Soltau c/o, Hestemoor P. Gansen Kastorf Han. c/o] 59860B6BLady Burghclere
HetheringtonS.SSgt [Sergeant]7549HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
HetheringtonS.W.FSgt [Sergeant]57626 B Barr Friedrichsfeld b Weser246 Shetland Rd, PaddingtonB.R.C.S
HetheringtonW.E.GSgt [Sergeant]5762HollandS.H.29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
HethertonJPte (Private)72307532 Coy 6. Langensalza.W23/05/191813/05/1918
HethertonJohn[Sgt c/o] Pte [Private]7230[483 Deepholg c/o] Cassel Comp I Bk 2 Begirk, Osnabruck, Han [Gortlugen Barr c/o]
HeysC.H.Rfmn [Rifleman]2036611/5 Det no 51057 coy 32B Barr Gp 3 DulmenW14/02/191814/02/1918
HeysC.H.Rfm [Rifleman]203631Schneidemuhl PosenW04/03/191804/03/1918
HickeyWmPte [Private]73732 bt 6 Comp 6 Sect No. 152 [Limburg (Lahn) c/o] GiessenGrotto Place, Booterstown Co DublinB.R.C.S.
HicklingW HRfm (Rifleman)2424881/5 Munster II I/WW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
HiggsWRfm [Rifleman]50255Parchim MecklW04/03/191804/03/1918
HighleyH.Rfmn [Rifleman]2428301/5 Gef II Munster (new man)W.27/12/191727/12/1917(new name)
HighleyHRfm [Rifleman]242830FriedrichsfeldW21/03/191821/03/1918
HigsonJPte (Private)37217Camp Gef: Bk 2, Room 2 Munster I/WW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
HillF.HPte [Private]10075[5 Comp Senne I Sennelager b.p. c/o] 40034 Block 2 Minden sfwLady Bective
HillHPte (Private)2352571/5 Bk 2 Munster 2W.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
HillHPte (Private)201399Fried: Barr 32, 10B25/04/191825/04/1918
HillJRfm [Rifleman]50256Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
HillJPte (Private)202561/5 Bk 2 Munster 2W.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
HillThosPte[Private]39304Gef II MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
[Hill c/o][Albert c/o]Pte [Private]6524Mons (H)Miss Beavan
HillmanW.CBds [Bandsman]61636 Comp. Barr [10 c/o] I Gef. Dulmen HWBirmingham
HillmanW CBandsman6163Barr. 31, Friedrichsfeld (bei Wesel) Rhineland12/05/191709/05/1917
HillockLCpl (Corporal)2405911/5 Bk 2 Munster 2W.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
HillockLeslieCorpl (Corporal)240591ParchimW.
HindleyWRfm [Rifleman]36045DulmenW.16/01/191816/01/1918
HindleyWRfm (Rifleman)36045No 49127 Kriegsgef Arbeits Komen 69 2 Coy FriedrichsfeldW09/05/191807/05/1918
HineWL/cpl [Lance Corporal]2415021/5 Camp I Altdamm PommernS.H[new name]
HitchingChasPte [Private]9905[Grossesmoor b. Schwege. Moorgentrale c/o, Grosses Wedermoor c/o] Soltau, Han Z 3036Pilgims Hotel, N. Brentwood, EssexLpool W.W.S.B. (fort) Miss W Brown [unintelligible] Brentwood
HitchingCPte [private]9905Soltau Z , 129, HanoverB21/07/191713/07/1917
HodgsonFRfm (Rifleman)2036211/5 DulmenW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
HoldenGCpl [Corporal]8051[3721 Uchtermoor FBG Hanover c/o, 3731 Hestemoor c/o] 40653 Z 32 HamelnMrs Holden Revell St, Clay Cross, DerbyshireLady Burghclere
HoldenGCpl [Corporal]8051HollandW11/03/191804/03/1918
HollandARfm (Rifleman)402531/5 Bk 2 Room 2 Munster I/WW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
[Holloway c/o][P c/o]78413725 5 Comp HamelnLady Burghclere
HollowayPPte [Private]78413725 comp 10 Straussenbahn Central Rethan leine HanoverW14/03/191712/03/1917
HollowayPPte [Private]7841Reserve Lazarett V Kruegschule HanoverW20/03/191714/03/1917Row crossed out
HollowayPPte [Private]7841Strassenbahn. Central. BethenLeine HanoverW19/09/191718/09/1917
HollowayP.Pte7841Hameln HanoverW22/05/191722/05/1917
HollowayPPte [private]7841Stragsenbahn, RuhenheinW01/09/191728/08/1917
HollawayP.Pte [Private]78413725 Coy 10 Hameln HanoverW.25/10/191709/10/1917
[Holmes c/o]? 9358 J Holmes K.O.R.L. repd. Died 21/12/15 W.O 20/4/16
HooperE7451Liverpool C S League
HopperEPte [Private]7451[3620 Uchtermoor T.B.G Hanover c/o] Edewecht (Oldenburg) Barr 2-1Cousins, 13 Eldon St, St HelensLady Bective (monthly) St Helens
HopperEPte [Private]7451Soltau Z 631 HanoverL20/02/191720/02/1917
HorsfallWCRfm (Rifleman)321741/5 Gp 3 DulmenW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
HortonJPte [Private]502501/5 Gef DulmenW[new name]
HortonJPte [Private]50250Dulmen, ParchimW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
HosmerWmPte [Private]74519/4 DoeberitzSouth View Ctges Northwall Rd, Deal, KentLady Bective
HoughtonHCpl [Corporal]240814DyrotzS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
HoughtonRalphPte [Private]240814Parchim Meckl.S.H04/03/191801/03/1918
HoughtonHRfm [Rifleman]39249Munster II i/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
HoughtonHRfm [Rifleman]39249FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
HoughtonTRfm [Rifleman]242057Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
HoughtonWalterPte [Private]14933902 [Uchtermoor T.B.G Hanover c/o] Barr/ 3/2 Edewecht (Oldenburg) 2/6/16[Lady Burghclere c/o], Lady Bective
HoughtonWPte [Private]1493Soltau Z.3036. HanoverB.08/08/191703/08/1917
HoyARfm [Rifleman]393371/5 Munster 2S.H.10/01/191804/01/1917(new name)
HughesIsaacPte [Private]241628Limburgh LahnW28/10/191724/10/1917
HughesIsaacPte [Private]2416281/5 Kreigigef.Dyrotz.Post Wustermark.DeutschlandW17/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
HughesIPte [Private]241628S L R Kriegsgef DyrotzS.H15/02/1918Cancelled from tobacco list: 15/02/1918
HughesSidneyCpl [Corporal]86344214 Bk 4 Gp 10 [Vintemoor b. Recke c/o] HamelnMiss M Roberts DelthamMrs F Hall, Highwood, Walton le Dale, Preston
HughesSCpl [Corporal]8634HollandW11/03/191804/03/1918
HughesFred579(Not S.L.R, see ack.252] Uchtermoor FBH
HughesAlbert1451(Not S.L.R, see ack.252] Uchtermoor FBH
HulbertA.J.Pte [Private]7791[39863 6 Comp, Stanmuhle Senne III, Sennelager, 22 c/o] Camp I [Munster HW c/o] Block 3 Munden sfwC/o Mrs Lewis, 24 Verrick Rd, Redfield, BristolB.R.C.S.
HulmeA WL/cpl [Lance Corporal]2420491/5 Munster IIW25/02/191822/02/1918(new name)
HulmeEPte [Private]312007th Group 3 DulmenW28/02/191828/02/1918(new name)
HulmeRobt.Pte [Private]7916[6 Gp Vintemoor b. Recke c/o] 39863 Lager I Munden sfw Sonnenheide bei mindenMum, Mrs Marg. Bensted- Smith, The Orchard, Greenlane, Stanmore Middlesex
HulmeRPte [Private]791639863 Friedrichsfeld bei WeselS.H.17/04/191717/04/1917
HuntHPte (Private)316461/5 Hiefs Lazarett Hoflager MagdebungW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
HuntHyPte[Private]31646Batt 1 Coy 1 Barr 5 Alten GrabowW14/02/191808/02/1918
HuntHPte[Private]31646Batt 1 Coy 1 Barr 5 Alten Grubow [Grabow]W14/02/191811/02/1918
HuntHyPte [Private]316461053 Batt 1, Coy 7. Barr 16 Alten-GrabowW14/03/191814/03/1918
HunterJohnSgt [Sergeant]62993730 [hest 10 Gp Uchtermoor FBG c/o] 3730 Soltau Z3010 Hestermoor [Post Gamsen, Kastorf Han c/o]Mrs Hunter (Wife) 63 Waldo Rd, College Park, London nw, I Lees Buildings White x [?]Col. J Blackburne
HunterJSerg [Sergeant]6299Soltau Z 3010 HanoverW.16/06/191714/06/1917
HunterJSgt [Sergeant]62992nd, Kriesgef, Hamelin, a/d WeserW20/02/191706/02/1917
HurstFRfm [Rifleman]40056Gef II MunsterW.16/01/191816/01/1918
HurstGPte (Private)284111/5 Bk 2 Munster 2W.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
HurstGRfm (Rifleman)242991/5 MunsterW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
HurstH.A.Rfm [Rifleman]2428351/5 Munster 2S.H.10/01/191804/01/1917(new name)
HurstH.A.Pte [Private]242835Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
HurstJL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]2416931/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
HurstJL/cpl [Lance Corporal]241693S.H.21/03/191819/03/1918Cancelled from the tobacco list: 19/03/1918
HurstJL'Corpl [Lance Corporal]241693FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
HurstJL/Cpl (Lance Corporal)2416931/5 Munster II WestfalenS.H.28/03/191827/03/1918Names cancelled from Tobacco list: 27/03/1923
HurstJL/cpl (Lance Corporal)2416931/5 Munster II i/WestfalenSH28/03/191827/03/1918cancelled from tobacco list
HurstJRfm (Rifleman)241607Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
HurstJSgt (Sergeant)16308Munster IIW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
HuttonFrancisSgt [Sergeant][1038 c/o] 7458[1028 c/o] 8 Comp Barr [A c/o] E 1924 GiessenAbbeyveale, North Abbey, Youghal co. CorkYoughal Div S.I.S.H. Soc
HuttonFSgt [Sergeant]7458HollandS.H.18/03/191815/03/1918
HuxfordArthur SCpl [Corporal]9684Block 9/4 Gef DoberitzMiss H, 87 Palmerston Rd, Southsea, HaulsB.R.C.S
HuxfordA SCorpl (Corporal)9684HollandW04/02/191801/02/1918
HuxfordA SCpl (Corporal)96842nd Gef: Bk 9/4 DoeberitzW14/02/191809/02/1918
HylandJRfm [Rifleman]2402031/5 DulmenS.H15/02/1918Cancelled from tobacco list: 15/02/1918
HylandJRfm (Rifleman)240203Dulmen I/WW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
[Irwin c/o][Neville c/o]Lieut [Lieutenant]OsnabruckSilverdale, Whalley Range, Manchester
[Irwin c/o][Harry c/o]Pte [Private][Coln {Koln?} c/o]?
IzodA. R.Cpl [Corporal]9811[Barr 3 Hakenmoor Strohen, Berg, Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Han c/o] 34 Barr Lager I Soltau
IzodA.RCorpl [Corporal]9811HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
Jackman [c/o][Geo. c/o][Pte c/o][561 c/o][Celle c/o]
JacksonArthurPte [Private]973510037 [3 c/o] 6 B Barr Friedrichsfeld b. Weser14 Heath [Lane c/o] Road , Witton Rd Hounslow LondonLady Herbert
JacksonAPte [Private] S.L.R973510037 2B Barrack Fredrichsfeld Nr Wesel14 Heath Lane, Hounslow,
JacksonAPte (Private)31720Bk 2 Munster IIW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
JacksonAPte [Private]31720Munster II, ParchimW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
JacksonA.APte [Private]9753SwitzerlandS.H.29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
JacksonMylesPte [Private]72164 Camp Barrack 24B Quedlinburg A HarzC/o W Little Boterly Grange Carlisle CumberlandMiss L A JacksonRepatriated 30/08/1915 (Press)
JacksonMylesPte [Private]7216RepatriatedMiss L. A. Jackson c/o Mrs Little, Botcherby Grange, Carlisle
JacksonWPte [Private] 2S.L.R1733Hauptlager Soltau Abteilung (Bohmte)31 Tamworth St Earlestown
JacksonWmPte [Private]17331602 [abteclung c/o] (Bohmte) [Hauptlager Soltau c/o] Beg. Osnabruck Han31 Tamworth St EarlestownLady B
JacksonWilliamPte [private]173310304 depot 2, squad 137. Stuttgard, WurtenburgS.H.19/09/191717/09/1917
JacksonW HPte [Private] 2 S.L.R80291552 Bk 5 Bohmte, Beyerk Osnabruck
12 B Winson Green Road, Winson Green Birminghamadopted by Bgm
JacksonW.H.Pte [Private]80291552 " " [Hameln Hanover]S.H.09/07/191718/07/1917
JacksonW.HPte [private]802974625 Hameln on Weser, HanoverS.H.19/09/191717/09/1917
JacksonWmPte [Private]1733Hameln. HanoverS.H.20/02/191716/02/1917
JacksonWmPte [Private]1733Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.
JacksonWmPte[Private]1733Squad 137 Stuttgard 2 WurtembergS.H.14/02/191812/02/1918
JamesRSgt [Sergeant]4773Doberitz57 Winnington Road Southport4th
[James c/o][R c/o][Sgt c/o][4773 c/o][Doberitz, Brandenburg c/o] RepatriatedMrs James, Mount, Walton, 51 Winnington Rd, SouthportL'pool W.W.S.B (fort)
JamesWPte [Private] 1st S.L.R[4372 crossed out]Camp I Munster [Vintemoor b Recke crossed out] 4372
6/114 Sckneild St Birminghamadopted by Bgm
JamesW.E.Pte [Private]7683Munster 1, Westphalia, GermanyW12/05/191708/05/1917
JamesW.E.Pte [Private]768371510. Heilsberg. East Prussia.W25/09/191721/09/1917
JamesW EPte [Private]7683Gefangenenlager. DalmenW22/05/191718/05/1917
JamesW.E.Pte [Private]7683Lager 1 Munster WestfalenW16/06/191711/06/1917
JamesW. E.Pte [Private]7683[4372 Vintemoor b. Recke c/o] 137 2 Comp E. X. I. Friedrichsfeld6/114 Icknield St., BirminghamBirmingham
JamesWm HenryPte [Private]1570[Blk 2/1 Room 22 Gef 2, 9 Camp Lager I c/o, Block [1/3 c/o] 2 Room [8 c/o] 11 [K25 c/o] Lager II15 Derby Row, Vulcan, EarlestownG.F.S. per Mrs Bracecamp
JamesW HyPte [Private]1570Blk 2 Room22 Gef 2 Munster S/WW Bracecamp
JamesHenryPte [Private]1570K.9 E Barr 22, Friedrichsfeld bei WeselW21/03/191719/03/1917
JamesHPte [Private]1570SwitzerlandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
JarvisT.APte [Private]7446Schneid[n c/o]emuhl Posen11 Eastborne Tce, Small Heath, Birminghama. Gall, Alton Knitting League, miss Gay, Birmingham. 45 Lynam Road [?[ Birmingham
JarvisT APte [Private]7446Schneidemhul Posen
[Altdamen crossed out]
adop by Bgham
JenningsThos[Thomas]Pte [Private]157Doberitz
Jennings [c/o]Thos [c/o]Pte [Private]157Friedrichsfeld [Doberitz c/o]Mrs J, 41 Waterloo St, St HelensSt HelensLancs. Fusiliers
Jinks ??A15341(W.O.)
JinksArthurCpl [Corporal]15341[Barr 42 A Grafenwohr, Bayern c/o] D Coy 3 Kamp 22 c/o] 18 Sect Minberg458 Hempshaw Lane, Stockport (father)
JinksACorpl [Corporal]15341Gef. LechfeldW08/08/191707/08/1917
JohnsonFrank JosPte [Private]7906[12 Coy. Senne II Sennelager Soltau, zweig Deepholz Bei OsnabruckHan c/o] Barr 2Lady B, Mrs Bradbury Kensington Palace [?- following unintelligible]
JohnsonFJPte [Private]790612 Camp Senne II Sennelager b Paderborn
JohnsonF.Pte [Private]7906SoltauZ.3729 Hannover Germany.B.27/12/191723/12/1917
JohnsonFPte [private]7906Soltau HanoverB25/10/191718/10/1917not P.O.W war off record 12.02.1917
JohnsonFPte [Private]79062 Gef: HamelnB24/01/191819/01/1918
JohnsonHPte (Private)240087Munster II Bk 2S.H.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
JohnsonARfm (Rifleman)240087No 80894 6B FriedrichsfeldSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH 03/05/1922
JohnsonJPte [Private]10154Sennelager G.P
JohnsonJPte [Private]10154Senne
JohnsonJPte (Private)240845Munster II Bk 2W.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
JohnsonJRfm [Rifleman]240488Gp 3 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
JohnsonThosRfm[Rifleman]240845Lager II Mun:S.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
JohnsonThosPte (Private)240845FriedrichsfeldW22/04/191822/04/1918Source of Information: Pr
JohnstonRichardPte [Private]1084[Barr 5, 6 Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck 4050 c/o] No. 1529 Soltau Z 3009105 Haigh St, Wm Henry St, LiverpoolLpool W.W.S.B (fort)
JohnstonRPte [Private]1081Whole entry crossed out
JohnstonR[Richard]Pte [Private] 3 S.L.R1084Bk 5 Dohmte [4050 4 Bt 8Gp Hamelnouwecht] Bohmte105 Haigh (? High) St
(Wm Henry Street) Liverpool
Johnson [Johnston]RPte [Private]1084Soltau Z 3009 HanoverW.24/05/191723/05/1917
JohnstonRPte1084Soltau Z 3018 HanoverW09/07/191709/07/1917
JohnstonRPte [private]1084Barr 34, Lager 1,Soltau, HanoverW02/02/1917Switzerland
Johnston [c/o]Wm [c/o]Pte [Private]7195[New Hospital Sennelager c/o] Switzerland15 Worcester Tce, Chamberlain St BelfastMiss Halked, Mrs Macpherson, 22 Evelyn Gdns, sw
JohnstonWPte [Private] 2 S.L.R7195New Hospital Sennalager b Paderborn
[15 Camp 1 Camp Englishlager crossed
15 Worcester Tce Chamberlain St Belfast
JonesARfm [Rifleman]50262Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
JonesARf (Rifleman)50262Barr 32. C. 10B FriedrichsfeldW08/04/191805/04/1918
JonesAPte (Private)39471Bk 2 Munster IIW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
JonesC. E.Pte [Private]35427[37 Company Gp 3 Dulmen Sfw c/o] 43396 Minden IMrs B M Jones, Trelewis, Treharris
JonesDRfmn [Rifleman]40094Dulmen I/WW10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
JonesDRfm [Rifleman]40094Gef DulmenW.16/01/191816/01/1918
JonesECpl9826Liverpool C S League
JonesEdwardCpl [Corporal]98266 Comp Barr 12 Dulmen sfw35 Elizabeth St, WarringtonMrs Blackburne, Miss Higgins, Chester
JonesEdwardCorpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R9826C Camp Barr 12 Dulmen Camp Westphalia
[15 Coy Senne I Sennelager b Paderborn
crossed through]
27 July 1918
JonesECpl [Corporal]9826Soltau HanoverW25/09/191721/09/1917
JonesECorpl [Corporal]9826Minden, WestfalenL09/06/191708/06/1917
JonesECorpl [corporal]9826Hameln 17 HanoverW29/11/191723/11/1917
JonesECorpl [Corporal]9826HollandW28/02/191828/02/1918
JonesJohnPte [Private]241,111Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
JonesJL/C [Lancecorporal]241111Bk 2 Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
[Jones c/o][G c/o][Pte c/o][9501 c/o]Dulmen W.O List 19/4/16
JonesR.TPte [Private]6214[Senne II Sennelager c/o] 6 Compy Barr 12 Dulmen SfwFather, Sister in LawMrs Jones, 14 Powell St SuttonLady B Miss Hammell
JonesRTPte [Private]6214Camp Dulmen WesphaliaWhole entry crossed out
JonesR.T.Pte [Private]6214Gef.Lager Friedrichsfeld bei WeselS.H.17/04/191718/04/1917
JonesRobtPte4148Barr 26 B Friedrichsfeld bei WeselS.H.19/12/191717/12/1917
JonesRbt [Robert]Pte [private]4148Sennelager bei Padeborn BlockS.H.30/05/191729/05/1917
JonesS.AL/cpl [Lance Corporal]7885[3724 Barr 2 Uchtermoor F.B.G. c/o] Steinhorst Hanover OsnabruckMrs Hughes, 14 Cheshire Rd, Smethwick Birmingham (Sister)Birmingham`
JonesSAPte [Private] 2nd S.L.R[3724 crossed out]3724 Zweigef Uchter MoorFBG BkMiss Hughes 14 Cheshire Rd Smethwick Birmingham
Bgham adptsee 27
JonesS.A.L'Cpl7885Soltau Z. 3035, HanoverW10/04/191710/04/1917
JonesS AL'corpl [Lance Corporal)7885HollandW18/03/191815/03/1918
JonesWRfm [Rifleman]50259Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
JonesWilfredPte [Private][4127 crossed out}]17094127 10GP 1 Barrack Hesepe bei Bramsche Osnabruck [Bromte crossed out]
JonesWilfredPte [Private]17094127 [10, 2 c/o] 9 Gp [1, 2 c/o] 1 [Barr Hesepe bei Bramsched Dest c/o] Compy I HamelnMiss Seddon 20 Castle St Woolton L'poolLady B
JonesW HCoy Sgt Major240004Gp 3 Barr 32B DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
JonesC.S.M [Company Sergeant Major]240004Coy 25 Barr B5 Parchim MecklS.H04/03/191804/03/1918
JonesW.HCoy Sgt Major [Compant Sergeant Major]249994Gp3 Coy 25b Barr 32B DulmenS.H14/02/1918Date estimated.
JordanPte [Private]41394Bt 10Gp Vintemoor b Recke
[Jordan c/o][Pte c/o][4139 4 Bt 10 Gp Vintemoor b.Recke, possibly all crossed out, too faded to tell][?] 154Lady B
JordanPLcpl [Lance Corporal]77284139 [zweig. 6 gp althorn, Oldenburg c/o] Soltau Z 209 Han? Soltau Z 209Miss G M Parker, The Croft Lake Inn Manchester
JordanPPte [Private]77286 Gp Vintmooer b Recke
JordanPCorpl [Corporal]7728Soltau Z. 209. HanoverW29/06/191720/06/1917
JordanPCpl [corporal]7728Holzminden, GermanyW14/11/191713/11/1917
JordanPPte [Private]7728Soltau Z, 3737 HanoverW01/09/191728/08/1917
JoshuaWCpl [Corporal]241738Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
Joues ???C.E35429Switzerland
JoySPte (private)37252Munster IIW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
JudgesGeoPte (Private)21515GiessenW16/05/191813/05/1918
JumpThosPte [Private]6933[5 Comp Senne I Sennelager c/o] SwitzerlandMrs Wright, Olox Lane, Halsall, [unintelligible] (Mother)Lady B
JumpTPte [Private] 2 S.L.R69335 Camp Senne I Sennelager b Paderborn
KavanaghJos.Pte [Private]7586II Bt VI Coy. 27 Sect No. 678 Limburg (Lahn)20 South Richmond Place, Portobello, Dublin (Wife)Mrs Egerton Warburton, Arley Hall, Cheshire
KavanaghJosephPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.75862 Bt, 6 Comp. 27 Sect. No 678 Limburg (Lahn)20 South Richmond Place, off South Richmond ST, Portabello, Dublin (Wife)
KavanaghJ.Pte. [Private]7586Batt. 1, Coy 6. Sect 27, Giessen (Lahn)S.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
KeableJPte [Private]10109Doberitz[illegible] Mrs KHL Wood 32 Clanricarde Gdns (W)
KeableJ. HPte [Private]101099/4 Doberitz29 Mowbray [?] Bldgs, Red Cross St, Bow S.E.Mrs Ewing 20/3/16
KealyPatr.Pte [Private]10095[II Bt Vi Coy 28 Sect No 716 Limburg (Lahn) c/o] 6 Coy Barr 6 GiessenGoose Hill St, KilkennyB.R.C.S Miss Joyneon
KealeyPatrickPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.100952 Bt, 6 Comp. 28 Sect No 716 Limburg (Lahn)Goosewell St, Kilkenny, Ireland
KeehnCPte (Private)242950Bk 2 Munster IIW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
KeenanE. P.Cpl [Corporal]8644[707 V c/o] Comp Barr [D c/o] E [Giessen c/o] gerbst [? -unintelligible] [2056 2, 6 c/o] 7 [8 c/o] gp 4 [1936 c/o] 2260Lady B
KeenanEPPte [Private]8644707 V Comp. Barr D. Giessen
KeenanEPte [Private]8644HollandB29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
KellyAnt6465Langensalza I. ThuringenS.H.30/05/191704/06/1917
KellyAnthonyPte [Private]6465II Bt VI Coy [11 c/o] 12 Sect 297 Limburg (lahn)Greenane Tabby kaniff P.O.
C.o Mayo
Mrs Ewing, Claydene, Edenbridge, Kent
KellyAnthony [Pte.] " [2 S.L.R.]64652 Bt, 6 Comp.12 [19 crossed out] Sect 297 " [Limburg (Lahn)]Greenane Tabby kaniff PO Co MayoMrs Guy Ewing, Cla?dene Edenbridge Kent
KellyA6465Lazarett CasselS.H.22/06/2017
KellyAPte (private)6465Repatriated EngS H07/05/191804/05/1918Source of Information: WO: 01/05/1918
KellyEPte (Private)242989Bk 2 Munster IIW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
KellyF JPte (Private)50401Munster IIW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 4/5/18
KellyGeoPte [Private]7893773 [Zweig Uchtermoor F.B.G Rethener moor Pod Relham [?] a aller Han, Soltau Z VII c/o]Mrs K. 23 Vincent St, St HelensLady Bective (monthly) St Helens
KellyGPte [Private] 3 S.L.R.789 [3773 crossed out]Zweiggefangenenlager, Uchter Moor, Fuchsberg, Hannover
KellyGeo.Pte [Private]7893773.Hameln HanoverS.H.
KellyGPte (private)789SwitzerlandS H07/05/191804/05/1918Source of Information: WO: 01/05/1918
KellyJ.W.Cpl [Corporal]6903[4 Det {Ratinglo?} Camp III Gef 3 Munster sfw, Company 18, No 79, Mannheim Baden, 6 Battalion Comp III Gef 3 Munster Sfw c/o]5 Prince St, LatchfordMrs Stansfield
KellyJWCorpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R.69034 [BT crossed out] Delache Paterglin(?) Camp 3, Gef 3. Munstger in Westfalen5 Prince St W'gton
KellyW.HCpl [corporal]6903Soltau Z, 3010, GermanyW01/09/191728/08/1917
KellyJ WL'corpl [Lance Corporal)6903HollandW18/03/191815/03/1918
KellyWmPte [Private]7360II Bt VI Comp [11 c/o] 12 Sect 829 Limburg (Lahn)Castle Strand, Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary (wife)Mrs Ewing, Claydene, Edenbridge, Kent
KellyWmPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.73602 Bt, 6 Comp, 11 sect No 829. Limburg (Lahn)Mrs Mary Kelly, Castle Strand, Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary
KellyW.Pte736041461 Coy 4 Barr C GiessenS.H.30/05/191729/05/1917
KempW.EPte [Private]98815327 [E c/o] Schiessplatz Wahn Bei Cologne Bk [60 c/o 92 Field [VI c/o] XMrs K 11 Palmerston Tce, Park Rd, East Molsey, SurreyLucy Vaughan, Whittington Lodge, Worcester
KempWEPte [Private] 25327 E Wahn by CologneLucy Vaughn Whittington Lodge, Worcester
KempW.EPte [Private]9881Stammlager, Filliallager 1528 Limburg LahnW29/11/191721/11/1917
KempsonW.E9948Express & Star
KempsonW.EPte [Private]9948[Lager I Barr 20 Soltau c/o] Lichtenhorst Post Giltern HanoverNo HomeMrs Carne Cambria [?] Landsdowne Road Finchley, F. B. Dunbell, Lady Bective (fort) [?] mrs Blackthorne 12/2/16
KempsonWEPte [Private] 29948Lager I Bk 20 [12 17 crossed out] Soltau
KempsonW EPte [Private]994852933. Kriezsgefagerenlager HamelnWolv22/05/191718/05/1917Switzerland 28.05.15 W.O
Kenelty [crossed out]WmPte [Private]8014No 2 Comp. Sennelager b Paderborn crossed outwhole entry crossed out
[Kennedy c/o][Hugh c/o]Pte [Private]6662[3B Comp 10042 Friedrichsfeld bei Weser, Barr. c/o] Switzerland5/18 Prussia St, Highfield St LiverpoolLpool W.W.S.B (fort)
KennedyHughPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.66622B Group 1004 [24A Barrack crossed out] 5 Friedrichfeld, Nr Wesel[Highfield St 5/18 crossedout]
KennishJ.R6781Liverpool C S League
KennishJ.RPte [Private]6781[Block 9/4 Gef Doberitz c/o] Doberitz 5 Comp [Dynotz Bergeldamn b. naren c/o]J.R. Kernish, 10 Bark Lane,
Ramsey I.O.M
Mrs J Blackburne
KennishJRPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.6781Gefangenenlager Doberitz 9/4JR Kenish, 10 Dark Lane, Ramsey, I.O.M
KennishJ RPte [Private]67818380. Coy 9. Muncheberg. (Mark)L18/05/191716/05/1917
KennishJ RPte [Private]6781Comp 4. DoberitzL22/05/191721/05/1917
KennishJ.RPte [Private]67818710. Coz. 9. Muncheberg MarkS.H.29/06/191722/06/1917
KennyJ.Pte [Private]183051/5 Gp 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
KennyWmPte [Private]6982[3072 2 Comp Barr 7A, 8A Quedlinburg a. Hang {?} c/o] 255 MesseburgMrs Martha Kenny, 34 Armitage St, Belfast
KennyWmPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.6982[4 crossed out] 2 Comp. Barrack 7A [24B crossedout], Quedlinburg, A Harz34 [illegible] Street Belfast (Martha Kenny)
KenwrightTPte (Private)21110Camp 1C Barr A. GiessenS H23/05/191813/05/1918(New Names)
KeoghDen(n)isPte [Private]7438II Bt VI Coy VI Sect 151 [Limburg (Lahn) c/o] GiessenCahernarrey, Ballineety Co LimerickLady B
KeoghDenisPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.74382 Bt 6 Comp. 6 Sect. 151 Limberg (Lahn)[illegible crossed out] Ballineety, Cahernarrey, Co. Limerick
KeoghDPte [Private]7438Barr C Lager 6 GressenB16/06/191715/06/1917
KerriganJasRfmn (Rifleman)241618ParchimW.07/03/191805/03/1918
KermodeJRfm [Rifleman]31850FriedrichsfeldW21/03/191821/03/1918
KermodeJRfm [Rifleman]31850Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
KermodeJRf [Rifleman]31850Friedrichsfeld, Kom102 Munster II in WW04/04/191803/04/1918Source of information: Rel.
KermodeJRfm (Rifleman)31850FriedrichsfeldW22/04/191822/04/1918Source of Information: Pr
KerryGeo.Sgt.240332DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
KerryGeo [George]Sgt [Sergeant]240332Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
KershawThosRfm (Rifleman)3416Barr 31A Gp 3, Dulmen I/WestfalenW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
KerslakeWm[7099 c/o] Pte [Private]7099Lager I SoltauLady B
KerslakeWmPte [Private] 1st Cheshire7099Lager I Soltau11 Cross St Chester
KewinGeo.Pte [Private]7544[Gef 2 Rennbahn, Munster sfw, Lager 2 Blk 4, Room 10 Corvee 12 c/o] Langensalza278 Beaufort St (? 12 Parliament St) Liverpool Mrs G Kewin, 108 Capel St Langsett Rd, Hillsborough, SheffieldLppol W.W.S.B. (fort)
KewinGPte [Private] 2? 1st ? Liverpool75442544 Soltau Gef II Munster S/W Rennbahn [Soltau crossed out] TT stock 4 Room 10? 12 Parliament 278 Weanfort Street LiverpoolMr C Kewin 108 Capel St Langsett Rd Hillsborough Sheffield
KewinGeoPte (Private)7544Chemnitz, Coy b. No 4973, LangensalzaW07/05/191801/05/1918Tr to W
KiddE.Pte [Private]310321/5 Gp 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
KiddT7496Block 9/4 Doeberitz
KiddTPte [Private]74969/4 DoberitzLady BDuplicate Entry
KiddTPte [Private] ? East Lanc7496Doberitz
KilmasterSPte (Private)31521Cassel IIW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 4/5/18
KirkhamGRfm[Rifleman]30231/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
KirkhamJPte [Private]2409501/5 Block II Munster IIS.H15/02/1918Cancelled from tobacco list: 15/02/1918
KirkhamJPte (Private)2409501/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW31/01/191828/01/1918(new name)
KirkhamJPte (Private)2409501/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW31/01/191831/01/1918(new name)
KirkwoodAPte [Private]8594HamelnLady B
KirkwoodAPte [Private]8594Hameln
KnightAPte [Private]7371[Hut 9/4 Gef Doberitz c/o] EKI, Coy 4 FriedrichsfeldNo fixed abodeLpool W.W.S.B (fort)Weekly donation overwritten, original name illegible
KnightAPte [Private] 2 S.L.R.7371[7371 crossed out] Hut 9/4 Doberitzno fixed abode8 @ boots
KnightA.Pte [Private]7371Block 4 Lazaiette StralkawoW.25/10/191708/10/1917
KnightAPte [Private]7371Gef Sprottau, SchlesienW10/01/191811/01/1918
KnowlesRRfm[Rifleman]2413991/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
KnowlesRRfm [Rifleman]2413991/5 Bk 2 Room 3 Lager II MunsterS.H14/02/1918Date estimated.
KnowlesWL/c [Lance Corporal]2406171/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
KnowlesWL/cpl [Lance Corporal]2406171/5 Room3 Munster IIS.H14/02/1918Date estimated.
KnowlsonHyPte [Private]76704364 Lager 2, Corvee 14, Renn, MunsterMrs K c/o Mrs Hawkins, 8 Albert St, Green Bank, Lower Everton BristolLady B, Lady Bective
KnowlsonHPte [Private]76704364 Munster
KraseyCPte [Private]9109[4382 Lager I munster ] c/o] 32 Detach sfw [Vintemoor b. Recke c/o] E.K.1 Comp Friedrichsfeld44 New Road, Stepney, London ELady B
KraseyCPte [Private]9109? J382 Vintemoor b Recke44 New Road, Stepney, E
KraseyCPte [private]91091079 Coy 7 ChemmitzW27/12/191723/12/1917
LambHenryL/cpl [Lance Corporal]8834[12 c/o] 6 Comp Senne II Sennelager346 (364) Rotherlithe St, Rotherlithe, LondonLady B
LambHL/cpl [Lance Corporal] 2 S.L.R883412 Camp Senne I Sennelager b Paderborn
[5 crossed out ]
LambHL'crpl [Lance Corporal]8834Comp 6. Senne 2. Sennelager b. PaderbornW?16/04/191716/04/1917
LambJRfm [Rifleman]241611FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
LambJRfm (Rifleman)2416111/5 Lagen II MunsterS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
LambJRfm (Rifleman)241611FriedrichsfeldS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
LambertWRfm [Rifleman]402511/5 Munster IIW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
LambourneW7493Salvation Army
LambourneWPte [Private]7493[1 comp 7 gp 6 Uchter Moor F.B.G {?} , Sennelager c/o] Lager Z 143 Heilsburg P. SchwarmbeckBirmingham
LambourneWPte [Private]74933636 Group 5 Uchter Moor
[Hameln crossed out]
adopted by Bgm
LambourneW7493Soltau Z. 143, HanoverS.A.21/03/191721/03/1917
LambourneWPte [Private]7493Soltau Z. 3772. HanoverS.H.28/02/191826/02/1918
LancasterJohnRfm [Rifleman]242947Gp 20 Barr 9 Parchim MecklW14/03/191813/03/1918
LancasterJRfm [Rifleman]242947Gef II MunsterW.16/01/191816/01/1918
LancasterJohnPte (Private)242947ParchimW.
LangleyGeoPte [Private]7976[12 c/o] 6 [comp Senne II Sennelager c/o] 8141 Comp b Messaluno [?]5 back of 70 Garrison Lane BirminghamF H Steed, Miss T. Horsfall [?]8/16 BirminghamAdopter appears to have overwritten a name from Hampstead, London
LangleyGPte [Private]7976Sennelager
LangonJasPte [Private]9944057, 3 Batt Lager I Det 32 Munster [Vintemoor b Recke c/o]Thomas Marrison, 5 Eldon Street St HelensLady Bective (monthly) St Helens
LangonJPte [Private]9944057 Camp 1 Munster [Vintemoor crossed out]Mr B Bles 20/12/15
LangonJPte [Private]974Friedrichsfeld 6 WeselS.H.21/02/191819/02/1918
LawmanJPte [Private]79113720 Barr 2/1 [Uchtermoor F.B.G c/o] Sud Edewechtermoor OldenburgR. Lawman, 12 Cambridge St, Kettering (see letter)Lady B
LawmanJPte [Private]79113720 Zweig ef Uchter Moor FPGR Lawman 12 Cambridge St Kettering (see letter)
LawmanJPte [private]3720Barr 22 Lager, Soltau, HanoverB21/07/191713/07/1917
LawrenceP6467Liverpool C.S.League
LawrencePatkPte [Private]64673792 [Kriegs Bk 1 Gp 9 c/o] I Comp Gp 9 Hesepe b 9[?] [Westphalia c/o] Osnabruck Han12 Park St LiverpoolLpool W.W.S.B (fort)Overwritten: Struck off, see letter 21/12/15
LawrencePatPte [Private]3792 Group 1 Camp 8 Kreigsgefangen Lager
Hesepe Westphalia
17 Park St Liverpool
LawrencePPte6467Coy 1 Hameln 3029/11/191727/11/1917
LawrencePPte [private]64673792 Coy 1, Hameln, HanoverL21/07/191718/07/1917New Name
LawrensonWRfm (Rifleman)241434Munster IIS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1927
LawtonJasRflmn [rifleman]242846.1/5 S.L.R Gef:11 MunsterW19/12/191719/12/1917
LawtonJos.Rfmn [Rifleman]2428461/5 Gef II Munster (new man)W.29/12/191727/12/1917(new name)
LawtonJasRfmn [Rifleman]2428461/5 Gef II Bk 2 room 3 Working Party MunsterW14/02/191811/02/1918
LaurencePPte [private]64673792. Coy 1 Hameln.30. HanoverL
LeachW.RCpl [Corporal]8862Block 9/4 Gef DoberitzB.R.C.S
Leach (crossed out)WCpl [Corporal]8862Block 9/4 Gef DoeberitzWhole entry crossed out
LeachWRCpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R8862Block 9/4 Gef Doberitz "C" Camp
LeadbetterAPte [Private]7444Barr [3 c/o] 2 Hakenmoor Strohen Beg Bremen Han15 The Street Mersham. N. Ashford, KentLady B
LeadbetterAPte [Private] 2 S.L.R7444 [7434 crossed out]Hakenmoor Bk (3) Zwieig Gefangenen Lager
[Soltau crossed out twice] Hanover
Strohen bei Bremen
15 The Street Mersham Nr
Ashford Kent
LeadbetterAPte [Private]7444Soltau Z 3033 HanoverS.H.20/02/191720/02/1917
LeonardA.Pte. [Private]1731Conz. 10. Barr 92. 5972. Wahn n. KolnB.27/03/191705/03/1917
LeonardA.Pte. [Private]7767Soltau Z. 3034 Hanover.W.27/03/191707/03/1917
LeeWRfm (Rifleman)394431/5 Lagen Group 3 DulmenW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
LeechTC'pl (Corporal)21996LangensalzaW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 6/5/18
LeeseGPte [Private]31805Diakonen, Austalt, DuisburgW24/01/191818/01/1918[new name]
LeeseGRfm [Rifleman]31805Gef. Heidelberg Baden I/WW.16/01/191816/01/1918
LeeseGRfm (Rifleman)31805Munster IIW16/05/191809/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel: 10/5/18
LeesonHPte [Private]77864 Comp. E K I Friedrichsfeld, [Gef Doberitz c/o]2 Garson Lane ClitheroeLady Bective [?]
LeesonWPte [Private]7786Doeberitzname submitted in place Fowles H E Foster
9 Royal Crescent Cheltenham
LeighJohn Jos.Pte [Private]31453Verden, Prov. HanoverMrs Nixon, 4 Rodney St. Warrington (Sister)
LeighJ.J.Pte [Private]31453Austauschstation, Maschienlauschule, AachenW20/03/191719/03/1917
LeighJ. J.Pte31453Langensalza I Thuringen [Thuringia]W09/06/191704/06/1917
LeighJ.JPte [Private]31453EnglandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
LemthallERfm (Rifleman)2352481/5 Lagen Munster IIW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
LemthallERf [Rifleman]235248Munster II, ParchimW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
LeonardAlbertPte [Private]17315972 [Field 10/ 6 Barrack 93, 56 Wahn (Rhld) be Coln, Grube San Fernando, Herdorf c/o]22 Edward St, St Helens. 4 [unintelligible] st, Sister In Law[Lady B c/o] Miss E.M. Hanederson, Lpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
LeonardAPte [Private] 3rd S.L.R8/4 ? 1731[5972 Field 10 Barr 93 Gef Wahn (Rhld)
crossed out][1731 C Camp 19 Sect
NeiderzwehrenNr Kassel crossed out]
22 Edward Street St Helens
LeonardAPte [Private]1731Barr 29. 5972. Stammlager Limberg LahnB [W crossed out]24/04/191723/04/1917
LeanordCPte [Private]7767Barr I Soltau Z 3034 [Gosloh b. Uchte Hanover c/o]21 Debnams Rd Rotherhithe S.E, 62 Rotherhith New Rd, Rotherhithe S.ELady Bective, "London Evening News" also sending August 1916
LeonardCPte [Private]7767Gosloh bei Uchte Hanover{10 sect blow line?]
LeonardAPte [Private]7767Soltau Z. 1114. Hanover09/06/191704/06/1917
LeonardAPte [Private]7767Soltau Z. 3114. HanoverW25/09/191721/09/1917
LeonardAPte7767Depot 2. Coy 2 Squad 139 Soltau Z I 114 HanoverW01/09/191723/08/1917
Leonard [Whole entry crossed out]APte [Private]7767Stammlager, Filliallager 1528 Limburg LhanW29/11/191720/11/1917Whole entry crossed out
LeonardAPte [private]5972Stammlager Limburg, A, LahnW29/06/191726/06/1917
LetcherJPte (Private)7770HollandW16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: WO 16/05/1918
LewthwaiteJPte [Private]18574283 [IV BT 6 Gp Vintemoor b. Recke, Lager I Munster c/o] EK I Coy 2 FriedrichsfeldLady B, Mrs JM Lely [?], 3 Neville St, Onslow Gdns,SW 8/3/16
LewthwaiteIPte [Private] 2 S.L.R[4283 crossed out]4283 4Bt 6 Gp Vintemoor b Recke
Hanover [8 crossed out]
LewthwaiteTPte [Private]18571071 Coy 7 ChemnitzS.H10/01/191808/01/1918
[Lichfield c/o][S c/o]L/Cpl [Lance Corporal]8721Repatriated Somerset L. F [?] w.d. 20/4/16
LichfieldSPte [Private]8721Repatriated Ohrdruf
LightfootJ RPte (Private)50271Bk 2 Munster IIW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
LightfootJasRfmn [Rifleman]400761/5 Gef II MunsterW.29/12/191729/12/1917(new name)
LightfootJRfm (Rifleman)40079ER5 Anbetto Batt 69, FriedrichsfeldW09/05/191808/05/1918
LinakerWmPte [Private]19457, Gef: Group 3 Dulineu WestW23/08/191713/08/1917
LinakerWPte [Private]1945Gruppe 21 Parchim (Meck)W
[Ling c/o][J.D c/o]Pte [Private]8721Repatriated
LingJDPte [Private]9790Repatriated Dusseldorf
LinsleyRRfm (Rifleman)39319No 85597 Fried, SennelagerS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
LittlerSRfm [Rifleman]242456Dulmen I/WW.16/01/191816/01/1918
LloydRoderickPte [Private]15471Giessen
LloydS.S.Pte [Private]76733 Comp No.3 Hakenmoor Stroehn beg B [?]Mrs Lloyd , 6, Lean Villas, Coventry Rd Yardley BirminghamBirmingham
LloydSSPte [Private] 2 S.L.R7673 [7675 crossed out]3 Comp No 3 HakenmoorMrs Lloyd 6 Lesom Villa Coventry Rd Bghmadopted by Bgm
LloydS. S.Pte7675Diepholz Luger Osnabruck HanoverW09/06/191705/06/1917
LloydS.S.Pte. [Private]7675Soltau Z. 3033. HanoverW.27/03/191726/02/1917
LocksonWPte (Private)2424051/5 MunsterW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
LoftusJPte (Private)392861/5 Lagen Munster IIS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
LoganJasRfm (Rifleman)2416501/5 Lager II MunsterS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
LomaxJasRfm [Rifleman]119811/5 Munster 2S.H.10/01/191804/01/1917(new name)
LomaxJRfm [Rifleman]11981Block 2. Room 5. Lager II Munster W.S.H.28/02/191828/02/1918
LongJohnSgt [Sergeant]240953Coy 25B . No.157. Barr 25B Dulmen WestfalenS.H.28/02/191828/02/1918
LongJohnSgt [Sergeant]240953Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
LongshawWPte [Private]64484305, 5 Comp [Uchtemoor c/o] Hameln on W, HanLady Bective
LovattT.BPte [Private]84036 Comp [Senne II Sennelager b.p c/o] 3 Block Munster60 Sandy House, Westwood Road, WiganLady Bective
LovattT BPte [Private]8403Block 3 Coy 12 Minden WestfalenW.14/03/191709/03/1917
LovattJ.B.Pte [Private]840350244 Comp 6 Br3 Minden WestphalenW23/08/191716/08/1917
LovattJ BPte [Private]8403Block 1, Coy 6, Minden WestfalenW01/11/191726/10/1917
LovattJ.BPte [Private]8403Block III (2) Sennelager Bie PadeibornW20/02/191707/02/1917
LovellWmL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]31486Gef II MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
LovellWL'C [Lance Corporal]31486Munster II, ParchimS.H.04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
LoweW1086Liverpool C S league
LoweWPte [Private]10861453 Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Hanover62 Algernon St, Warrington, Wesley Street LiverpoolThe Woolton Fund
LoweWPte [Private] 2 S.L.R1086Bohmte Bezirk Osnabruck Hanover62 Algernon Street Warrington Westy St Liverpool
LoweWPte [Private]1086Soltau Z 3009 HanoverL09/07/191709/07/1917
LoweWPte [private]1086Soltau Z, 3001 BL21/07/191711/07/1917
LoweWPte [private]1086Soltau Z, 102, HanoverL20/02/191720/02/1917
LoweA JRfm (Rifleman)2428801/5 Group. 3. Coy 25B Barr 29A Dulmen I/wW04/02/191831/01/1918
LoweA JRfm [Rifleman]242880Komm V Barr 69 DulmenW14/03/191814/03/1918
LoweA JRfm [Rifleman]242880DulmenW.16/01/191816/01/1918
LoweA JRfm (Rifleman)242880Batt 6.9 No 49986. Coy 4. No 1791. Stammlager
LownleyHPte (Private)235327Hiefs Lazarett, Hohenzollen Paqrk, Magdebung.W09/05/191809/05/1918(new name)
LuntC.S1409Salvation Army
LuntChas SPte [Private]14094091 [II BT 3 gp Vintemoor b. Recke c/o] Batt I Lager I Munster56 Easby Road LiverpoolLpool W.W.S.B (fort), Mrs Hope, The Vicarage, Mexboro, Rotherham
LuntCharles SPte [Private] 3rd S.L.R1409 [4091 crossed out]4091 4Bt 5 Gp Vintemoor bei Recke
Mrs Hope, The Vicarage Mesboro Rotherham 56 Easby
Rd Liverpool
LuntThosRfm (Rifleman)242381Soltau 3036W16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: Pr
LynchM.V.L/C [Lance Corporal]10037[II, 4 Bt 6,11 Coy 3 Sect 85 Limburg (Lahn) c/o] II 1040 Coy 2. sect VI in [unintelligible]49 High St, Camden Town, London NWLady V. Herbert
LynchMVPte [Private] 2 S.L.R100372 Bt 6 Camp 3 Sect 85 Limburg (Lahn)49 High St Camden Town
London NW
LynchPhilPte [Private]15153799 [4 Gp 5 Bt Uchtermoor F.B.G. Barr 3/2 Edewecht (Oldenburg) c/o] SoltauMary Lynch, 8 Bold Street, St Helens (aunt)St Helens
LynchPPte [Private] 2 S.L.R37994 Gp 5 Bt Uchter Moor [Hameln a Weser
crossed out]
LynchPPte [Private]15153799. Barr 3. Soltau Z 3036. HanoverS.H.29/06/191726/06/1917
LynchPPte [Private]1515Saltau Z. 1386. HanoverS.H.09/07/191709/07/1917
LynchPPte [private]1515Soltau Z, 3052, HanoverS.H.
LynchPRfm (Rifleman)2410151/5 Lager II MunsterS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
LynchWPte [Private]240360Diakonen, Austalt, DuisburgW24/01/191818/01/1918[new name]
LynchWm[William]Pte [Private]240360Lager II Munster. W.S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
LynchWRfm (Rifleman)240360Bk 4 Room 12. Munster IIS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
LyonC.E6131Whole entry crossed out
LyonChas E.SPte [Private]6131Eng. Kom I Comp 4 Friedrichsfeld [9/4 Doeberitz c/o]4 Elton Cottage, Heswall, CheshireMiss Simpson Avonmore, Heathside, Woking [H.C Foster, 9 Royal Cresent, Cheltenham c/o] Plumber J. B. Mellor 178 Gorsey Lane [additional unintelligible text]
LyonEPte [Private]6131Doeberitzname submitted in place W Burton 7573 Mrs Eva
Simpsom Avonmarsh ?? Woking
Lyon [Whole entry crossed out]EPte6131Coy 1 DoeberitzW.28/07/191724/07/1917
LyonEPte [Private]613133209. Heilsberg, East PrussiaW.28/07/201727/07/2017
LyonEPte [Private]6131Coy 1 DoberitzW23/08/191717/08/1917
LythgoeJamesCpl [Corporal]68781 Coy 10 Sect 1537 Bk 18 A Messeburg7 Melville St WarringtonHamilton St Schools
LythgoeJamesCpl [Corporal] 2 S.L.R6878No 1 Comp 1537 MersEberg7 Melville Street
LythgoeJCpl [Corporal]6878387. Coy. Werben GardelegenW29/11/191716/11/1917
LythgoeJCorpl [Corporal]6878385 Coy W, GardelagenW19/09/191710/09/1917
LythgoeJCorpl [Corporal]6878HollandW18/03/191815/03/1918
MacDonaldJL/cpl1257Liverpool C S League
MacdonaldJCrpl [Corporal]1257Barr 16 Soltau Z 3010 HanoverW09/06/191708/06/1917
McDonaldJL Corpl [Lance Corporal]1257Soltau Z V11 HanoverL20/02/191720/02/1917
MacDonaldJ5669Liverpool C S League
MacDonaldJ (reserve)7411Warrington
McDonaldJ.Pte. [Private]7411Barr. 27 North. Gustiow, Mechlenlung.W.27/03/191705/03/1917
McDonaldJ.TPte [private]3780Clausthal, C/Harzlager23/08/191722/08/1917
McDonaldT.J.Pte [Private]8379Hameln HanoverB.25/10/191709/10/1917
McDonaldJ.TPte [private]83793780 Clausthal. HarzB13/12/191707/12/1917
McDonaldJCorpl [Corporal]1297HollandL15/03/2018
MacfarlaneJRfm (Rifleman)2423191/5 Bk 2 Munster 2S.H.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
MacGeorgeARfm [Rifleman]1606Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
MacnamaraJ7808Coy 6 . No 83 Giessen (Lahn)S.H.27/03/191727/03/1917
McNamaraJPt (Private)240765HollandS.H.18/04/191818/04/1918
MacfarlaneJRfm [Rifleman]242319Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
MaddocksC17959Fillalager 148 Wahn 4215
MaddocksC.Pte [Private]17957Fullallager 148 Luimburg[Lahn]W.25/10/191705/10/1917
MaguireBPte [Private]7587Bt 6 Comp II Sect 274 LimburgLowville, Ahascragh, co. GalwayB.R.C.S.
MaloneHPte (private)203683Festiengs Laz: 4 ColnW09/05/191807/05/1918
MannPRfm (Rifleman)2408991/5 Munster II i/WestfalenSH28/03/191827/03/1918cancelled from tobacco list
MannionThos.Rfmn [Rifleman]40630Batt 2. Coz 7. Barr 17. Camp no 1419.
Truppenuburgsplatz. Alten Grabow.
MannionTRfm [Rifleman]40630Hilfslagarett Hohenzollcanpark MazdeburgW.16/01/191816/01/1918
MansellE VL/C [Lancecorporal]39487MunsterW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
MarchantFL/cpl [Lance Corporal]17083693 Bk I Steinhorst [Zweig Uchtemoor F.B.G Han c/o]6 Percy St, Warrington (Mother)Lady Burghclere
MarchantFLcpl [Lance Corporal]17083693 Soltau Z 3035 HanoverB.20/02/191719/02/1917
MarchantFL'corpl [Lance Corporal)1708HollandW18/03/191815/03/1918
MarklandWilfredPte [Private]8312[Bk 4 Cassebruck bei Hagan, Beg c/o] Soltau Z 3008 Hanover, Brennen14 Rumsworth St, BoltonLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
MarklandW.E.Pte [Private]8312Soltau Z. 3009 HanoverW.29/06/191722/06/1917
MarklandWSgt [Sergeant]83122nd.53227. Gef: Hameln. HanoverW21/03/191719/03/1917
MarklandWSgt [Sergeant]8312HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
MarrPPte [Private]2408891/5 Munster IIW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
MarrBPte [Private]240889S.H.21/03/191819/03/1918Cancelled from the tobacco list: 19/03/1918
MarrPRfm [Rifleman]2408991/5 Munster II WestfalenS.H.28/03/191827/03/1918Names cancelled from Tobacco list: 27/03/1919
MarshEL/c [Lance Corporal]2416451/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
MarshTRfm [Rifleman]242832Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
MarshThosRfm (Rifleman)242832Friedrichsfeld bei W.W23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel
MarshallAllenSgt. [Sergeant]8062[6 Comp Dulmen sfw, Minden I Block 5, Grosseswedermoor post Schnerverdinge, Han c/o] Soltau Z 3036c/o Mrs H Shaw, Ackworth, Moor Top, Pontefract[Miss /co] Ms Allen Holt, Rudston [House c/o], Bridlington, per Leeds
MarshallA ESgt [Sergeant]8062Coy 4 73357 Hameln HanoverW23/08/191717/08/1917
MarshallASgt [Sergeant]8062HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
MarshallAPte241623Hilfs Lazareth, Hof Lager. MagdeburgS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
MarshallAPte (Private)241623Allten GrabowS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
MarshallWm [William]Rfmn [Rifleman]24237Gef II [2]Munster I/WW10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
MartinJ5961Liverpool C.SLeague
MartinJohnPte [Private]5961[Wahn kom. Klanbahna.g Hindeber c/o] Wach Kon. Mattergoll Hendliber, Kreis HalberstadtLady Bective
[Martin c/o][J. c/o]Pte [Private][13041 c/o]14 [15 comp. 13041 Hameln on Weser c/o]18 Sackville Street, LiverpoolMiss Blundell, Blundellsands
MartinJPte [Private]5961Coy 4 No 13041 Hamelin HanoverL16/06/191714/06/1917
MartinRPte [Private]1948[3668 Vintemoor b. Recke, I camp 2 Bt Munster, I Camp 2 Barr Munster c/o] 39878 Minden I sfw]none, Mrs Martin, 20 Borough Road, St HelensLady Bective, St Helens
MartinR194839878 Lager III. Munster WestfalenS.H.27/03/191727/03/1917Switzerland
MartinW.T.Pte [Private]2429251/5 Gp 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
MasseySRfm (Rifleman)2007872nd DulmenW23/05/191813/05/1918(New name) Source of inf: Rel 16/5/1918
MathewsHPte [Private]402251/5 MindenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
MatthewsHPte [Private]40225Lager 1 MunsterW28/03/191827/03/1918
MatthewsHPte (Private)40225Lager I MunsterW28/03/191827/03/1918
MatthewsHPte (Private)40225Munster II Gef:W01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1918
[Matthews c/o][J.T c/o]Pte [Private]8394[7 Comp 11109 Kriegs Merseburg c/o] Switzerland17 Chorley St WtonLady Bective
MatthewsP.P.Pte (Private)242967Block 4 Room 10. Lager 2. Munster. W.S.H.
MathewsWmRfm[Rifleman]2414521/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
MatthewsWm[William]Pte [Private]241452Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
MaynardGRfm [Rifleman]40212Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
McandrewsJasPte [Private]8460152 Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck14 Soho Street, BoltonB.R.C.S.
McAndrewsJasPte [Private]8460Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.06/07/191704/07/1917
Mc AndrewJPte [private]84601525 Soltau Z,3011, HanoverS.H.20/02/191720/02/1917
McCabeJasPte [Private]1500[2 Bt 6 Comp 5 Sect 114 Limburg c/o] Gefangenlager zossen ? Berlin28 Needwood St, ancoats, M'ch'rL'pool W.W.S.B (fort)
McCabeJ.Pte. [Private]1500Danzig. TroyleS.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
McCabeJasPte [Private]1500Cy 7 Neuhammer SchlesienS.H04/03/191804/03/1918
McCannJPte [Private]72452 Bt 6 Comp 9 Sect 834 Limburg69 Servia 81, 31 Plevna Street, BelfastMiss E Higgin Malon, Belfast
McCannJPte [Private]72452 Batt 6 Comp. No 9043. Giessen (Lahn)W16/04/191716/04/1917
McCannJasPte (Private)7245130399 Coy 21. Barr 37. Giessen. MeschedeW23/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: Pr
McCannW12942Bk 91 Coy 10 5642 E, Wahn (Rhld)
McCarthyESgt [Seargent]240290Dulmen I/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
McCartheyEugeneSgt [Sergeant]240290Barr 31. DulmenS.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
McCartleyESgt [Sergeant]240290Dulmen, Barr 8 ParchimS.H.04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: Rel.
McCleaveJPte [Private]10176[29 c/o] 8029 Comp Senne [III c/o] I SennelagerLady Bective
McCleaveJ.Pte. [Private]10176Coy 8 Senne 1. Sennelager b. PaderbornW.27/03/191707/03/1917
McCleave [crossed out]J.Pte. [Private]10176Coy 8 Senne 1. Sennelager b. PaderbornW.27/03/191705/03/1917Whole entry crossed out
McCleaveJohnPte [Private]10176Detachment No 6 Dulmen WestfalenW23/08/191721/08/1917
McCleaveJPte [Private]10176Barr 71 S Gustrow S MW17/01/191815/01/1918
McCleaveJPte [Private]101762nd Gustrow 1/MecklinburgW21/02/191819/02/1918
McGluskeyEPte (Private)9750Munster IIW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 6/5/18
McComasJasPte (Private)817Coy 1. C. Barr A. GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
McConvilleWPte (Private)2404741/5 Bk 2 Munster 2W.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
McDonaldJohnPte [Private]56693932 [Zweig Uchtemoor f.b.g, kom. Elise Ries Wiesehausen {Welliehausen?} Hameln c/o] Gottingen Han2 Rosebank St, Walton LiverpoolB.R.C.S Lpool W.W.S.B (fort)
McDonaldJos.Cpl [Corporal]12574184 [Vintemoor b. Recke Friedrichsfeld, Lager I Munster sfw {unintelligible} Han c/o]5 Moslet St LiverpoolLady Bective, Miss Palmer c/o Mrs Trembeth [?] 18 Albany Villas, Hove, Sussex
McDonaldJos.Pte [Private]5765Vintemoor b. Recke
McDonaldJ.TPte [Private]83793780 [uchtemoor F.B.G, Rownenburg, {unintelligible} c/o] Comp 5 Hameln on WeserLady Burghclere
McDonaldTPte [Private]7411[Bk 76, 39 north, Ostenrade, {unintelligible} Gustrow w. Schleswig Han{?}, Officiers gef. Furstenburg in Mecklenburg1 Appleton St WiganLpool W.W.S.B (fort)
McGannTPte [Private]78794293, IV Bt [8 c/o] 6 Gp [Vintemoor c/o] HamelnMiss Blundell L'pool W.W.S.B.
McGannJ.Pte [Private]78794293. 6Camp. Barr4 Haldam. Hannover.W.25/10/191724/10/1917
McGinnJRfm [Rifleman]402961/5 Munster 2S.H.10/01/191804/01/1917(new name)
McGinnJRfm [Rifleman]402961/5 Corvee 80 No. 222 Munster IIS H21/03/191819/03/1918(new name)
McGrathEL/cpl9772Liverpool C.S League
McGrathEL/cpl [Lance Corporal]9772[2 Bt 6 c/o] Comp [10 Sect 832 Limburg c/o] 3879 Barr A Giessen134 Victoria Square Liverpool[unintelligible] South Bank 27 Eccles [unintelligible] Mrs Frank Hargreave Broom House[?]
McGrathEL Corpl [Lance Corporal]9772Coy 10 3879 Gressin HessenL16/06/191713/06/1917
McQuinn [McGuinn]JohnPte [Private]68037 Comp Senne III [II,I c/o] Sennelager34 Ingham St, BlackburnLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
McGuinnJPte [Private]6803Minden WestfalenW23/08/191708/08/1917
[McIvor c/o][John c/o][Pte {Private} c/o][1 c/o] 712[3781 5 Gp Barr 20 Lager I Soltau c/o] SwitzerlandHotel Edelweiss, MürrenB.R.C.S.
McKennaWPte [Private]391541/5 Gef: Bk 2 Room 12 Munster IIW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
McKennaWm [William]Pte [Private]39154ParchimW28/03/191827/03/1918
McMullenW.ECorporal7479Afion Kasahissaz Turkey
McMullenW.ECorpl [corporal]7479Tel-Heilf. Ras-el-ain TurkeyMrs B19/12/191714/12/1917
McMullenW.E.Crpl [Corporal]7479Nissi Bimberg TurkeyLancaster04/03/191804/03/1918
McNamaraJasPte [Private]78082 Bt 6 Comp 3 Sect 83 Limburg10 My St, Eccles near [?] Salford, ManchesterMrs M. Irwin, [unintelligible], Mrs Ievers, Mount Ievers, Sixmilebridge, Co-Clare
McNamaraJRfm[Rifleman]240755Room 2 Bk 2 Gef Munster I/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
McNameeJPte [Private][7743 c/o] 87082 Bt 5 Comp Limburg
McNallyDRfm[Rifleman]242607Larger II Bk 2 Room 2 MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
McNellyJRfm [Rifleman]241085Munster IIS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
McQuigginFelixCpl [Corporal]68095 Comp Barr 14 Dulmen sfwMiss Ewart withdrawn, Lady Burghclere 28/8/16
McQuigginFCorpl [Corporal]6809Block 2 Coy 3 MindenB16/06/191714/06/1917
McQuigginFCpl [Corporal]6809HollandB04/03/191804/03/1918
McQuigginPL/cpl6749Switzerland 12.08.16
McQuigganPCpl [Corporal]6749[10a Barr (Lagarette) Gottingen, Hanover c/o] Hotel Bellevue, Murren, Switz.[47 c/o] Droylisden, Mchr, 47 Williamson StThe Rosemount[?] Wesley Guild, [unintelligible]
McQuigginP.W.Cpl [Corporal]6809Soltau z 3010 HanoverB19/09/191707/09/1917
McSorleyWPte [Private]7721Gef Schnudemuhl Posen38 St Johns Rd, Bootle, LiverpoolB.R.C.S.
MeadowsHPte [Private]6703[Block 92 Doeberitz c/o] EKI Comp 4 Friedrichsfeld28 Elias St, LiverpoolB.R.C.S. Liverpool CS League
MeadowsH.Pte [Private]6703Compy ho 1086 Lager ChemnitzW.10/01/191804/01/1917
MeadowsHPte [Private]6703SwitzerlandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
MedlicottJ.R.Rfm [Rifleman]394891/5 Munster IIW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
MeliaChasPte [Private]9463903 [7 Comp 4 Gp Barr 2 Uchtermoor c/o] Lager I Barr 4 Soltau HanMrs Norris, 14 Higher Parr St, St HelensLady Bective, St Helens
MeliaCPte [Private]9463903. Soltau Z. 3624. HanoverS.H.22/05/191722/05/1917
MeliaCPte [Private]946Soltau 5290 HanoverS.H17/01/191814/01/1918
MeliaCPte [Private]946Hameln HanoverS.H.30/01/191829/01/1918
[Mellor c/o][J Bucksy c/o]Sgt [Sergeant]6455Dead
MercerEPte [Private]2424791/5 Gp 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
MercerEPte (Private)242479No 50051 Batt 69. Coy 4/1830 Fried.W16/05/191809/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel: 10/5/18
[Meredith c/o][Herb c/o][Pte {Private} c/o] [2nd Lieut written in Military Number section]Brussels (H)
[Meredith c/o][Joseph c/o]Pte [Private][2554 c/o] 2584Barr VII A 1 WittenburgLpool W.W.S Bureau (See letter [?] Miss Beavan)
MiddlemissJohn[L/cpl c/o] Sgt [Sergeant93036 Comp Barr 12 Dulmen [Sennelager c/o]14 Rossuth St, Greenwich,
London, S.E.
Mrs Thomas Smith [address unintelligible], Mrs
Blackburne 14/2/16
MiddlemissJSgt [Sergeant]930332128 Coy9 Block II [2]SennelagerW28/10/191724/10/1917
MiddlemassJSgt [Sergeant]9303HollandW30/01/191829/01/1918
MidlicottJ.R.Rfmn (Rifleman)39489ParchimW.
MilesJ.APte [Private]8666[Block 9/4 Doeberitz, (709) Kriegs Kriegshaven, Libau, Russland 8/6/16 c/o] EKI Comp 4 Friedrichsfeld13 Ware Rd, HertfordE K Monteath
MilesJ.A.Pte [Private]8666Compy ho 1086, ChemintzW.10/01/191804/01/1917
MillerA.JPte [Private]98543921 [uchtermoor F.B.G. 7 comp Hameln on W c/o] SoltauLady Bective
MillerT CRfm [Rifleman]40334DulmenW.16/01/191816/01/1918
MillerT.CRf [Rifleman]40334Dulmen (fr pass), Arb 69 Coy 3 50059W04/04/191803/04/1918Source of information: Rel.
[Mills c/o][H c/o]Pte [Private]8501Soltau
MillsHPte [Private]8524[Barr 3 c/o] Hakenmoor Station Strohen Kr. Sulinger Beg Bremen23 Wellsbourne [?] StaffordLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
MillsHPte [Private]8524Soltau Z 3033 HanoverW.06/12/191730/11/1917
MillsHPte [private]852478092 Hameln HanoverW14/11/191713/11/1917
MillsHPte [Private]85242429 Hameln HanoverW20/02/191709/02/1917
MolloyWRf [Rifleman]39390Munster II, ParchimW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
MonksHerbertL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]9859Comp 5. Dynotz bei Westermark [Limburg c/o]6 Factory Street, Banbury OxonOxford P.of.W. Fund, Lpool W.W.S.B (fort)
MonksHL/Cpl9859Coy 5, Dyrotz bei-WustermarkW16/04/191716/04/1917
MonksHCpl9857Coy 5 Dyrotz bei-WustermarkW27/03/191721/03/1917
MonksRichardL/cpl [Lance Corporal]11852 Bt 6 Comp 9 Sect 204 Limburg8 Bernard St LiverpoolLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
MonksR118560204 Coy 6. Giessen (Lahn)S.H.21/03/191721/03/1917Switzerland
[Moogan c/o][J c/o]Pte [Private]1253[4137 Vintemoor b. Recke Westphalia] SwitzerlandHotel Victoria Chateau D'OexLady Bective
MooneyJosephPte [Private][8 c/o] 6570[3890, 4 Barr Uchtermoor f.b.g. Han. c/o] 2658 [5 comp c/o] Bohmte Begirk OsnabruckMrs Keaton, 16 Green St, St Helens (niece)B.R.C.S. St Helens
MooneyJosPte [Private]6570Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.30/05/191729/05/1917
MooneyJ.Pte65702658 Soltau Z 3625 HanoverS.H.20/02/191716/02/1917
MooneyJPt (Private)8570HollandS.H.18/04/191817/04/1918
Moore[John, Joseph c/o]Pte [Private]98852 Bt 6 Comp 27 Sect 681 Limburg (Lahn)2 Camac Villas, 4 aughsim st [unintelligible] DublinLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
MooreJ.Pte. [Private]9885Batt. 2, Coy 6. Sect 27, Giessen (Lahn)W.27/03/191702/03/1917
MooreJ.Pte988543864 Coy 4 Giessen LahnW09/06/191706/06/1917
[Moore c/o][John c/o][Pte c/o][6256 c/o][2 Bt 6 Comp 4 Sect 87 Limburg (Lahn) c/o]B.R.C.S.
MooreMartinPte [Private]72562 Bt 6 Comp 15 Sect 362 Limburg (Lahn)c/o Mrs F. Delaney, Dean St, KilkennyLady Bective
MooreRbtPte[Private]502771/5 Coy 31B Barr 11B Det No 51169 DulmenW14/02/191814/02/1918
MooresW SPte (Private)401111/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
MorganGeorgePte [Private]6475Block 9/2 DoeberitzMrs M. J. Morgan, Norton Villa, Trebanog Rd, Porth RonddaLady Bective
MorganGeoPte6475629 E.K.I. Coy 2 Friedrichsfeld b WeselS.H.09/06/191708/06/1917
MorganGPte [Private]6475Alexandrinenstrasse, BerlinS.H.06/12/191704/12/1917
MorganGPte [private]6475Friediechfeld E K 1 Coy 2S.H.22/05/191722/05/1917
MorganGPte [Private]64751078 Coy 7 ChemnitzS.H10/01/191808/01/1918
MorganT. J.Pte [Private]101564198 7 Gp 4 Bt [Vintemoor b. Recke c/o] Hameln on Weser, WestphaliaLady Bective
MorrisW.H.Pte [Private]80665 [3 c/o] Company [Doeberitz c/o] Dyrolz2 Green St, Enfield Highway, MiddlesexLady Bective, Upper Grade School Southbury Road School, Panders End, Enfield
MorrisW.H.Pte [Private]8066Coy 5 Dyrolz WuslenmarhW.20/02/191705/02/1917
MorrisonJRfm (Rifleman)399731/5 Gef II MunsterW31/01/191831/01/1918(new name)
MorrisonJRfmn [Rifleman]39972Laz: etcW10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
MorseCPte [Private]8808Officers Gefangenlager, Gutensloh5 Hillside, Butternow, Stroud, GloucesterLady Burghclere
MorseCPte [Private]8808Gefangenenlager. Crefeld. RhinelandB25/10/191709/10/1917
MorseC.Pte [Private]8808Mhurs Gef. Schwarmstedt HanoverB.29/11/191716/11/1917
MorseCPte [Private]880878020, Hameln HanoverB22/05/191718/05/1917
MortonJohnPte [Private]16191525 5 Bk Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Han36 Cross St, WidnesMrs Lindley
MortonJ.Pte. [Private]1619Soltau Z. 102. HanoverS.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
MortonJPte [Private]1619Soltau Z. 3009. HanoverS.H.18/05/191716/05/1917
MortonJPte [Private]16191525. Soltau Z. 3018 HanoverS.H.16/06/191711/06/1917
MortonJPte [Private]1619Soltan Z 3265S.H.16/04/191713/04/1917Note states: Not P.O.W war see Dec 8 file 1916
MoselyGPte (Private)317211/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
MoselyG.A.Pte (Private)31721ParchimW.
MoselyG APte (Private)31721Gef GustrowW01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1924
MossTPte (Private)240366GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: CC
MothamJPte (Private)2033201/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW.24/01/191823/01/1918(new name)
MullockGPte [Private]113981/5 HambornW28/02/191828/02/1918(new name)
MullockGPte (private)11398ad: toad Barbara Horpital HambornW09/05/191807/05/1918Source of Information: rel
MurchW ERfm [Rifleman]240428Dulmen I/WW.16/01/191816/01/1918
MutchW.E.Rf (Rifleman)240428Coy 5. Bk 3 Sennebyer C.P.S.H.08/04/191808/04/1918
[Murphy c/o][J c/o]Pte [Private][6581 c/o]Hameln
MurphyJRfm [Rifleman]240266Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
MurrayC.E.Rfmn [Rifleman]404741/5 Munster IIW.29/12/191728/12/1917(new name)
MurrayE CRfm (Rifleman)40474Camp no 1750 Friedrichsfeld.W09/05/191808/05/1918
[Murrilt c/o][j c/o]Cpl [Corporal]9107MunsterLady Burghclere
MurtaghE. J.Cpl [Corporal]8035Gef, Barr I Soltau Z 3036,Stenhorst Hanover7 Shotley St Hammersmith London[Miss Beavan c/o]
MurtaghE.T.Cpl [Corporal]8035Soltau Z 3036 Barr 1 HanoverW.14/11/191709/11/1917
MurtaghE.TCorpl [Corporal]80354196 Hameln HanoverW02/02/191702/02/1917
MurtaghE.TCorpl [Corporal]8035HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
MurtaghH.Pte [Private]9999Soltau Z 3036 Barr 1 HanoverL.02/02/191702/02/1917
MurtaghR9999Liverpool C.S league
MurtaghHPte [Private]99994196 [8 Sect Vintemoor b. Recke, Steinhorst c/o] Soltau Z 30367 Shotley St Hammersmith LondonLady Bective
MurtaghHCpl [corporal]9999Hommando oldes hausm HamelnL01/11/191731/10/1917
MurtaghHCorpl [Corporal]9999Kom Calfeld HamelnL23/08/191722/08/1917
MyersJ HPte (Private)22109GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: CC
NappinJohnPte [Private}10027[7n comp 3214 Civil Gef. Sennelager b.p. c/o] Bk 8 Englandenlager, Ruhleben, Shandan45, 215 Lower Bachmand Rd, Mortlake, SurreyChambic Leech [?] 24/3/16
NashHSgt [Sergeant]7561[Block 9/4 Gef Doberitz c/o] 3 Comp EKI Wainoden via FriedrichsfeldMrs. H. L. Nash, 3 Hamilton St, Newport. Mon. [unintelligible address c/o]Mrs Blackburne
NashHSgt [Sergeant]7501E. K. I. Coy 4 FriedrichifeldS.H.S.
NashH.Sgt [Sergeant]7561Coy 7 Lager ChemnitzS.H.27/12/191727/12/1917
NashHSgt [Sergeant]7561HollandS.H.29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
NealeEdw.Pte [Private]7301[I Barr I c/o] Zwiesel, Diepholz 178 Berg, Osnabruck, Han.1 Bruntsfield Terrace, EdinburghLpool W.W.S.Bureau (fort)
NealeEdw.Pte. [Private]7301Diepholz. Bez Osnabruck. HanoverW.27/03/191702/03/1917
NealeEdw.Pte [Private]7301Soltau Z.3032. HanoverW.28/07/191727/07/1917
NeillP HPte [Private]50426Gef. DulmenW07/03/191807/03/1918
NeilP.H.Pte [Private]504267th Kriegs Wahn()W21/02/191819/02/1918(new name)
NewportW6565Liverpool C.S league
NewportWilliamPte [Private]6565[1 Comp c/o] Senne II Sennelager b.p.Blackmere Lane Nosley N [?] Warrington[Miss B.E. Hodgson Winnington Hall, Tarporley c/o] Lpool W.W.S.B (fort) commencing June
NewportW.Pte. [Private]6565Coy 12. Block 3. Minden. WestphalenL.27/03/191702/03/1917
NewportWPte [private]6565Freidrichsfelde, g WeselL09/07/191709/07/1917
NewtonThosPte [Private]7363[425 3 Gp 5 Comp Hameln on Weser, Han, 133 Post Station, Dransfield, bei Gottingen c/o] 644 arbeits kom. Langensalza4 Lunts Heath Farnworth WidnesChambic Leech 24/3/16 Lady BectiveHome address appears to be switched with entry below
NewtonThs[Thomas]Pte [Private]7363Coy 5 sect no 135/3 CasselW14/03/191723/02/1917
NewtonThomasPte [Private]10138[Block 9/4 Gef Doeberitz, EK 4, 1 Comp I Friedrichsfeld c/o]10 Blackhurst Street, WarringtonSee letter w. Mrs Bracecamp (recommenced 4/10/16)Home address appears to be switched with entry above
NewtonTPte [Private]101381080 Coy 7 ChemnitzS.H10/01/191808/01/1918
NichollsWL/cpl (Lance-Corporal)2428061/5 Kriegs !! Munster I/W.W24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
NolanASgt [Sergeant]7415[Schneidemuhl Posen c/o] EKI Comp 4 Friedrichsfeld11 Moorhall St, PrestonB.R.C.S.
NolanASgt [Sergeant]74151086 Coy 7 ChemnitzG.P.O.29/12/191728/12/1917
NolanPCSM [Company Sergeant Major]74156 Comp Senne II Sennelager b.p.Mrs R Coleman St, ChethamCol Kellie
NorrisG APte (Private)22268Coy 1 C GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
O'BrienDanielPte [Private]7382[2 Bt. 6 Comp. 10 Sect. 246 Limburg (Lahn) c/o] Barr E Coy 6 GiessenKilkennyB.R.C.S
O'BrienJamesPte [Private]5737Lager I Bk [20 c/o] 34 Gef Soltau Hanover33 Church Lane, Clayton le moors Accrington, 6 ada terrace, Stouton, N LeedsLady Bective (monthly) St Helens
O'BrienJPte [Private]5737Coy 6. 58131 Giessen (Lahn)S.H.30/05/191729/05/1917
O'BrienJ.Pte5737Dept 2 Stuttgart - Berg Wurtemberg [Wurttemberg]S.H.01/11/191731/10/1917
O'BrienJesPte [Private]5737Barr E Coy 6, LiessenS.H.19/09/191710/09/1917
O'BrienJamesPte [Private]7321Bt 6 Comp 11 Sect 265 Giessen364 Gt. Howard St, LiverpoolLpool W.W.S.B (fort) Miss J Purdon 18 St John North Wakefield
O'BrienJCpl241549Camp II MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
O'BrienJohnCorpl [Corporal]241549Parchim. Mechl [Mechlenburg]S.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
O'BrienMatthewPte [Private]6719[Barr 20 Lager I Soltau, Kommando Lordings bei Waleroden Lager I Hospital c/o] Lager I Barr 34 Hanover, SoltauMrs M. O'Brien, 4 Alun Terrace,
Mold N Wales
O'BrienMPte [Private]6719Soltau Z. 3061. Soltau. HanoverW21/07/191720/07/1917
O'BrienMPte [Private]671932505. Hameln Z. 5107 HanoverW.22/05/191718/05/1917
O'ConnorTL/c (Lance-Corporal)2420581/5 Gp 3 Dulmen I/WW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
O' ConnorJL/c (Lance Corporal)242058No 85620 WeselW25/04/191825/04/1918Source of Information: Pr: 9/4/1918
O'MaraT15021Salvation Army 01.03.1917
O'MaraThomasPte [Private]15021[Comp. 149 Camp Wahn (rhld) b. Gef c/o] DulmenMiss Shepherd
O'MaraThs[Thomas]Pte [Private]15021149 Lager II Wahn RheinlandS.H.08/08/191703/08/1917
O'MaraTPte [Private]15021Camp No.2. Limburg (Lahn)S.A.23/08/191721/08/1917
O'MaraThomasPte [Private]15021Camp 2.5291 Limburg a/f GermanyS.A.14/03/191723/02/1917
OmimRobertOwen Richd 6785 W.O 0/4/16 Ghent
OatesSRfm (Rifleman)2423571/5 Lager II MunsterSH24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
OatesSRfm [Rifleman]242357FriedrichsfeldS.H.21/03/191821/03/1918
OatesSPte (Private)242357FriedrichsfeldSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
OlahamARfm (Rifleman)2402921/5 Soltau Z 3605SH24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
OldhamARfm (Rifleman)240292Lager I Soltau.S H23/05/191813/05/1918
OlwenJRfm (Rifleman)2401141/5 Minden I/WW31/01/191831/01/1918(new name)
OrganCL/cpl [Lance Corporal]8871[, 4 Comp Senne I Sennelager bei Paderborn, 28 c/o] 2 Comp Englander Kom I Friedrichsfeld270 Glynn Road Clapton Park HackneyChambic Leech
OrganCL'corpl [Lance Corporal]88711078 Coy 7 ChemnitzS.H10/01/191808/01/1918
OrmirodJ.RL/C [Lance Corporal]241127Det 3 Gef DulmenS.H.04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: Rel.

(new name)

OrmirodJ RL'Corp (Lance Corporal)241127Munster ISH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
O'RourkeDenisPte [Private]14683758, IV BT, 5 Gp. Uchtermoor, F.B.G. Han38 Hawdon St, Edge Hill LpoolLpool T.H.D (bread)
OwenAstham HyPte [Private]6631[Barr 5 c/o] 1553 Bihmte Beg. Osnabruck Han30 Northumberland St, Toxteth Park, LpoolLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
OwenA H.Pte6631Hameln HanoverW09/06/191705/06/1917
OwenA.HPte [Private]1553Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.20/02/191716/02/1917
OwenA.HPte [Private]3834Hameln HanoverW01/11/191726/10/1917
OwenAPte [private]3834Elbingerode a/Harz,Province HanoverW01/09/191723/08/19176785
OwenR6785Liverpool C.S League(new name)
OwenRichardCpl [Corporal][10813 c/o] 6785[2 Barr 11 Gp Hesepeb. Bransche Dist. Osnabruck c/o] 7 Comp 10813 Hameln5 Priory Stm Heyworth St, Liverpool (Wife), 28 Woodhead St [?]Lpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
OwenWSgt-Instructor [Sergeant-Instructor]42029Limburg, LahnW.08/08/191707/08/1917
OwenW JSgt Instructor [Sergeant Instructor]420292nd Limburg LahnW08/08/191728/07/1917
OwenW HPte (Private)2405641/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
OwenW.H.Pte (Private)240564ParchimW.07/03/191805/03/1918
PageWilliamPte [Private]7248Block 9/4 Gef. Doeberitz39 Ashmore St BelfastB.R.C.S
PalinFPte (Private)2407341/5 Bk 2 Munster IISH24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
PalinFPte (Private)240734Munster II , Bk 2, Room 80, Corvee 2S.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
PalinJasRfm [Rifleman]241265Bk 2 Lager II Room 2 MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PalinJasRfm (Rifleman)241265Friedrichsfled.SH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
ParkerSPte [Private]Soltau
ParkerW.J.Sgt. [Sergeant]6479[Barr I Grossesmoor b. Schwege Morgenthale c/o] Barr 22 Lager I Soltau81 Chatteris Sq., New Kent Road, London SELpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
ParkerWSergt [sergeant]6479Barrack 2 Kriegsgf. Lager Soltau Z 3036 Han.W30/05/191729/05/1917
ParkerW.Sgt6479Barr 1 Soltau Z 3014W06/07/191703/07/1917
ParkerWSergt [Sergeant]6479Kriegsgef. Hameln a/d Weser. HanoverW07/05/191704/05/1917
ParkerW JSgt [Sergeant]6479HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
ParrJRfm (Rifleman)2423161/5 Gp 3 DulmenSH24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
ParrWilliamPte [Private]513[6 c/o] 10 Comp Barr [A, E c/o] A [167 c/o] Giessen 488750 Hill Street, St Helens`Lady Burghclere
ParrWmPte [private]513Coy 11 Barr C no 167 Giessen LahnS.H.01/09/191731/08/1917
ParrWPte [Private]513SwitzerlandS.H.29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
ParryFrankPte [Private]8895[7 Comp Senne II Sennelager b.p. c/o] (Edewecht) Kriegs. Soltau Sect 29C/O Mrs Williams , 34 Gross Lane, EarlestownSt Anne's School
ParryFrank8895Coy 4. Hameln a/d WeserS.H.27/03/191727/03/1917
ParryJohnL/cpl [Lance Corporal]1189[4125 Vintemoor b. Recke, Han c/o] Lager I Det 32 Munster on WChambic Leech- Mrs French 24/8/16
ParryJCrpl [Corporal]1189Soltau Z 3010 HanoverS.H.19/09/191710/09/1917
ParryJCpl [Corporal]11894125 Barr. 34 Lager 1 SoltauS.H.28/07/191723/07/1917
ParryJL'corpl [Lance Corporal]118952530. Hameln. HanoverS.H.20/02/191719/02/1917Switzerland W.O Rept 05.01.17
ParryJL'Corpl [Lance Corporal]1189HollandS.H.29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
ParryRPte (Private)5028411th Krigs Stammlager, LimburgW23/05/191813/05/1918(New names), Source of Inf: Sr: 16/05/1918
ParryTheo6462Drosendorf a.d. [unintelligible] Lower Austria22 White St W'ton
ParsonageJohnSgt [Sergeant]17490[Frier Coustrau Giessen W.O. 12/1/16 2379 Comp 6, Barr E c/o] Switzerland59 Mawland St. Hyde Rd. Ardwick M'ChesterMrs Marshall, Treniffle, Launceston Cornwall per miss E.R Monleath [?] 17/12/16
PayneC.T7887Express & Star
PayneChadPte [Private]7887[Parr 4 Lager II c/o] Hakenmoor Strohen, Bege
Miss Auric [?] Shelton, 3
Wolverhampton St Darlaston S
Chambic Leech
PayneC.T.Pte [Private]7887Barr 3 Soltau Z 3033 HanoverExpress and Star22/05/191722/05/1917
PayneC. T.Pte7887Barr 2 Diepholtz HanoverW09/07/191709/07/1917
PayneC.TPte [private]7887Barr 3,Soltau Z,3014 HanoverWolv25/10/191708/10/1917
PayneC.T.Pte [Private]7887SoltauZ. 3032. HannoverW.14/03/191708/03/1917
PedlarJPte (Private)2423041/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
PedlarJ.Pte (Private)242304ParchimW.
PeelagePPte (Private)410151/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
PeersJPte [Private]6900[Diepholz, Begirk Osnabruck c/o] Steinhorst, Soltau Han(sister) Mrs Harrison, 16 Hoade Lane off Ladies Lane, Hindley
PeersJohnPte (Private)6900Soltau z. 3035. SteinhorstW23/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: Pr
PembertonACpl [Corporal]324Bohmte, Begirk, Osnabuck, Han16 Gross Street, Widnes
PembertonACrpl [Corporal]324Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.20/02/191719/02/1917
PembertonACpl [corporal]3244066 HamelnS.H.01/09/191731/08/1917
PembertonACpl [Corporal]324HollandSH11/03/191804/03/1918
PendenJamesPte [Private]Spenden J.G.W. W.O 20/4/16 SoltauMrs Sarah Hocking
(See J.G.W.Spender)
PenkethJ81203631 Coy 4. Hameln a/d WeserS.H.21/03/191721/03/1917
PenkethPeterPte [Private]81203631 [3 Gp 8 c/o] 10 comp [Uchtemoor F.B.G. Han, Geb I Ferinas Stoentandtin, Kinteln c/o] Hanover HamelnLady Bective (monthly)
PenkethPPte [Private]81203631. Betriebswerstatte Bremen Baukoff Osnabruck.
PenkethPPte [Private]8120Coy 4 3631 Hamelin HanoverS.H.17/04/191717/04/1917
PenmanWPte [Private]10873667 [2 Gp 2, 4 Barr Gosloh bei Uchte Han c/o] Wacht Kom Friedrick august Hutte nordenham in OldenbergLady Bective
PenmanWPte [Private]1087Soltau Z 3034 HanoverW.06/07/191703/07/1917
PenmanWPte [Private]10873667. Hameln a/d Weser. HanoverW20/02/191705/02/1917
PenningtonAPte [Private]1850[Bohmte Begirk, Osnabruck, Han c/o] 4239 Barr 22 SoltauMrs P, I Vernon St, St Helens (Sister)Lady Bective (monthly)
PenningtonAPte [private]1850Soltau Z 1 HanoverS.H.06/12/191703/12/1917
PenningtonACrpl [Corporal]1859Soltau Z 251 HanoverS.H.19/02/1917
PenningtonAPte[Private]1850Soltau Z 251S.H.14/02/191812/02/1918
PenningtonJPte (Private)20576GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: CC
PenningtonWPte [Private]2429321/5 Munster IIW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
PentWRfm (Rifleman)341591/5 Gp 3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
PetersAPte (Private)2425041/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
PetersARfm (Rifleman)2425041/5 Munster IIW25/04/191825/04/1918Source of Information: Rel: 22/04/1918; (new name)
PhillipsGRfm (Rifleman)2429661/5 Lager II MunsterSH24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
PhillipsH242342Hilfs Lazaret Hof Lager,MagdebergS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PhillipsHRfm [Rifleman]242342Batt 1 Coy 1 Barr 5 Truppenubungsplatz Alten
PhillipsW. JasPte [Private]9876Bk 8 211, [Lager II c/o] Diepholz Beg. Osnabruck[35 Blackwood St, East St, Walworth St c/o] 44 Beddard St [?] York 8t
PhillipsJCorpl [Corporal]9876Soltau Z.3032. HanoverB.08/08/191703/08/1917
PhillipsJRfm[Rifleman]2406001/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
PidingJPte [Private]240948Munster IIW.16/01/191816/01/1918
[Pierce c/o][William c/o]Pte [Private]2285Wittenberg
PilkingtonGeo.Cpl241788Munster IIS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PilkingtonGeoCrpl [Corporal]241788Parchim Meckl.S.H04/03/191801/03/1918
PilkingtonGeocpl (Corporal)241788ParchimSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
PilkingtonWSjt2969Liverpool C.S.League
PilkingtonWSgt [Sergeant]2969Comp [37 c/o] 2 Gp [3 c/o] 2 Dulmen SFWMrs P 14 Monk St [unintelligible]Miss Watt, Speke Hall Galston (fort)
PilkingtonW.Sergt2969Block 2 Coy 3 Minden Westfalen [Westphalia]L09/06/191706/06/1917
PilkingtonWmSergt [Sergeant]2969Kohm 8, Barr 1, Soltau HanoverW29/11/191721/11/1917
PilkingtonWSgt[Sergeant]2969Hameln HanoverW30/01/191829/01/1918
PilkingtonWSgt [Sergeant]2969Soltau Z VIII HanoverW18/02/191815/02/1918[new name]
PillingJasRfmn [Rifleman]39378Block 2. Rm 14. Lager II Munster im WW28/02/191826/02/1918
PillingJRfm [Rifleman]39378Gef: Bk 5 Room II MindenW.16/01/191816/01/1918
PillingJasRfmn [Rifleman]3937869290. Coz 4. Sect 2. Block 5. Room 12. Minden WestfalenW28/02/191827/02/1918
PillingJas [James]Rfm [Rifleman]393781/5[?] Block 2. Room 14. Lager II Munster W.sterW28/02/191828/02/1918
PillingJasRfm (Rifleman)39378877 Friedrichsfeld bei W.W23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel
PiperF.G.Pte [Private]31055Kriegs. Gef. Wahn. Bhd.W19/19/191713/09/1917
PiperF.G.Pte [Private]310557th. 105138. Limburg LahnW.25/10/191719/10/1917
PittEPte (Private)24194BayreuthW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 6/5/18
PittEPte (Private)241943DulmenW16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: WO
PlattEdwardPte [Private]6953Block 9/4 Gef. DoeberitzC/O Mrs Asphin, 208 Portland St, Ashton on Lyme, 43 Oxford Road A, Dukinfield, CheshireB.R.C.S
PlattEPte [Private]6953Guben HanoverW30/01/191829/01/1918
Platt [sic]Walter[1852 c/o]1493 Piliadlager [?] 538 Wahn bei KolnMrs Platts, 12 [unintelligible] Sheffield
PlattsWPte [Private]1852Barr 29. No 3858. Limburg(Lahn)W24/04/191723/04/1917
PledgerGPte [Private]90654035, Barr 5 Bohmte Beg. Osnaruck HanMrs A. P., 4 Arthur St, Milton Kregis, Sittingbourne Kent (mother)Mrs Hodgson
PledgerGPte [Private]9065Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
PledgerGPte [Private]9065Hameln HanoverS.H.??/02/191720/02/1917
PlumbFPte (Private)2022552nd Munster II i/wW25/04/191825/04/1918Source of Information: LCWC: 2/4/1918; (new name)
PlumbFPte (Private)202255Block 2, Room 15, Laz. Munster.W23/05/191813/05/1918
PollockRRfm (Rifleman)2404221/5 Gp 3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
PollockRRfm [Rifleman]240422Gp 3 Barr 31A Dulmen i/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PollockRRfm (Rifleman)24042250152 FriedrichsfeldSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
PooleEdwardPte [Private]3524[Hospital Barr 42 A Grafenwohr c/o] Barr 6 [unintelligible]Mrs L Poole 36 Rayleigh StMrs E. G. Green 20/10/16 (fort)
PooleEPt (Private)3524Barr 20, Coy 3, Bayreath, Bayern.W08/04/191805/04/1918
PopeMRfm [Rifleman]241291Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PopeW DPte (private)32558Munster IIW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 30/04/1918
PottsA.E.Rfmn [Rifleman]2428161/5 Gef II Munster (new man)W.27/12/191727/12/1917(new name)
PoultneySidneyPte [Private]9959Block 9/4 Gef. DoeberitzMrs P I Tower St [unintellgible] Row, WolverhamptonMrs Travis Cook
PoultneySPte [Private]9959Alexandrinenstrasse, BerlinW29/06/191718/06/1917
PoultneySPte [Private]99592 Coz. DoberitzW19/09/191717/09/1917
PoveySgt Major [Seargeant Major]2416931/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
PoveyC.S. Maj. [Company Sergeant Major]246323Block 2. Room 3. Lager II Munster W.S.H.28/02/191828/02/1918
PoveyJCSM (Company Sergeant Major)240365SennelagerS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
[Poynes c/o][Owen c/o]Pte [Private]9207Worcester W/D 20/4/16 Hameln[Lady B c/o], Lady BectiveVery faintly in pencil under location held; 'Begirk Osnabruck' ;overwritten
PowellPercyPte (Private)39478705 Friedrichsfeld bei W.W23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel
PownallJRfm[Rifleman]241799I/5 Dulmen I/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PownellJRfm [Rifleman]241828MindenW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PownallJRf (Rifleman)24182869294. Block 2 Sennebyer C.P.S.H.08/04/191808/04/1918
PownallJRfm [Rifleman]241799Block II (2) SennelagerSH07/03/191807/03/1918
PrescottJSgt.241067Lager II MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PrescottJSgt (Sergeant)241067Staumuhl SennelagerS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918SH
PrestonG SRfm (Rifleman)2420701/5th SLR Soltau Z 3605SH14/02/191809/02/1918
PrestonG.S.Rfm [Rifleman]2420701/5 Soltau Z 3605W30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
PrestonG.S.Rf (Rifleman)242070MindenS.H.18/04/191817/04/1918
PrestonJRfmn [Rifleman]2405121/5 Bk 2 Room 32B Munster IIS.H.14/02/191814/02/1918
PriceEPte [Private]6209Soltau Z. 275. HanoverL19/19/191717/09/1917
PriceE6209Liverpool C S league
PriceEdwardPte [Private]62094267 Soltau Z 209 [Vintemoor b. Recke Han, Cellelager c/o]Mrs Blackburne for "adopted" 8/9/16 Birmingham
PriceEPte [Private]6209Soltau Z 275, Soltau Z 3275L04/04/191803/04/1918Source of information: L
PriceFPte[Private]240040Munster I/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PriceFPte [Private]2400401/5 Bk 2 room 2 Lager II MunsterS.H.21/02/191819/02/1918
PriceFPte [Private]240040Munster II, ParchimS.H.04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
PriceW.FPte[Private]39398Gef II MunsterS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
PurcellGeorgePte [Private][3821 c/o] 1068[Gp 2 Barr 2 Uchtermoor F.b.g. Han, 3821 c/o] 2662 Bohmte Begirk5 Blair St, Parliament St,
Lpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
PurcellG.RPte [Private]1068Soltau Z 3009 HanoverW08/08/191703/08/1917
PurcellG.RPte [Private]1068Hameln HanoverW.20/02/191719/02/1917
Purcill [sic?]PatkPte [Private]1050[4054 8 Gp 1 Comp Hameln c/o] Arbeit Kom Hornberger, Comp 5 Elbingerode, Harg.Mrs J Woods, 3 Morres [?] St, Sutton (Aunt)
PurcellPPte [Private]10504054. Hornberger Kalkwerke. Elbingerode Harz.S.H.09/07/191709/07/1917
PurcellPPte [private]1050Hameln, HanoverS.H.19/09/191717/09/1917
PyeWRfm [Rifleman]2418561/5 reserve Lazarette 3 Johannisthal StettenW21/02/191819/02/1918(new name)
PyperH.A.Sgt [Sergeant]7482[23 Comp Senne III Sennelager b.p., 29 c/o] Comp 2 [unintelligible]Not in want of anythingBread [unintelligible] Sir James H Strong Lyman AbbeyPossible mix-up with home address and adopter details?
PyperH.ASgt [Sergeant]7482HollandWJan 29 191829/01/1918
QuirkPatL/cpl [Lance Corporal]1195Bohmte Beg. Osnabruck, Han208 Athol St. Scotland Road, L'poolLpool W.W.S.Bureau (fort)
QuirkPatLcpl [Lance Corporal]1195[Post Graft] Bohmte Beg. Osnabruck Han, Soltau Z 3009208 Athol St. Scotland Road, L'poolMrs Brocklehurst, Erington Lodge, Aighurth
QuirkPL'Cpl1195Soltau Z. 3009 HanoverS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
QuirkL'corpl [Lance Corporal]1195Hameln HanoverS.H.06/12/191703/12/1917
QuirkPL/Corpl [lance corporal]119527205 Hameln 17 HanoverS.H.21/03/191721/03/1917
QuirkPL'corpl [Lance Corporal]1195HollandSH18/03/191815/03/1918
RadcliffeHyRfm (Rifleman)40428!/5 Gp 3 Gef DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
RadcliffeHarryPte (Private)40428ParchimW.
RadfordA ARfm (Rifleman)2401651/5 Bk 2 Room 20 Munster IISH24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
RadleyARfm[Rifleman]399621/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
RankinJPte241763DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
ReadH.V[[L c/o] Sgt [Sergeant]9202[6 Comp Sen III Sennelager b.p., 5 Gp Block 5 Minden f/w c/o] Grossenweder moorlager post schneverdingen Han, Soltau Z 3036 Han Barr 468 East Dulwich Grove, East Dulwich S.E.Lady Burghclere
ReadH VSgt [Sergeant]73859Kreigsgefangen Lager HamelnW01/09/191731/08/1917
ReadH.VL/Sgt [lance sergeant]9202Britiah Prisoners of War, Hameln, Provinz (Hanover)W23/08/191721/08/1917
ReadH.VL'Sgt9502HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
ReaderJas[LCpl crossed out, correction unclear]8613Batt 6 Comp III Gef 3 Munster Sfw7 Antrobas St, WarringtonSt Peters
ReidHRfm[Rifleman]2418421/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
ReidHRfm [Rifleman]2418421/5 ParchimS.H.21/03/191819/03/1918(new name)
ReganFredkPte [Private[5594[49 8 Comp Barr [?] Giessen Cellelager , Barr 55 A 6 Cellelager 6 28/1/16 Camp I c/o]No 33719 Hameln18 Elm Grove Smithdown Lane, Edge Hill LpoolLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
ReganF5594Liverpool C.S.League
ReganFPte [Private]5594SLR, No. 2516. Hameln a/d WeserL29/06/191726/06/1917
[Reynolds c/o][Pte c/o]Pte [Private]6927Died at Wittenberg (Orford Barr 29/3/16)
RichardsFPte [Private]7419[Grossesmoor b. Schwege, moorgentrale, Han c/o] Soltau Z 303419 Althorp St, Leamington, WarwickshireLpool W.W.S.B. (fort) Miss Redmaid 135 [unintelligible] Salford
RichardsFPte [Private]7419Soltau Z 3032 HanoverW23/08/191708/08/1917
RichardsG HPte (Private)2407501/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
RichardsonJPte (Private)2424031/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
RichardsonTPte (Private)2036951/5 Gp 3 DulmenW31/01/191831/01/1918(new name)
RichardsonTPte (Private)203695Gp III DulmenW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
RichardsonWRfm [Rifleman]40160Blk 2 Room 2, Gef 2 MunsterW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
RichmondJPte [Private]77293 Comp 7735 Barr [19, 20 B c/o] 17 B Quedlingburg a. Han34 South St. Harbonne BirminghamMiss Rudman 135 Blackfuss Rd Salford Birmingham
RichmondJPte [Private]7729Coy 6 10755 A MerseburgW20/02/191720/02/1917
RichmondJ.Pte [Private]77292781 Goy 8 Barr 20 JardelegenW.27/12/191727/12/1917
RichmondJPte [Private]7729WittenbergW30/01/191829/01/1918
RicksonEdw.Pte [Private]7768[Lagarelle alexandriminat [?] 12 13 Berlin c/o] Bk 6 Coy 9 No 7889 Muncheberg (mark)B.R.C.S. Church Army 15/9/16
RicksonEPte[Private]7768Dzrotz Post WuslermarkW28/10/191724/10/1917
RiddleP.Bgr [Brigadier]8371Sennelager b.p.Lady Burghclere
RigbyARfm[Rifleman]2420971/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
RigbyAPte [Private]242097Block 2 Munster 2S.H04/03/191801/03/1918
RigbyAPte [Private]242097Gp 20 Parchim MecklS.H.21/03/191819/03/1918
RigbyAPte (Private)242097Gef GustrowS.H.01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1929
RigbyJas [James]Pte [Private]240770Munster IIS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
RigbyThosPte (Private)2092326658. Coy 2. GiessenSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
RigbyWRfm (Rifleman)2417361/5 Munster IISH24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
RigbyWmRfm [Rifleman]241736AltdammS.H04/03/191802/03/1918
RigbyW MRfm [Rifleman]2417361/5 36332 AltdammS H21/03/191819/03/1918(new name)
RigbyWPte (Private)2417361/5 Munster IIW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
RigbyWmPte (Private)2417361/5th SL Altdamn PommernW23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Pr
[Riley c/o][J. W. c/o][Pte c/o] Cpl [Corporal]7455Repatriated 25/5/16
RimmerTCpl (Corporal)2400911/5 Lager DulmenSH24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
RimmerTCpl [Corporal]240091Gp 3 DulmenW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
RimmeryJPte (Private)241740Laz. Hohenzollen Park MazdelungSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
RistowErnestL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]9026[2 Batt 7 c/o] 2 Comp [100 Y c/o] 123 A Zerbst [?] in anhalt W.O. 6/5/165 "O" Peabody Bldgs, Orchard St, WestminsterLady Vict Herbert
RistowE.L'corp [Lance Corporal]9126Weslen 2a Gardelegen SasowyS.H.06/12/191703/12/1917
RistowEL/Corpl [lance corporal]9026Coy W Gardelegen [Gardelenen] SaxeS.H.25/10/191722/10/1917
RistoweEL/c [Lance Corporal]9026HollandSH11/03/191804/03/1918
RobbA848Liverpool C.S league
RobbAlexPte [Private]8484387 Gp 10 4 Batt [Vintemoor b. Recke, Han c/o] Hameln on Weser51 Uponhill St, LiverpoolLpool W.W.S.B (fort)
RobertsHughPte [Private]10155[I Comp 4 Barr Regenbarg, Bavaria c/o] 2 Comp 7 Section Kriegs Nurnberg (Bayehn)Llanwymapsis Cottage, Drill, N. OswesthyMiss Gertrude Holding [unintellgible] 17/3/16
RobertsHPte (Private)10155Barr 3, Coy 3 Bayreuth BayernSH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
RobertsJas LPte [Private]6810[24a c/o] 2B Barr Friedrichsfeld b. Weser48 Smynks Rd, Old Kent Road, London St, 112 East Surrey Grove, Peckham S.EMiss Beavin struck off 21/11/15, 9/5/16, commenced again 4/7/16
RobertsJ.L.Pte. [Private]681023293. Barr 2B Friedrichsfeld b. Wesel.W.27/03/191706/03/1917
RobertsS.GRfmn [Rifleman]2429551/5 Munster IIW.29/12/191728/12/1917(new name)
RobertsWPte [Private]7217Lager I Barr [20 c/o] 34 Soltau HanB.R.C.S
RobertsWPte [Private]7217Comp. 4 Hameln a/d Weser Hanover24/05/191723/05/1917
RobertsW.Pte721762521 Ofizieis-gef Clausthal HanoverW16/04/191716/04/1917
RobinsonAPte [Private]242986Lager 1 Munster WestfalenW25/02/191822/02/1918
RobinsonLPte [Private]242912Gef Parchim MecklW14/03/191813/03/1918
RobinsonL.W.Pte [Private]2429121/5 Block 2 Room 20 Gef 2 MunsterW28/02/191828/02/1918(new name)
RobinsonW LPte (Private)2429121/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
RobinsonL.W.Pte (Private)242912ParchimW.
RobinsonL.Pt (Private)242917Gustrow, Meckl.W08/04/191805/04/1918
RodenJ WRfm [Rifleman]242779Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
RodenJ WPte [Private]2427791/5 Blk 2 Munster II I/WW24/01/191819/01/1918
RodenJ.W.Corpl (Corporal)242779ParchimW.
RoebuckFPte [Private]101111603 Bohmte Beg. Osnabruck HanLittle Fold, Armitage Bridge, Berry BrowLady Garoagh [?]
RoebuckFPte [Private]10111Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.20/02/191719/02/1917
RoebuckFPte [Private]101111803 Soltau z. 3526 HanoverS.H.19/09/191710/09/1917
RoebuckFPte [private]10111Barr 34, Lager 1,Soltau, HanoverS.H.21/07/191718/07/1917
RoebuckFPte [Private]10111Soltau 3452 HanoverS.H17/01/191814/01/1918
RoomERfmn [Rifleman]240236Munster II [2]S.H10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
RooneyThosMarinerBarr 8 1982 Ruhleben, Spandau63 Allen St W'ton
RoperACpl [Corporal]9358Barr 2, Grossesmoor b. Schwege [moogentralls krieg witlange c/o]85 Lamprell St, Old Ford, Bow, London? Lady Bective ? Garvagh
RoperA.Corpl [Corporal]9350 [9358]Soltau Z. 3032 Hanover.W.25/10/191717/10/1917
RoperA.Corpl [Corporal]9358Soltau Z. 3014 HanoverW.14/03/191707/03/1917
RoperACorpl [Corporal]9358HollandW29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
RoseJohnPte [Private]16051266 [Barr 5, Bohmte Beg. Osnabruck Han] Lager I Soltau62 Handybutts [?] WiganB.R.C.S
RoseJPte [Private]1605Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.14/03/191712/03/1917
RoseJPte [Private]160561873. Hameln. HanoverS.H.29/06/191726/06/1917
RossA7405Liverpool C.S league
RossAlbertPte [Private]7405[4 Comp Hameln Cassebruck b. Hagen Beg Bremen, Delligoe bei Alfeld Brunswick c/o] 2719733 Roden St off Netherfield Rd EvertonLpool W.W.S.B
RossAPte [Private]7405Coy 3 Hamelin, HanoverL16/06/191711/06/1917
RossAPte [Private]7405HollandL29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
RostronR.HRfm[Rifleman]399631/5 No 4 Coy 12 Section Block V Room 12W30/01/191828/01/1918
RostronR.H.Rfm [Rifleman]39963ScheidemuhlW28/03/191827/03/1918
RoundWalterPte [Private]6228Grossesmoor b. Schwege Moorgentrale HanLpool W.W.S.B. (fort) Birmingham
RoundWm [William}Pte [Private]6228Soltau Z 3014 HanoverW20/02/191719/02/1917
RoundWPte [Private]6228Soltau Z.3032 HanoverW.28/07/191725/07/1917
RowlesJRfm [Rifleman]50290Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
RowlesJRfm [Rifleman]502901/5 altdamm PommernW21/02/191819/02/1918
RushtonHartleyPte [Private]84241 Bt Comp 2 Barr D Giessen, Repatriated + discharged 27/12/1530 Wendy Bank, Colne, LancsRep. + discharged 27/12/15 Lady B
RussellW[Cpl c/o]6333[Barr 18 Gottingen Hanover Lag. Hofiager 140 A c/o] Magdeburg coy 2219 Lodge Road, Winson Green B'ghamBirmingham
RussellWRfm (Rifleman)6333England [Coy 2 Gef crossed out]SH09/05/191808/05/1918
RussellMRfm [Rifleman]240425Barr B.30 Gp.3. Dulman in W.S.H.28/02/191828/02/1918
RyanJohnCpl [Corporal]2179Dormstadt R.O. 15/11/167 Westbourne St. Shaw St Lpool (father)
RyanJ.Capt. [Captain]2179GiessenW.22/05/191718/05/1917
RyanJCorporal2179Barr 2. Coy 7. 3097. Giessen. HessenW27/03/191705/03/1917
RyanJCorpl [Corporal]217940657. Coy 5. Meschede, Westfalen [Westphalia]W.28/07/191727/07/1917
RyanJ.Corpl [Corporal]217940657. SoltauZ. HannoverW.25/09/191725/09/1917
RyanJCorpl [corporal]217978692 coy 5 Hameln 17 HanoverW29/11/191726/11/1917
RyanJPte [Private]10058Soltau Z. 275. HanoverS.H.19/09/191717/09/1917
RyanJohnPte [Private]10058[2 Comp Barr A 649 Giessen c/o] Bk 21 915 Post Edewecht Langenmoor OldenburgLady Bective
RyanJohnPte [Private]10058Lager1 SoltauZ 209 HanoverS.H.20/02/191716/02/1917
RyanRobertPte [Private]50582 Bt 6 Comp No. 279 Limburg
SaltFredkPte [Private]76451554 Barr 6 Bohmte, Beg. Osnabruck Han171 Wigan Road, new Springs, WiganMrs F. Brandreth (monthly)
SaltFPte [Private]7645Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.20/02/191716/02/1917
SaltFPte [Private]76451554. Soltau Z 3668 B HanoverS.H.23/08/191714/08/1917Switzerland 12.08.16
[Sankey c/o][John c/o]Pte [Private]7714[5 comp Barr 28 H Quedlenburg a. Han c/o] 10367 Chalet du Verger, Rougemont, Vaud, Saritz [?]46 Hankin St Stanley Rd, LpoolMiss Tidswell, 22 Cambridge St, Hide Park w
[Sankey c/o][John c/o][Pte c/o][1240 c/o][1st, 5th Company Barr 28 A Gardelegen c/o] ? 447Miss a.m. BlundellBeavan (fort) miss Blundell added between lines for details of adopter
SantsOswaldPte [Private]10103Block 9/4 Gef Doeberitz56 Hume St, 100 Algernon St, WarringtonMiss Placer Bolton School
SantOPte (Private)101032nd Bk 9/4 DoeberitzW23/05/191813/05/1918
SavageJohn JPte [Private]12293717 [1 Comp uchtermoor F.B.G. Han c/o] Hameln Kreis uelyen [?] Brockhope Hanover[Lady Burghclere c/o] Lady Bective
Savage [crossed out]JohnPte. [Private]12293717. Gef. Hameln HanoverW.27/03/191706/03/1917Whole entry crossed out
SavageJohnPte [Private]12293717. Brockhofe. Soltau. HanoverW22/05/191721/05/1917
SavageJ. T.Pte122910829 Squad 134 Stuttgart - Berg Wurtemberg
SavageJohn TPte [Private]3717Kriezagefangenen, Lager, Soltau, HanoverW12/05/191708/05/1917
SavageW.E.Pte [Private]100204397 [4 c/o] 2 Barr [5 c/o] 3 Gp Uchtermoor Han? Miss E J Sadle 21 Barkeley Drive [unintelligible] Liverpool
SavageWPte [Private]10020Coy 4 Hut 67, Hameln a/d WeserW20/03/191714/03/1917
SavageWPte [Private]10020Hameln Bohnte LagerW23/08/191721/08/1917
SavageW.EPte [private]10020Kriegs. Gef. HamelnW01/09/191728/08/1917
SayersThosCpl [Corporal][10176 c/o] 8785[2B Barr 10176 Friedrichsfeld b Weser c/o] 5 15 Soltau Z 3036Mother Mrs Pereino64 Nelson Row High St Clapham, London S.WLady V Herbert
SayersTCorpl [Corporal]8785HollandS.H.29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
SchofieldCPte (Private)43855Munster IIW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 6/5/18
SchofieldWmPte [Private]7610Gef. [Soltau Voerdenmoor c/o] Soltau 3013 [Grossenwedermoor Sohneverdinger bei Osnabruck Han c/o]Relatives Birmingham
SchofieldW.Pte7610Dept . Coy 2. Squad 139 no.10302 Stuttgart Wurtemberg [Wurttemberg]W09/06/191704/06/1917
ScotsonRPte (Private)406591/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
ScotsonRPte [Private]40659Munster II, DulmenW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
ScottGeorge[?]Pte [Private]12952Barr [?] 57 Bk 8.4 Wahn
ScottGPte [Private]12752Dulmen WestfalenW23/04/191720/04/1917
ScottGPte [Private]12952Gefangenenlager. Limburg LahmW18/05/191716/05/1917
ScottGPte [Private]12952Dulmen WestfalenW16/06/191715/06/1917
ScottGPte [private]12962Gef. Munster 111W01/09/191723/08/1917
ScottWSgt [Sergeant]240012Gp3 Barr 32B DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
ScottWSgt [Sergeant]240012Parchim MecklS.H04/03/191804/03/1918
ScowcroftARfm[Rifleman]2353181/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
ScowcroftA.Pte (Private)235315ParchimW.07/03/191805/03/1918
ScrivenJ.EL/Cpl8725Liverpool C.S.League
ScrivenJ.EL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]8725Soltau Z 3036 [16 Comp Senne III Sennelager {unintelligible} Bk 2 B Friedrichsfeld (Repatriated 10/5/16) 45844 Coy 4 c/o]14a Boundary St E LiverpoolR.S.A. Liverpool Withdraws 15/5/16
ScrivenJ.EL'Corpl [Lance Corporal]8725HollandL29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
SeddonJPte (private)235421LangensalzaW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 22/04/1918
ShawAPte (Private)394651/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
ShawArthurPte (Private)39465ParchimW.
ShawAPte (Private)39465Gef GustrowW01/05/191820/04/1918Source of Information: WO 23/04/1923
ShawJ6568Salvation Army
ShawJPte [Private]6568[1 Comp 2163 Gardelegen c/o] 39508 Gef Gef Barr 3 B Friedrichsfeld b. Weser24 Dixon St Mayfield Rd LevenshulmeB.R.C.S.
ShawJPte [Private]666839508 Minden WestphalenS.A. [SH]14/03/191709/03/1917
ShawJPte [private]10108Serrone 11 Lenmelager, PaderbournS.H.01/09/191731/08/1917
ShawJPte [Private]10108[9, 21 Comp Senne III, 10th Comp Gp 5N Blk 5 33238 Minden sfw Hameln c/o]23 Field St Kettering NorthantsR.S.A.
ShawJPte [Private]790736298, Group 2 N, Block 3, Comp 9, Minden sfw, Lincoln W.D 20/4/16
SheaMPte [Private]Ohrdruf (see Sheehan no.28)
SheehanM.JPte [Private]9573[8 Comp No. 832 Ohrdruf {unintelligible} Gef Langensalza c/o] 10 Comp Niederzwehren N CanselMrs D.S. Dablen Rd Heenagh co TipperaryR.S.A.
ShelleyC.A.Rfmn [Rifleman]2428041/5 Gef II MunsterW.29/12/191729/12/1917(new name)
ShelleyC.A.Pte[Private]2428041/5 Gef II Bk 2 Room 20 Working Party MunsterW14/02/191811/02/1918
ShepherdGRfm[Rifleman]242552Bk 2 Room 2 Munster I/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
ShepherdGRf [Rifleman]242552Munster II, DulmenS.H.04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
ShermanSPte [Private]7310Repatriated
SherringtonW.J.L/Cpl [Lance Corporal]7872Block 9/4 Doeberitz108 Islingworld Brighton SussexR.S.A.
SherrocksJPte (Private)399681/5 2 Room 3 Gef 2 MunsterW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
SherrocksJRfmn [Rifleman]39967Gef II [2] Munster II [2]W10/01/191815/01/1918[new name]
SherrocksJohnPte [Private]39968Gp 3. Barr. 10. Parchim. Meckl.W28/02/191827/02/1918
ShilsonWPte [Private]10121[Lager 2 Block 1 Munden, 6 Comp c/o] Barr [1,2 c/o] 6 Dulmen [sfw c/o]29 Mandion St, Camberwell Rd, London SER.S.A.
ShilsonW HPte [Private]101217489. Barr 32. B. Friedrichsfeld t.WeselS.H.28/07/191723/07/1917
ShiltWm.Pte (Private)74941069 Coy. 7. ChemmitzW.07/05/191805/05/1918
ShipleyTPte [Private]2036021/5 Gp 3 DulmenW30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
ShritWPte (Private)393581/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
ShoneGPte (Private)2428751/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
SimmsJL'corpl [Lance Corporal]241060Gp 20. Barr B2 Parchim  SH11/03/191811/03/1918
SimpsonTPte [Private]9591Lager II Corvee 14 Munster sfwMiss S The Sycamores Massie St CheadleLady Bective
[Simpson c/o]]W c/o][Pte {Private} c/o][7951 c/o]see end, Hameln
Simpson[H c/o] WalterPte [Private]79514150 [Comp c/o] Lager I Company 5 Munster Sfw[unintelligible] 8 Richardson St Aston Newcastle [upon] TyneLady Garvagh
SimpsonW.Pte. [Private]7951Det. 19. Lager I Munster WestphalnW.27/03/191705/03/1917
SinimJL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]241060Gp 3 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
SkittWilliamBandsman7494Comp 4 EKI Friedrichsfeld [Doeberitz c/o]29 Milton Road, Wednesfield, WolverhamptonMiss Bushey
SlainsbyJPte (Private)31613GiessenW16/05/191809/05/1918Source of Inf: Rel: 8/5/18
SlatteryEdmd.Pte [Private]76412 Bt 6 Comp 9 Sect 833 Limburg (lahn)Kilmarnock Co. KilkennyB.R.C.S. Rev. T.D. Stuart Kilmanagah Rect[?] Callan Co. Kilkenny
SlatteryEPte [Private]7641833 Batt 2 Coy 6 GiessenS.H.14/03/191712/03/1917
SlatteryEPte (Private)7641Batt 2 Coy 4 Sect 9, No 4173 GiesseioW07/05/191801/05/1918Tr to W
SlucockJ.H.Pte [Private]7812[Grossesmoor b. Schwege Morgenstrale Han Barr II c/o] Z no 3014Mrs J Slucock, 54 Temple St, Strood, KentLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
SlucockJ.HPte [Private]7812Soltau Z 3014 HanoverW14/03/191708/03/1917
SlucockJ.HPte [private]7812Soltau Z, 3032, HanoverW01/09/191728/08/1917
SlyneJPte (Private)8302Munster IIW16/05/191810/05/1918(new name) Source of Inf: C.C 6/5/18
SmallbonesWL/Cpl [Lance Corporal]8338[2 Comp 52 Barr Soltau Sennelager b. Paderborn, Edewecht Oldenburg c/o] Soltau29 Cromwell Rd, Camberley, SurreyLady A [unintelligible] ([weekly c/o] fort) 2/9/16
SmallbonesLcorp [Lance corporal]8338Barn 52 Lazer 11 Soltau HanoverW.20/02/191707/02/1917
SmallbonesW.L'corpl8338Limburg (Zahn)W30/05/191729/05/1917
SmartSRfm (Rifleman)2406801/5 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
SmartSRf [Rifleman]240680Munster II, DulmenW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
SmartSRfm (Rifleman)240680Det no 41 GefW09/05/191807/05/1918
SmithPte [Private][28341 c/o]OhrdrufLady Burghclere
SmithP.H.? Cpl [Corporal]8341Hameln (See Smith, Henry no.273)
SmithHenryCpl [Corporal]67274296 [Barr B new St Jurgen {?} Osterholz, Hestermoor P. Gameson Kastorf c/o] Soltau Z 301033 Gerard St Anston in [unintelligible]Miss E.L. McKnight
SmithHCorpl [Corporal]6727Officers Gef. Clausthal ober. HarzB.08/08/191703/08/1917Switzerland
SmithHL/c (Lance Corporal)6727Holland25/04/191824/04/1918
[Smith c/o][James c/o]Sgt [Sergeant]345[4375, 5 Comp 3 Group, Hameln on Weser, Han, Barr 20 Soltau Hestermoor c/o] SwitzerlandMrs Ellen Smith, 20 Duke St, Fitzwilliam, N. WakefieldLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
SmithJohnPte [Private]1620[16 a Barr Gottingen Hanover c/o] Comp 6 2766 Langensalza, Sax50 Cromwell St, WidnesHon Hus[?] Willis Halswood [unintelligible]
SmithJPte [Private]1620Coy 7 Sect 104/11 CasselS.H.16/06/191711/06/1917
SmithTho [Thomas]Pte [Private]1620Langensalza SaxonyS.H17/01/191814/01/1918
SmithThomas HPte [Private]6692158 Bk 6 [abteclung {?} c/o] Bohmte [Hauptlage c/o] Osnabruck Han21 a The Mews [?] Waterloo LiverpoolR.S.A.
SmithTPte. [Private]6692Soltau Z. 3009. HanoverS.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
SmithT.HPte [private]66921587 Hameln HanoverS.H.21/07/191718/07/1917
SnellingJ .Tho8976
SnellingJ. T.Pte [Private]8976[Barr 20 Lager I Soltau Han c/o] Edewecht (Oldenburg) Barr 2Mrs N. Snelling, 12 Stephens Rd, West HamB.R.C.S.
SnellingJ TPte [Private]8976Barn 12 Lazer1 Soltau HanoverW.20/02/191716/02/1917
SnellingJ. T.Pte8976Soltau Z 8 HanoverW24/05/191723/05/1917
SollyW HRfm (Rifleman)502931/5 Gp 3 DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
SouthcoteRPte (Private)2414571/5 Bk 2 Munster IISH24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
SouthernJ8310S.HSwitzerland W.O Rept 05.01.17
SouthernJPte [Private]8310[Lippspringe c/o] Senne II S.V.P.Bolton Evening News
SparksThosPte [Private]10010[Barr 3B 18540, Friedrichfeld b. Weser] Hotel [unintelligible] SwitzerlandMrs Sparks 35 Grafton St, St HelensLpool W.W.S.B. (fort) Ch Army St Helens
SpeakmanJas [James]Rfm [Rifleman]241035Munster IIS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
SpeakmanJPte (Private)2417921/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
SpeakmanJas [James]Pte [Private]241792Munster II, DulmenW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
SpenderJ.G.W.Pte [Private]8297Bk I (494) Diepholm ger 00Mrs A [unintelligible] Limenston St, Chelsea SWLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
SpenderT.G.WPte [Private]8297Dieplatz bez Osnabruck HanoverW18/05/191716/05/1917
SpenderT. G. W.Pte8297Soltau Z 3032 HanoverW25/10/191708/10/1917
SpenderT.G.W.Pte [Private]8297SaltouZ. 3032. HannoverW.30/05/191729/05/1917
SpenderJ.Pte. [Private]5097Soltau Z. 3032. HanoverW.27/03/191705/03/1917
StaigJas.Pte [Private]12763Gefangenenlager Luneburg (Lahn)W07/05/191730/04/1917
StaigJPte [Private]12763Gaf. Minden29/06/191727/06/1917
StaigJasPte [Private]12753Coz 7. British Section. CasselW13/12/191707/12/1917
StaigJPte [private]12763LagensalzaB12/05/191710/05/1917
StaigJPte (Private)12763Gef LangensalzaW07/05/191801/05/1918Tr to W
StantonEdwinPte [Private]8768[Kriegsmoor b Josdedt{?} Kriegsharburg {Landkreis Harburg?} Han, Lager I Barr 20 Soltau Lichtenhorst c/o] Bohmte46 Sha Road, Bermondsey SER.S.A.
StantonEPte [Private]8768Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.14/03/191709/03/1917
StantonEPte876862337 Hamelm a/d Wesel HanoverS.H.20/03/191720/03/1917
StantonEPte [Private]8768HollandS.H.29/01/1918Cancelled from Bread list on 30/01/1918 as no longer prisoner
StantonW.E.1423Friedrichsfeld b Wesel, RheinlandW10/04/191710/04/1917
StantonWmPte [Private]1423[4386 Lager I Munster Sfw c/o] 39896 Lager I Minden SfwMrs M.E. Chamberlain, Orwell Lodge Malvern
StantonWPte [Private]1423Barr 9.B. Friedrichsfeld b WW12/05/191708/05/1917
StantonWPte [Private]1423Friedrichsfeld, bei Wesel, RhinelandS.H.
SteaneH.A.Pte [Private]8815[Weimberg Gossen c/o] Schneidermuhl Posen63 Tantarra[?] St, Wasall Staff.Lady Bective
SteaneH.A.Pte [Private]8815HollandW21/02/191819/02/1918
SteenE.F10021S.HSwitzerland 04.09.16
[Steen c/o][E.F. c/o][Pte c/o][10021 c/o]QuedlinburgMiss Beavan Shuch[?] M 21/12/15
SteenErnest FBandmsan[10814 c/o] 1002110814 Comp I Hameln [Hesepe c/o] Westphalia3 Berbice Road, Mosley Hill, L'pool (mother)[unintelligible]
SteenEdw.Bdmn [Bandsman]100211014. Hameln a/d WeserS.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
SteenEBndsmn [Bandsman]10021Hameln 20 HanoverS.H.27/12/191727/12/1917
StevensTSgt Major [Sergeant Major]240006Gef DulmenW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
StevensGeo. T.Rfmn (Rifleman)240006ParchimW.
StevensonJ664Liverpool womens workers?
[Stevenson c/o][Joseph c/o]Pte [Private]663[6a Barr 41A Gottingen Hanover Comp 3 Hut 49 c/o] Switzerlandq45 Robsart St, off St Homer St, Liverpool, Palace Hotel des Alpes, MurrenLpool W.W.S.B. (fort) ICSH
StevensonPPte [Private]2036161/5 Burgkaserne Mun [Munster]W21/03/191819/03/1918(new name)
StevensonPPte (Private)2036161/5 Res: Lazarette MunsterW25/04/191825/04/1918Source of Information: WO; (new name)
StockhamJPte [Private]10014[Block 9/4 Doeberitz c/o] EKI Coy 4 Friedrichsfeld30 Palmerston Rd, Wimbledon, SurreyLpool W.W.S.B. (fort) discontinued 9/5/16
StockhamFPte [private]1001433263 Heilsberg, East PrussiaW06/07/191706/07/1917
StockhamFPte [Private]10014DoberitzW23/08/191714/08/1917
StockenFrankPte [Private]7570[Barr 20 Lager I Soltau , Hanover c/o] Barr 2/1 Edewecht Oldenburg71 Rupert Rd, Upper Holloway, London NLady V Herbert
StockenF.Pte. [Private]7570Soltau Z. 102. HanoverS.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
StokesWmPte [Private]950209-AprMiss Bushey
StokesPPte [Private]74789/4 DoberitzF H Steeds POW Fund Hampstead
StrachanRPte [Private]6788[119 6 Comp Barr 12 Dulmen Sfw c/o] Comp 5 Lager I Munster d.b. weser30 Elba Street, aynB.R.C.S.
StrachanRPte. [Private]6788Det. Schwelm. Munster IIIS.H.27/03/191702/03/1917
StrachanRPte [private]6788Friedrichsfeld bei Wesel Barr 8S.H.01/09/191731/08/1917
StrachanR.Pte [Private]6788Lagar 1.Coltbus.S.H.25/10/191722/10/1917
StrangeGPte (Private)2429061/5 Room 7 Kriegs II MunsterW24/01/191823/01/1918(New name)
StreetingW.C.Pte [Private[`7867[4360, 7 Gp Hameln on Weser, Han c/o] EKI Comp 2 FriedrichsfeldLady Bective, Miss Beavan
StreetingW.OPte [Private]78671065 Coy 7 ChemmitzW17/01/191814/01/1918
StuartGeoRfm [Rifleman]50295Soltau Z 3605 HanoverW21/02/191819/02/1918
SucklingSaml [Samuel]Sgt [Sergeant]87933733 [IV BT 3 Gp 5 Comp c/o] Hameln on W. Han, Hestermoor p. Gamsen KestorfR.S.A.
SucklingSSergt [Sergeant]8793Soltau Z 3010 HanoverS.H.22/05/191721/05/1917
SucklingSSergt [Sergeant]87933733 Hamelin, HanoverS.H.16/06/191711/06/1917
SucklingSSgt [Sergeant]8793HollandSH18/03/191815/03/1918
SucklingSSerg [Sergeant]3733Soltau Z 3012 HanoverS.H.20/02/191716/02/1917
SummervilleJohnPte [Private]7226Husaren Kaserne, CrefeldMrs McCullough, 92 Beverley St, BelfastR.S.A.
SummervilleJPte [private]7226Strohen, Keis Sulingen, HanoverS.H.09/07/191709/07/1917Switzerland
SummervilleJPte [Private]7226Hameln a/d WeserS.H.25/03/191825/03/1918
SuttonG.ARfm[Rifleman]2036361/5 Gef Cp 3DulmenW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
SwainHRfm [Rifleman]40203Block 2. Room 2. Lager II MunsterS.H.28/02/191828/02/1918
[Sylvester c/o][Albert c/o]Pte [Private]10165[9 comp No 12 Ohrdruf ? c/o] Switzerland45 Bligh St LiverpoolLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
TaylorC.JRfm[Rifleman]2429721/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
[Taylor c/o][Robt. c/o]Pte [Private]7285[12 Barr Gottingen Hanover, [unintelligible], Mannheim c/o] Switzerland64 Watery Lane Sutton St Helens, Regina HotelMaven Switz[erland]Miss A Jones Kingsgarth St Helens
TaylorRobt.Pte. [Private]7285 2SLR[10a crossed out] 42 19915 Barrack,
Gottingen Hanover
64 Watery Lane Sutton St
? Liverpool
TaylorJ BRfm [Rifleman]40668Gef Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
TaylorJ.W.Pte [Private]40190S.L.R.Coy. 45A Gef. Dulmen. i West:W19/09/191712/09/1917
TaylorW.JPte [Private]40190Det no 462 Lager III Munster WestfalenW01/11/191729/10/1917
TaylorJPte (private)40031LangensalzaW07/05/191803/05/1918Source of Information: CC: 20/04/1918
TaylorLSPte [Private]10177Block 9/4 Doberitz
TaylorLeanord StanleyPte [Private]10177[Komp 9 6061 c/o] 9/4 DoeberitzNoneLady V Herbert
TaylorOthoRfm (Rifleman)2429721850 Friedrichsfeld bei W.W23/05/191813/05/1918Source of Inf: Hornsey PF
TaylorS WCpl [Corporal]15340Gef Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
TaylorS.W.Corp [Corporal]15340Gp 14 Parchim MecklW21/03/191821/03/1918
TevnichGPte [Private]235910Munster II, ParchimW04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
TevronGPte [Private]2352101/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
ThacheJPte [Private]78431270 Barr 5 Bohmte Beg Osnabruck Han511 Wharncliffe Gardens St Johns Wood NWLady Victoria H, Lady Carvagh (fort)
ThacheJ[1743struck] 7843 2SLR[1740 crossed out] 1270 Barrack 5 Bohmte
Bezirk Osnabuuck
511 Wharncliffe Gardens St
Johns Wood NW
ThacheJPte [private]7843Hameln Weser Coy 4S.H.
ThackerWCpl [Corporal]944710 Comp Senne II Sennelager b.p.Lady Burghclere`
ThackerWCorpl [Corporal]9447 2SLR4220 10 Coy Senne I Sennelager b Paderborn
ThackerWCrpl [Corporal]9447Soltau Z 3010 HanoverB20/02/191719/02/1917
ThackerWCpl [Corporal]9447Coy I No. 62060 HamelnB.21/07/191718/07/1917
ThackerWCorpl [Corporal]9447HollandB [S.H.] crossed out28/02/191828/02/1918
ThackerW.TCpl [corporal]62068Kriegs Gef Hameln Hanover01/09/191731/08/1917
ThainJasPte [Private] 3rd1163 3rd[3rd Bk crossed out] 2 Camp 2980 StendalLpool List 20 Wyndham St LpoolThain adopted by Miss E? W Knight Sea Cliffe Castletown and Miss A C Taylor 24 Rutland Avenue Sefton Park Lpoolnot on green card (this man is removed to Stendal Foreign Office information per B W Young 4.1.16 no further particulars quoted }
[Thain c/o][Jas c/o]Pte [Private]1163[2 Comp No 2980 Stendal aacher c/o] II Reg. Lan20 Wyndham St LiverpoolMiss E.L.McKnight, Sea Cliffs, Castletown, I.D.W., a,c, Jaylor 24 Rutlandavenue Sefton Park LpoolRepatriated 25/5/16
ThatcherLenPte [Private]10056Gosloh bei [Uchte Hanover c/o] Luthaus[unintelligible]34 West Road Mortlake SurreyLady B
Thacker [Thatcher]LPte [Private]10056Zweig Gosloh bei Uchte Hanover [Munster
crossed out]
34 West Road Mortlake Surrey
ThatcherL10056Soltau Z. 3034 HanoverB??/03/191723/03/1917
ThatcherLPte [private]10056Hameln a/d WeserB23/08/191721/08/1917
ThomasErnestPte [Private]97523901 [5gp 2 Barr Uchtermoor F.B.G. Han c/o] HamelnR.S.A.
[Thomas crossed out]
ThomasEPte [Private]97523901 5 Gp 2 Bk Uchter Moor Uchter Station
ThomasEPte [Private]97523901. Hameln a/d Weser. HanoverW06/07/191703/07/1917
ThomasonSSgt [Sergeant]5263685 [6 Gp IV Bt Stenhorst Han c/o] Barr I Stenhorst Han Kriegsgelangen[?] Soltau22 Baker St, Parr, St HelensLady Bective (Monthly) St Helens
ThomasonSSergt [Sergeant]526 3SLR3685 6 gp IV Bt [Kriegs Hameln crossed out]
Uchter Moor
56 Pocket Nook St St Helens
22 Baker St Parr St helens
ThomasonSSergt [Sergeant]526Soltan Z, 3085 HanoverS.H.09/06/191706/06/1917
ThomasonSSgt [Sergeant]526HollandSH18/03/191815/03/1918
[Thompson c/o][C c/o]Cpl [Corporal]See no. 33IV Bt 10 Gp Hameln on Weser Han
[Thompson c/o][Charles c/o]Cpl [Corporal]9204[4209 Barr 3 Gp 5 Comp {Hameln on Weser Han} c/o] Soltau Z 3010R.S.A + Post office according to list
ThompsonCCorpl [Corporal]Su 33 SLRIV Bt 10 Gp Hameln
ThompsonC.F.Cpl [Corporal]9204S L.R HollandG.B.604/03/191804/03/1918
ThompsonC.F.[L crossed out] Cpl [corporal]92044209 [ illegible New St Jurgen(Kreig Osterlitz)
crossed out] 3rd Group 5 Comp Hameln
C J Thompson C/o Miss Hibbert Clarkburan Carbury
Co Kildare
ThompsonDRfm [Rifleman]191031/5 Soltau Z 3605W30/01/191830/01/1918[new name]
ThompsonDRfmn [Rifleman]191031/5th Soltau Z. 3605 HanoverW28/02/191827/02/1918
ThorneF.E.Cpl [Corporal]80284444 [Uchtermoor F.B.G. Han c/o] Hestenmoor P. Gamsen Kastorf Han40 Mintern St LondonLpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
ThorneFECpl [Corporal]80284444 Uchter Moor [Hameln crossed out]40 Mintern St london
ThorneF.E.Corpl [Corporal]8028Soltau Z 3010 HanoverW14/03/191709/03/1917
ThorpeAndrewLt [Lieutenant]Mulheim (H)
[ThorpeAndrewLieut {Lieutenant} c/o]Mulheim (H)
TibblesAlfredBandsman72693829 [Uchtermoor F.B.G Hanover c/o] Offigien[?] Gef Helmstedt BraunschweigMrs Gertrude Donald, Grendon Lodge Helensburgh, Lady Bective
TibblesA{written in pencil}Pte [Private] Bnds{written in pencil}[97 crossed out] 7269 {written in pencil]3829 Uchter Moor Uchter Station HanoverAdopted by Mrs Gertrude Daonald Grendon Lodge
TibblesABdsmn [Bandsman]72693829. Hameln. Hanover.W19/09/191704/09/1917
TibblesABandsman7269Coy 3 Hamelin, HanoverW16/06/191712/06/1917
TibblesABdsmn [Bandsman]7269Officers' Lager. Helmstadt. Brauwschweig.W29/06/191726/06/1917
TibblesABdsmn [bandsman]7269Officers Gef,Helmsteadt,BraunschweigW09/07/191709/07/1917
TibblesB A7269Officers Gef aus Lager Clausthal am. Harg.W02/05/191829/04/1918
TierneyWPte [Private]776Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck HanoverMrs Tierney, 125 Chawcery Lane St Helens JerseyLady Bective (Monthly) St Helens
TierneyWPte [Private]776{ 3rd Lancs} ?Bohmte Bezirk Osnabruck Hanover
TierneyWPte [Private]776Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.24/04/191723/04/1917
TierneyWPte [Private]776Hameln. HanoverS.H.21/07/191718/07/1917
TierneyWPte [Private]7763911 Hameln 17 HanoverS.H17/01/191814/01/1918
TinsleyJas [James]Rfm [Rifleman]242575Gp3 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
TinsleyJRf (Rifleman)242575ParchimS.H.04/04/191804/04/1918
TinsleyRRfmn [Rifleman]39319Barr 2 Lazarette Mulheim af Ruhr RA 20S.H.14/02/191814/02/1918
TinsleyRRfm [Rifleman]39319Block 2 Lager ll Munster in VS.H04/03/191804/03/1918
TinsleyRRfm (Rifleman)39319No 73335 Bk 3. Coy 9. Group 2. MindenSH16/05/191809/05/1918
TraylenE.J.C.S.M. [Company Sergeant Major]59152 Block 9 Coy [Dulmen sfw c/o] Munden No. 42243 Munden SFW[Aurora Hotel, St Heliens, Jersey c/o] Swan Hotel, Claygale SurreyJersey
TraylenEC.S.M [Company Sergeant major]591513h 2 Coy 9 Lager Minden, WestfalenW14/03/191708/03/1917
TraylenC.S.M. [Company Sergeant Major]5915Soltau HanoverW.08/08/191707/08/1917
TraylenECSM [Company Sergeant Major]5915HollandWJan 29 191829/01/1918
TuftSPte [Private]2424811/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
TulleyRobertPte [Private]13094Depot des Prisonniers de Guerre, Philippopolis Bulgaria
TulleyRPte [Private]13094Bellovo, Bulgaria(W)16/04/191712/04/1917
TurleyWm [William]Rfm [Rifleman]241575Gp3 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
TurnerA.H.Cpl [Corporal]64103827 [Uchtermoor F.B.G c/o] Hanover Zweig Steinhorst Soltau8 Court 6 House Tower Road, Aston, BghamBirmingham
TurnerAHCpl [Corporal]64103827 Uchter Moor??? [Hameln crossed out]8 Court 6 House Tower Rd Aston BirminghamAdopted by Bgham
TurnerA.H.Cpl [Corporal]64103827. Kriesgef. Hameln. HanoverW19/09/191712/09/1917Switzerland W.O 28.05.15
TurnerA HSgt [Sergeant]6410HollandW18/03/191815/03/1918
TurnerHPte [Private]2037611/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
TurnerWPte [Private]403471/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
TursonIRfm [Rifleman]240632Gef Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
[TurtonHarry JPte {Private}10016Switzerland
TurtonHarry JPte [Private]10016Lazarette? Wittenberg40 High St Shadwell London ELady Burghclere
TylerG.E9810Salvation Army
TylerGeoPte [Private]9810[4193 Vintemoor b. Recke Hanover c/o] EKI Comp 2 FriedrichsfeldMrs Beattie Westley[?] Vic, Herefordshire, Lady [unintelligible] (fort)
Tyler[Jcrossed out] GeoPte [Private]98104193 Ventemoor [10Gp hameln a Weder cros
sed out]
Adptd by Mrs Beattie Weopley Vic Herefordshire
TylerG.E.Pte [Private]9810Compy ho 1067, ChemnitzW.10/01/191804/01/1917
[Tyson c/o]Pte [Private]7627W.O. 6/4/16 Hueberg [Cassel c/o] BadenR.S.A.
TysonPte [Private]Cassel
UptonPte [Private]20026
UgaraJPte [Private]361671/5 AltdammW21/02/191819/02/1918(new name)
UnsworthSamuelRfm[Rifleman]367631/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
UnsworthW.ARfm[Rifleman]401491/5 SLR Munster IIW10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
UnsworthWaRfm (Rifleman)40149Transferred to Salvation Army22/04/191822/04/1918
VaughanW83823716 Edewecht (Oldenburg)Miss B 38 Brickston St, Sefton Pr LiverpoolLady Bective
VaughanWPte [Private]8382Soltau Z 3565 HanoverW20/02/191719/02/1917
VaughanW.Pte [Private]8382SoltauZ. 721. HannoverL.25/10/191709/10/1917Line crossed out
VaughanW.Pte [Private]8382SoltauZ. 728. HannoverL.29/11/191723/11/1917
VaughanWPte [private]8382Soltau Z 721 HanoverL25/10/191716/10/1917
VaughanWPte [Private]8382Soltau Z. 3728: HanoverL25/02/191822/02/1918
VeachGeoPte [Private]5060ExchangedExchanged May/16Lpool W.W.S.B. (fort)
[Veach crossed out][G crossed out][Pte [Private]crossed out[[5060crossed out][Senne I crossed out]
VoseSgt Major [Sergeant Major]241248DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
VoseThosSgt Major241248Barr 31. DulmenS.H.04/03/191801/03/1918
WaddingtonR.P.Cpl [Corporal]133582125 Comp 8 Barr E Giessen [Darmstadt c/o]6 Albany Terr. Cross St, Sale, CheshireMrs Blackborne 09/5/16, Mrs Margt, Hornby, 11 Richmand Mansions, Earl's Court, London SW
WaddingtonR.PCorpl [Corporal]13358Barr. C. Coz 10. GiessenW28/07/191727/07/1917
WaddingtonRCorpl [Corporal]1335840736. Barr.39. Coy 7. Meschede, Westfalen [Westphalia]W.04/10/191728/09/1917
WaddingtonR.Corpl [Corporal]13358Soltau. HannoverW.19/12/191719/12/1917
WaddingtonRCorpl [corporal]13358Hameln HanoverB16/06/191711/06/1917
WaddingtonRCp (Corporal)13358Coy 3. 78949. Hameln 17.B08/04/191805/04/1918
WaddingtonRC/pl (Corporal)13358Holland25/04/191824/04/1918
WainmanCRfm [Rifleman]235213Gef Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
WakefieldPPte (Private)36638GiessenW16/05/191813/05/1918
Walker JJRfm[Rifleman]241738Gef II Munster I/WS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
WalkerJCp [Corporal]241738Munster II, DulmenS.H.04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
WalkerL.A.Corpl [Corporal]10309Kriegs Lazaret, S. Clothilde, Donai.W16/06/191711/06/1917
WalkerL.A.Corpl [Corporal]10309Reserve Lazerett, Berghiseine, Munster, WestfalenW16/06/191715/06/1917
WalkerL.A.Corpl [Corporal]10309Camp111. Soltau.HannoverW.04/10/191728/09/1917
WalkerLCorpl [Corporal]10309Coz.28 A. Group 3. Dalmen. WestfalenW23/08/191709/08/1917
WalkerLCorpl [Corporal]10309Coy 28A Group 3 Dulmen WestfalenW06/07/191703/07/1917
WalkerL.ACpl [Corporal]10309HamelnW01/11/191731/10/1917
WalshCPte [Private]7361[27 Barr 36, 29 Lager I Soltau Han c/o] Officers Lager, Gelle Schlon35 Grenfell St Widnes (wife)R.S.A.
WalshCPte [Private]7361Lager 1 Barr 34 Soltau HanoverS.H.14/03/191712/03/1917
WalshERfm[Rifleman]2027211/5 Gp 3 DulmenS.H.24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
WalshJohnPte [Private]5609400[9 c/o]8 [I Lager Munster SFW c/o] Lager I Slendal[8 John Street c/o] OldhamChambic Leech, 8 Kid[grove c/o]brook Park Rd, Blackheath St
WalshJPte [Private]56094008 Burgsteinfurt, WestfalenW.21/03/191719/03/1917
WalshJPte [Private]56098354. Burgsteinfurt. WestfalenW17/04/191717/04/1917
WalshJPte [Private]56098354 Lager III [3] Munster WestfalenW14/11/191709/11/1917
WalshTPte [Private]5609Strafanstalt, CasselW24/01/191818/01/1918[new name]
WalshJPte[Private]5609Lager 3 Munster WestfalenW14/02/191809/02/1918
WalshJPte[Private]5609Lager III MunsterW14/02/191811/02/1918
WardJPte [Private]9929S.L.R. 70206.Friedrichsfeld bei WeselS.H.19/09/191719/09/1917
WardJ9929Salvation Army
WardJosephPte [Private][9929 c/o][4004 I Camp Hosfieldmunster sfw, Dulmen sfw 10/5/16 c/o] 39806 Block 3 Comp 3 Munden sfw2 Wales St Newton le Willows, LancsR.S.A. Mrs French (bread) Mrs Rugg
WardJPte [Private]99298425 Burgsteinfurt, WestfalenS.A.09/06/191708/06/1917
WardTPte (Private)22418Coy Barr E, GiessenW16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: Rel 13/05/1918
WaringJasCrpl[Corporal]2401571/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
WaringJas [James]Rfm [Rifleman]246197Block 2. Room 20. Lager II MunsterS.H.28/02/191828/02/1918
WaringJRf [Rifleman]240197Munster II, ParchimS.H.04/04/191804/04/1918Source of information: W.O.
WathWmPte (Private)241098Lager II Munster WestfalenSH31/01/191831/01/1918(new name)
WatkinsVictorL/Cpl [Lance Corporal9899Comp [6 c/o] [Barr 57 c/o] Wahn bei Coln, 5 Field 10 Schiessplatz30 Fridegan Rd, Bow. ELpool W.W.S.B.
WatkinsV.Cpl [corporal]9899Kriegs. Gef. LimburgW01/09/191728/08/1917
WatsonGSergt [Sergeant]8010[21 Comp Senne III Sennelager b.p. {bei Paderborn}, I Comp E.K.I Friedrichsfeld c/o]Birmingham
WatsonGSergt [Sergeant]8010Block 2 coy 9 33675 Minden WestphalenW14/03/191709/03/1917
WatsonGSgt [Sergeant]8010HollandWJan 29 191829/01/1918
WattsCPte [Private]503021/5 Bk 2 Munster IIW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
WebbCPte [Private]926Soltau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.14/03/191712/03/1917
WebbFredPte [Private]926[Bohmte Begirk Osnabruck Han c/o] Block 2 Coy 9 33675 Minden SFW61 Sandy Lane, Lawton St Mary, 47 Lime St, Newton, ManchesterR.S.A.
WebbFPte [Private]926Hameln. HanoverS.H.28/07/191723/07/1917
WebsterJonasRfm [Rifleman]241845Gp3 DulmenS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
WebsterW.CRfm[Rifleman]2403091/5 Gef Bk 2 Room Munster I/WW24/01/191823/01/1918[new name]
WebsterW CRfm [Rifleman]240309S.H.21/03/191819/03/1918Cancelled from the tobacco list: 19/03/1918
WebsterWRfm [Rifleman]2403091/5 Munster II WestfalenS.H.28/03/191827/03/1918Names cancelled from Tobacco list: 27/03/1921
WebsterW.CRf [Rifleman]240309Munster II, Gustrow MecklS.H.04/04/191803/04/1918Source of information: Rel.
WebsterWmPte (Private)20536GiessenW16/05/191813/05/1918
WeilandC APte [Private]40182Gp 3 Gef DulmenW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
WelchJohnPte [Private]9958[Repatriated c/o] 4013 [1 c/o] 2 Comp StendalNo. 8 I Block Vine St Bdgs, Tooley St, BermondseyMiss Ozd[?]
WelchJ.Pte [Private]9958Coy5. 7246. MerseburgW.25/10/191708/10/1917
WelchJPte [private]9958Officers camp Burg by MagdeburgW06/12/191704/12/1917
WelchTPte[Private]9958Officers Lager Halle SaxeW30/01/191825/01/1918Bread sent: Jan 30th 1918
Tobacco sent Feb 4th 1918
WelchJPte [Private]9958MesseburgW21/02/191819/02/1918
WeldonARfmn [Rifleman]2428201/5 Gef II Bk 2 cto 5 hut Munster 1/WW14/02/191811/02/1918
WellsA.C.Pte [Private]7947Lager I Barr [20 c/o] 1 Soltau, HanChambic Leech, R.O
WellsA.C.Pte [Private]7947Lager I, Barr I, SoltauW16/04/191716/04/1917
WellsA.C.Pte [Private]794710276 Coy 2 Stuttgart, WurtembergW09/06/191708/06/1917
WernerERfm [Rifleman]2037351/5 Coy 25B Group 3 DulmenW04/03/191804/03/1918(new name)
WestARfm [Rifleman]242970Munster IIW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
WestArthurPte (Private)249970AltdammW.
WestEmanPte [Private]73471544 Bohmte Beg, Osnabruck Han, Soltau Z 300934 Juno Street, Oldham Rd, M'ch'r, 17A Highfield Road, Blackburn [47 Lime Street c/o][J Montgomery Norton, Mrs Patterson, 25 Queen's Gate Gardens, London
WestEPte [Private]7347Sotau Z 3009 HanoverS.H.20/02/191719/02/1917
WestE.Pte7347Soltau Z. II HanoverWolv22/05/191722/05/1917
WestEPte [Private]73471544. Soltau Z10 HanoverS.H.08/08/191707/08/1917
WestEPte [Private]7347Soltau Z. 3264. HanoverS.H.28/02/191826/02/1918
WestonA9195Salvation Army
WestonAlfPte [Private]9195[Diepholz, Soltau, Hanover Lage c/o] Nordeutche nuehaldens Leben bei Volpke[?]Mrs J Dicken, 30 Basingstoke Rd, BasingstokeChambic Leech, Lady Bective
WestonA.Pte. [Private]9195Soltau Z. 3027. HanoverS.A.27/03/191728/02/1917
WestworthRRfm [Rifleman]240287Stanislager [?], Limburg LahnS.H.28/02/191828/02/1918
WestworthRRfm (Rifleman)240287Lager no 106585 4 E Gef Barr 8, Limburg.SH09/05/191808/05/1918
WettonJ.GRfm[Rifleman]393091/5 SLR Munster IIS.H.10/01/191804/01/1918[new name]
WhalleyJPte [Private]241300Batt 2. Coz 7. Barr 17. Camp no 1408. Truppenuburgsplatz. Alten Grabow.S.H.28/02/191823/02/1918
WhalleyRL/Cpl [Lance Corporal241750Gef II MunsterW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
WhalleyRobtL'corpl [Lance Corporal]241750Det 41 Dulmen WestphaliaW14/03/191813/03/1918
WhittakerBRfm [Rifleman]201529Gp 3 DulmenW16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
WhittakerBRfm (Rifleman)201529DulmenW09/05/191807/05/1918
WhiteA.LRfm [Rifleman]242861Gef:Lagarett QuedlinbergS.H.16/01/191816/01/1918[new name]
WhiteA LRfm (Rifleman)242861Laz. Liedlinlung (?)SH16/05/191813/05/1918Source of inf: SH
WhitfieldHL/sgt (Leuitenant Sergeant)240044Gp III DulmenW04/02/191801/02/1918(new names)
WhitfieldH.L'Sgt (Leuitenant - Sergeant)240044ParchimW.07/03/191805/03/1918
WhitleesCPte (private)240550Laz. Gef Cassel