Brand Spanking Neon by Priestley College


Brand Spanking Neon’ by Priestley College


Taking inspiration from the Museums Botany and Geology galleries to create a body of ceramic and textile works. The exhibition aims to bring to life the myriad forms and textures of the specimens on display, making new structures which celebrate the tactility of these spaces.


Reinventing these artefacts in a vibrant and lighthearted exhibit, the work examines our ever changing relationship with our museums and historical collections. The students hope the work honours the sense of wonder museums embody and that it encapsulates the joy that went into creating it.


The exhibit invites visitors to consider the questions: In an age where technology rules, what space should our historical artefacts inhabit…and can we create new and exciting harmonies where past and present collide?


Produced by students on the UAL Level 2 Art & Design course at Priestley College.

Participating students: Salima Abdwas, Jessica Barker, Mia Fletcher, Tilly Harpley, Finlay Kershaw, Molly Nicholson, Valentina Orsi, Lizz Owen and Paige Morley


Wed 29 Jul 2020 - Sun 20 Sep 2020