What makes Warrington and ‘Warringtonians’ special? How did a town emerge as one of the leading industrial and commercial centres of the region? Who are the people – famous and infamous – who have helped to shape its history?

Today the borough of Warrington incorporates twenty-two distinct wards stretching from Culcheth in the north to Lymm in the south and from Penketh in the west to Birchwood in the east. Between these are the old established areas of Howley and Latchford and newer suburbs on the fringes of the town centre itself.

Today Warrington is a self-governing authority within the county of Cheshire, but for much of its history the borough was part of Lancashire. The local government reorganisation of 1974 has created an enlarged borough which straddles the River Mersey and incorporates many former historic communities on its borders – all with their own unique history and character that serves to enrich the identity of this modern town.