In 1918 the Representation of the People Act allowed women over the age of 30 who met a property qualification to vote. This was a massive step towards equality of voting rights for women.

In 2018 Warrington Museum held an exhibition celebrating notable women from the town’s history to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Act. In this exhibition it was only possible to look at a small number of women. This page offers a far more comprehensive list of those women who have played an important role in Warrington’s life. There are hundreds of names to be added to the list, so keep checking back for updates. The only criteria we have set is that, as this is an historic A-Z, living people are not eligible for inclusion.

Many of the women on the list have a married name and a maiden name, to avoid duplication their details have been cited under their most recent name, with a cross reference entry under any known earlier names. In some cases a maiden name or married name may not be known to us, in such instances the entry is placed under the known name.

More information can be found about many of these women by visiting Warrington Archives. If you have any information you would like to share about one of the women, or have a name from Warrington’s past you think should be added to the list please send details and a picture if possible to [email protected]




A’Court-Repington, Melloney Catherine Isabel (see Ireland-Blackburne)

Aikin, Anna Laetitia (See Barbauld)

Aikin, Lucy, b.1781 – d.1864

Author, poet, and historian. Aiken also worked as an editor and translator and produced educational books for children.
Armstrong, Ellen, nee Gandy, b.1882 – d.1961.

Ellen, also known as Nellie, Gandy was Head Mistress of Oakwood Infant School and around 1920 was elected as President of the Warrington Teacher’s Association .
Ashworth, Edith, b.1882 – d.unknown.

Edith Ashworth was secretary of the Warrington War Savings Committee during WW1, and performed many charitable works during her lifetime. She was Secretary of the Warrington and District Council of Social Service for 26 years.


Ayres, Hannah, b.1828 – d.1922. Hannah Ayres was noted as Warrington’s oldest woman to vote in the 1918 General Election, the first election in which women could vote.


Baker, Ada Mary, (see Downham)
Baker, Madeline Trezise, b.1891 – d.1976. Miss M. Baker was the winner of the 100 yards Ladies’ Swimming Championship of Warrington and District in 1921. She was a keen sport enthusiast, a member of the School Children’s Sports Committee and an assistant teacher at Fairfield School.
Barbauld, Anna Laetitia, nee Aikin, b.1743 – d.1845. Prominent poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, and author of children’s literature. Anna was a noted political and moral thinker.
Beamont, Letitia, b.1816 – d.1902. Philanthropist, supporter of many schools and churches in Warrington. Supporter of Warrington Infirmary. Founder of the Beamont Charity to provide pensions for elderly people on hard times.
Bellenden Clarke, Frances Elizabeth, (see Grand)
Beardmore, Kate Emily, b.1866 – d.1931. Ms. K. E. Beardmore was headmistress of Christ Church School and later of Bolton Council School Infants. She retired in October 1927 after serving 33 years in the role.
Birchall, Lucy A (See Kirkham)
Blackburne, Anna, b.1726 – d.1793 A noted naturalist, Anna studied the new methods of systematically describing and naming flora and fauna. She published her entomological observations and devoted herself to the natural history museum her father had started at Orford Hall. Anna corresponded with eminent naturalists across the world including Carl Linnaeus to whom she sent specimens of rare birds and insects.
Blears, Betty, (see Colley)  


Bolas, Olive, nee Cleaver, b.1919 – d.2004. During World War Two Olive Cleaver, also listed as Olive Cleave, became Warrington Corporation’s first female bus conductor.
Bolton, Florence Ellen, nee. Fawcett, b.1876 – d.1947. Mrs. Florence Ellen Bolton was Mayoress of Warrington and President of the League of Help in 1943.
Booth, Theresa, b.1875 – d.1927. Theresa Booth was a member of the Women’s Liberal Club and played a leading part in their activities.
Bowden, Kate, nee Hatton, b.1874 – d.1966. Kate Bowden was  local leader of the Women’s Voluntary Service, based in Rylands Street. In 1938, she was appointed a Borough Magistrate and served on the Juvenile and Domestic Court Panels.
Broadbent, Constance Harvey, b.1864 – d.1943. In 1870-71, Miss C. H. Broadbent became Warrington’s first woman councillor. She was elected to the Board of Guardians in 1904 and by 1943 served as secretary to the League of Pity (a branch of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). She was also on the London Committee of the Naples Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Broadbent, Margaret, b.1879 – d.1943. Margaret Broadbent M.B.E. had long been associated with the British Red Cross Society and served as Commandant of the Cheshire 22 Voluntary Aid Detachment in 1912. During WW1, she was Commandant of Raddon Court  Red Cross Hospital, for which service she was made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) and received the Belgian Order of the Crown medal. She worked with a number of different committees in Latchford and was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1938.
Broadbent, Sylvia, b.1869 – d.1942. Sylvia Broadbent served as Vice President of the Daresbury Branch of the British Red Cross during WWI and was instrumental in raising funds to purchase a motorised ambulance for the organisation.


Capper, Mabel Henrietta, b.1888 – d.1966. Mabel Capper was famous as a suffragette and playwright, but is best known locally as Warrington’s first female journalist.
Clare, Ivy, (see Wakefield)
Cleaver, Olive, (see Bolas)
Colley, Betty, nee Blears b.1915 – d.1987

To help in the War effort Betty Blears served as a porter at Central Station in May 1941.

Corlett, Mabel, nee Mansell, b.unknown – d.unknown. Mabel Corlett became organiser of Warrington Music Club in 1941 and served as secretary of the Club in June 1942. She was a singer and teacher, and a member of the Warrington Musical Society and the Crosfield Amateur Operatic Society.
Cross, Elizabeth Sophie, (see powys)
Crozier, Alice, b.unknown – d.unknown. To help with the war effort during WW2 Alice Crozier worked as a horse van driver for the London, Midland and Scottish Railway.
Culshaw, Beryl, b.1925 – d.unknown. Miss Beryl Culshaw was a member of the National Fire Service during WW2. She was also named “Miss Warrington 1943”.
Cunningham, Elizabeth, b.1892 – d.unknown. Elizabeth Cunningham worked as a Nursing Sister at Warrington Infirmary for 25 years and retired from her post in November 1942.



Darby, Ethel Marjorie Caroline, nee Reynolds, b.1886 – d.1959. Marjorie Darby was leader of the Warrington Musical Society Orchestra, a member of the Warrington Photographic Society, and served as vice-President of the Grappenhall Women’s Institute.
Dawbarn, Emily (see Ridgway)
Dean, Mary A., b.1921 – d.unknown. During WW2 Mary Dean served as a Sergeant in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, she was placed in charge of the officers department. After the war she served with the Women’s Royal; Army Corps and was awarded the Efficiency Medal (Territorial).
Downham, Ada Mary, nee Baker, b.1890 – d.1960. Mrs. Ada Downham was Headmistress at Oakwood Avenue Council School and had served as President of the Class Teachers’ Association. She was a member of the Juvenile Panel of the Borough Bench and became a Justice of the Peace in November 1941.


Frost, Ann Lucy, nee Frost, b.1865 – d.1936 Ann Frost of Grappenhall Hall was Honorary Treasurer of the Warrington and District branch of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children for 24 years. During WWI she worked at Raddon Court hospital, founded the Daresbury Branch of the British Red Cross Society which she was also the Vice-President of and in 1915, founded Thelwall Heyes military hospital where she became the Commandant. Upon closure of the hospital she was awarded the M.B.E. She was Chairman of the Brabazon Society and Chairman of the Mothers and Babies Welcome and the local Society of the Blind.
Fawcett, Florence Ellen, (see Bolton)


Gandy, Ellen,  (see Armstrong)
Garland, Alison Vickers, b.1862 – d.1939. Alison Garland was a member of Warrington Women’s Liberal Association and unsuccessfully stood for election in Warrington during the 1929 General Election. She was the first woman to stand for Warrington. She was a member of the executive committee of the Union of Practical Suffragists
Garnett, Helen (see Parker)
Gornall, Mary, b.1878 – d.1946. During World War One Mary Gornall worked as a British Red Cross nurse. In 1914 she helped prepare Raddon Court Military Hospital, working there until 1916 when she was appointed Matron at Orford Barracks Military Hospital. At Orford Nurse Gornall employed such high standards that the hospital was declared one of the cleanest and most comfortable establishments in the Western Command. Prior to the War Mary was a music teacher and an Associate of the Royal Manchester College of Music.
Grand, Sarah, alias Chambers McFall,  Frances Elizabeth, nee Bellenden Clarke, b.1854 – d.1943. Feminist author and women’s rights campaigner, Vice President of the Women’s Suffrage Society, member of the Women’s Writers’ Suffrage League.
Greenall, Frances Eliza, alias Baroness Daresbury, nee Griffith, b.1874 – d. 1953. Lady Greenall of Walton Hall was heavily involved in local politics through her roles with the Warrington Women Unionists, the Tariff Reform League and the Win The War League. In 1917 she established the Blighty Club for wounded soldiers and sailors in Sankey Street, Warrington. She was for many years a Cheshire Pony Club District Commissioner.
Griffith, Frances Eliza (see Greenall)


Hankinson, Frances Alma, (see Linguard)
Hatton, Kate (see Bowden)
Hooper, Grace Margaret, b.1887 – d.unknown. Grace Margaret Hooper was Matron of Warrington Infirmary for over 20 years and was a member of the Association of Hospital Matrons.
Horspool, Amy, b.1882 – d.1954. Amy Horspool was Head Mistress of Ellesmere Street Infant School and later of Bolton Council School Infants Department. In 1929 she was elected as President of the Warrington Head Teacher’s Association.
Houghton, Marie, b.unknown – d.unknown A Soprano vocalist who performed at the Royal Albert Hall, Hereford and Worcester Festivals and many concerts across the UK. Houghton trained under the guidance of Madame Albani a leading opera soprano of the 19th century. She sang at Kensington Palace for HRH Princess Henry of Battenburg.
Hutchings, Beatrice Mary, nee Layton b.1878 – d.1956 Magistrate for the County of Lancashire, appointed in 1920. Honorary Treasurer of the Warrington Mothers and Babies Welcome. During WWI she worked at Raddon Court Military Hospital initially and then at Thelwall Heys Convalescent Home.


Ireland-Blackburne, Melloney Catherine Isabel, nee A’Court-Repington, b.1891 – d.1965 President of St Austin’s Ward Branch of the Women’s Unionist Association. In 1915 she assisted at the Oaklands Military Hospital. From 1916 to 1918 she was engaged in censorship work at Liverpool. Elected President of the Junior Women’s Unionist Association in 1916.


James, Leonora, b.1913 – d.2007 Was secretary of Crosfield’s Nursing Division for 7 years. She served as Secretary of the Council of Social Service which carried responsibility for the Citizens’ Advice Bureau. She assisted in the opening of four ‘Darby and Joan’ Clubs. During WW2 she served as a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse. She was a founding member of the Warrington Soroptimist Club.


Kirkham, Lucy A., nee Birchall, b.1895 – d.1964. As part of two War efforts Lucy Kirkham took on the role of Bus Conductress during WWI and Bus Conductress Supervisor during WW2.
Kemble, Elizabeth (see Whitlock)


Layton, Beatrice Mary (see Hutchings)
Linguard, Frances Alma, nee Hankinson, b.1902 – d.1961. A teacher at St. Alban’s School, Miss Hankinson was elected President of Warrington Class Teacher’s Association in 1943.


Mackie, Dr. Mary Anderson, nee Noble, b.1891 – d.1973. Dr Mary Anderson Noble was Warrington’s first female Doctor and House Surgeon. During WWI She served at Whitecross Military Hospital and was later made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for her services there.
Mansell, Mabel, (see Corlett)
Mullins, Kathleen, b.1918 – d.unknown. Kathleen Mullins served as a Recruiting Sergeant of the Auxiliary Territorial Service, based in Malvern, during WW2.


Noble, Dr. Mary Anderson (see Mackie)


Ollier, Ethel, b.1918 – d.unknown. Ethel was the Post Office’s first woman van driver in the North West, possibly the UK.


Parker, Helen, nee Garnett, b.1865 – d.1941. Mrs. Helen Parker was a leading member of the Warrington Women’s Suffragist Society, and President of Warrington Women Liberals Association. She established several homes for Belgian refugees during WW1 and was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in 1920.


Peacock, Hannah, (see Phillips)
Phillips, Hannah, nee Peacock b.1780 – d.1853. Philanthropist and key figure in the Independent Methodist movement. Remained in a stricken part of Warrington during the cholera epidemic of 1832 to care for the sick and needy.  Established Sunday Schools to teach reading and writing to poor children of the town.
Powys, Elizabeth Sophie, nee Cross, b.1896 – d.1963. Elizabeth (Elsie) Cross, later Elizabeth Douglas, then Elizabeth Powys received the Military Medal for Gallantry following her actions during an air raid whilst serving in Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps.


Rawlinson, Elizabeth, b.unknown – d.unknown. Elizabeth Rawlinson was employed at Winwick Asylum for 13 years prior to its being taken over by the War authorities as the Lord Derby Hospital. She served 11 years as a charge nurse. During the time the hospital was operated by the military, Elizabeth worked as an assistant staff nurse and was commended for her efficiency and devotion to work by her colleagues and by the Minister of War.
Reynolds, Ethel Marjorie Caroline (see Derby)
Ridgway, Emily, nee Dawbarn, b.1860 – d.1940. Emily Ridgway of Lymm was an author, lecturer and speaker.  During World War One, she raised money for the British Red Cross and for refugees in Belgium, France, Italy and Serbia through her lecture tours.
Rigby, Lily, b.1894 – d.1982. Lily Rigby worked as Primary Leader at the Workingmen’s Mission Sunday School for 25 years, was a member of staff at the Technical Institute from 1921 to 1939, and was a teacher under the Liverpool Education Committee from 1924 to 1940. In 1943, she was appointed as the official representative of the Warrington Union on the Lancashire and Cheshire Council of temperance work. In 1951 she was appointed a Justice of the Peace in Warrington.


Shelton-Jones, Margaret Elizabeth, b.1870 – d.1943. Margaret Elizabeth Shelton-Jones on the outbreak of WWI, became a member of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Relief Committee. When the War Pensions Committee was formed, she became a member and was later appointed as chairman of the Children’s Committee. Her voluntary work in the administration of war pensions was recognised in 1928 by her being made a Member of the British Empire (MBE).
Sisson, Florrie Telford, b.1924 – d.unknown. During WW2 Florrie Telford Sisson joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (A.T.S.). As a Sergeant she was honoured with a Certificate of Merit signed by the Chief of the General Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Home Forces. She was one of the youngest in this branch of the Armed Services to hold the rank of Sergeant.
Smith, Sarah Jane, b.1864 – d. August 1940. Businesswoman Sarah Smith founded the Sunbeam Fisheries on London Road, Stockton Heath in 1904.
Summerskill, Edith Clara, alias Baroness Summerskill Doctor of Medicine, Feminist, Labour Politician, and Author. Summerskill was one of the founders of the Socialist Health Organisation, which spearheaded the creation of the NHS. In a battle to stem the tide of tuberculosis, in 1949 she created legislation to ensure that milk was pasteurised. Summerskill was MP for Warrington from May 1955 – January 1961.


Timewell, Frances Grace, b.1862 – d.1932 Superintendent at Warrington Training College between 1916 and 1924. Vice Principal of the College from 1916-1919. Frances was for some time chair of the Warrington Women’s Citizen Association. She was a Manager of the Ladies’ School of Industry in the town.
Timewell, Mary Margaretta, b.1864 – d.1947. Mary Timewell was a much respected teacher in the town and served for many years as a mistress at Hamilton Street School.  She was an active member of the Warrington Suffragist Society.
Trotter, Gertrude, b.1883 – d.unknown. Gertrude Trotter was appointed Superintendent of the Warrington Nursing Association in 1927. She was Chairman of the Local Midwives Association, Divisional Superintendent of the Cheshire & Warrington Division of the British Red Cross and was a branch member of the Spinster’s Association.


Wakefield, Ivy, nee Clare, b.1921 – d.1978. As part of the Town’s drive for women war workers Ivy Clare began work as a porter at Central Station in May 1941.
Westwell, May, b.1888 – d.1918. May Westwell had been a teacher at Evelyn Street Council School. Following a period of work as an administrative assistant with the Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps in Ireland, May was returning to Warrington when a U-boat sunk the Irish mail boat RMS Leinster on which she was travelling. She was buried in Ireland with full military honours, and memorial services were held at St. Barnabas’ Church in Warrington.
Whitlock, Elizabeth, nee Kemble, b.1761 – d.1836 Warrington born actress who performed at Drury Lane in London and later before George Washington in the United States.