Warrington Community Gardens is a brand new group that was officially launched in August 2023

Many not-for-profit community gardens have decided to get together to share their ideas, skills and knowledge.

We believe that together we can improve our local environment, build community, and benefit people’s health and well being by making our town a greener and happier place to live and work.

Warrington Museum is here to facilitate this exciting new network that aims to encourage and support local green spaces to come together and share skills and resources, gain training and grow an informal group for the benefit of local communities.

We aim to bring together growing and gardening skills and knowledge, so that we can learn from and support each other.

If you are part of a garden group based in Warrington, no matter how small, please get in touch with us about joining our free group.

You can send a message to the group coordinator (Amanda Moore) here : [email protected]

Warrington Community Gardens Newsletter

The Warrington Community Gardens newsletter includes the latest news from the network.