Culture Warrington has created a space for affordable studios attached to Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: No 7 Artists’ Studios.

All the studio spaces are currently occupied, and you can find out more about the current residents below. If you would like to be on the waiting list should space become available, please apply via Curator Space, where you can also find out more about the studios:

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Visits to the studio are currently by appointment only, by arrangement with the individual artists.

Artists in residence

Alison Kurke

Studio 1

Alison is a print-maker/book-binder and collage artist. She has a small etching press and more paper of all kinds than she could hope to use in a lifetime. Alison is particularly interested in collaborative collage projects, as well as a daily practice.

Alison Kurke Instagram

Nicola Cummings

Studio 5

Nicola is a textiles artist with an interest in sustainably. She recycles and upcycles used garments and textiles to create new fashion and homewares. Nicola primarily uses equipment such as heat press for sublimation printing, screen printing, and a sewing machine.

Nicola Cummings Instagram

Robert Watson

Studio 2

Robert is a Warrington based large format film fine art photographer. He won the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival Photography Open in 2017 and sold out the exhibition that was part of the prize. Robert has since been shooting film for his next exhibition that is opening in September 2020 at Manchester Central Library.

Robert Watson website

Andrew Johnson

Studio 6

Andrew abandoned the world of graphic design to focus on painting. In particular, he enjoys painting wildflowers and all kinds of floral pieces, but he also produces landscapes and forest art. Andrew mainly uses acrylics and he relishes applying the paint in thick layers and manipulating it on the board or canvas.

Andrew Johnson website

Joshua Yates

Studio 3

Joshua is a young artist with experience working in a number of different media, most prominently paint and audio-visual installation. He’s currently developing his painting technique with a series of very different paintings, as a sort of visual étude. Joshua works on canvas with acrylic and enjoys experimenting with subject and media. Focusing on small snapshots of ordinary objects and scenes, he likes to take a closer look and view them in a different light bringing unseen details to the forefront.

Joshua Yates website

Marie Jones

Studio 7

KOCHI KOCHI is the moniker of artist Marie Jones. Marie doesn’t love soccer. Often led by curiosity and humour, Marie recontextualises traditional domestic craft techniques to create sculptures, hangings and artworks. She won first prize at the 2018 Warrington Contemporary Open exhibition and is working on a solo show for Warrington Museum & Art Gallery to be shown in October 2019. Marie is also a cohort of the 2019 Crafts Council Hothouse program.

Marie Jones website

Marie Jones Instagram

Phil Robinson

Studio 4

Phil’s practice involves creating meaningful images through observation of the world around him and through his own personal experiences. He integrates the story behind the creation of those images as part of their final narrative by recording the process; the journeys made, the locations and the people met along the way.

Phil is a graduate of Museum and Art Gallery studies from University of Leicester. He started producing artwork last year and has been shortlisted for the Refresh Art Award in 2019. He’s continuing to develop his portfolio working with different media including; pencil, charcoal, pastels and oil paints.

Phil Robinson website